12 Best Road Trip Apps For Android And iOS

Planning your destination, and enjoying it there’s the second thing first is your road trip. This is the most essential part of your travelling. However, how to make this part more interesting is also a major query. Before planning a rood trip you must must check road trip apps for your smartphone.

Thanks to the technology today we have hundreds of apps for each utility. So today I’m listing the top 12 best road trip apps for android and iOS. These apps will certainly make your road trip even more easier and memorable. From finding a route to listening to music , these apps will help you.

So download these apps in your Android and iOS devices now.

12 Best Road Trip Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Roadtrippers

    RoadtrippersAs its name suggests this app is built for travelers. Roadtrippers offers you a complete map of the place where you’re going. If you love mud games then you can even check mudding game apps for your smartphone.

    When you use Roadtrippers apps you’re going to get millions of locations here. What makes it more efficient is it provides you roadside attractions and native diners which isn’t there in googles maps. You can even share your suggestions with other travel buddies after you have outlined your journey.

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  2. GasBuddy

    GasBuddyYou might understand how expensive gas is. And for long trips it will affect your budget also. This app helps you to find the cheapest gas across the United States in addition to Canada. When the gas levels are running low you can quickly find the low prices gas available near your location.

    You can search for gas by entering your zip code or city.

    You can easily get the most suitable choice by sorting the search results by price or distance. Also you can tell others about the price in GasBuddy app to help others users.

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  3. iExit

    iExitIf you are planning for a trip in the interstates of the United States then iExit will be the perfect suit for you. You can easily search about the distance of your next exit. Moreover, it also lets you know about the features available in your way, like restaurants, gas stations, hotels, hospitals and lots of more.

    iExit also supports third party integrations like OPIS, this will help you to find real time updates on prices of gas. You download this app on google play and app store.

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  4. Flush Toilet Finder

    FlushIf you want to find a bathroom nearby while traveling, then the flush toilet finder will be the most suitable option for you. It contains data of more than 1,00,000 public toilets across the world. So now you and your travel buddies don’t need to struggle searching bathrooms.

    The better part is this app provides information offline. Along with that it also shares information about bathrooms like which one requires payment, which one is for disabled or bathroom that needs a key to use.

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  5. Best Parking

    BestParkingParking is another big issue while you’re travelling. This app helps you to find nearest parking to book or reserve for your car. This app also works for the cities across the canada and the united states.

    This parking app can be used for comparing parking prices and to reserve cheap pakings. You can download this best parking app on google play and app store.

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  6. Waze

    WazeGetting lost on your road trip is among the worst experiences sometimes. Waze not only provides you directions but also it suggests you shortcuts. Here you can even see live traffic updates by other users who are driving ahead. You will remember of accidents and speed traps also. You can even check fake GPS apps to change your current location and make fun.

    You should download Waze if you want to avoid traffic in your roadtrip. This app deserves to be added to your list of road trip apps. Download it on app store and google play.

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  7. The Outbound

    The OutboundEvery location has its own specialty, you may know about some places but what about the unknown areas. The outbound app is built for helping you to find about the specialty of place you are travelling. Like is this place for local adventures, sightsee or else you can track best restaurants here.

    The activity recommendation in this app gives your detailed description of tours and adventures. Along with mileage, packing lists, proposed skill level and recommended gear. This description is written by the other users who are familiar with your spot.

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  8. Spotify

    SpotifyThis is a must have app if you’re travelling with your friends or family. This podcast app contains millions of songs with different genre and podcast episodes also available here. Also it offers you songs based on your listening history.

    A premium Spotify account is also available. You can subscribe to get rid of adverts and download songs offline. So that it’ll help you when you’re driving in no network area.

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  9. Hotel Tonight

    Hotel TonightYou need rest when you’re travelling to a large city, Hotel tonight will help you to find a perfect hotel to take a rest for a couple of minutes. This app offers you last minute deals of the best nearby hotels, you can save up to 70 percent with this app.

    So now you don’t need to get stuck with any motel or hotel which is on the side of the highway. Save your money even with last minute bookings with this app. Download it on google play and app store.

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  10. HappyCow

    HappyCowIf you belong to the vegan or vegetarian category then HappyCow is the best app to find plant based restaurants while travelling. This app will help you to find vegetarian food sources on your way. You should download this fun app if you’re attempting to find a healthy meal of vegetables in your diet.

    With HappyCow you can check prices, reviews, photos even menu options without visiting the restaurants. So you can find what you want to eat without stepping out from your place. You can download this vegan app on the app store and google play for $3.99.

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  11. WiFi Map

    WiFi MapThere are some places where you don’t have any mobile service but you want to get connected. This app will help you in this sort of situation. With Wifi map you’ll have the ability to check your nearest network location as per your current location.

    There is a pro version also available, which lets you download maps offline. There is a VPN service also for safety and privacy on the public networks. You can even check best and funny WiFi names for your WiFi routers.

    It offers you boasting information for 200 plus counties together with 100 millions networks.

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  12. DriveWeather

    DriveWeatherYou may must face climatic conditions while you’re driving. Maybe you must face a nasty or vision obscuring storm on your road trip with your family or friends.

    This DrivesWeather app is designed only for the road travelers. It will help you to avoid harmful climatic conditions.

    This app provides you information in an excellent way, like it has icons for rain, ice, freezing rain and snow. So that you get prepared for the slippery road in your way. It also has radar views in addition to routes from one destination to another.

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