12 TikTok Alternative Apps For Android And iOS

As you know, the Indian government recently banned 52 apps that are Chinese. And TikTok is one of them, which is the most popular app for video editing. After this big decision, many people started looking for another for TikTok. In this article you’re going to get best tiktok alternative apps for your android or iOS devices.

If you are also the one who is looking for another to tiktok then you are landed in the right place. There is a list of top 12 tiktok alternative apps for android and iOS. All of them are filled with great features and have many video editing tools. So let’s begin the list with my all-time favorite tiktok alternative. These apps helps you to easily make short videos on your smartphone and share them with your fans, friends and others around the globe.

12 TikTok Alternative Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Triller

    TrillerOne of the most popular apps that can be used as a TikTok alternative. Triller app offers the same features as TikTok, you can use it as a social media platform to share your creative videos with the world. This app lets you make professional videos and you can directly share videos from this app.

    By using triller you can easily create music videos, use filters, enter in trending challenges otherwise you can share your unique skills through this platform. However, diverse well-known personalities use this app such as Rita Ora, Justin Bieber and plenty of more.

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  2. Funimate Video Musical Editor

    FunimateAnother better replacement of TikTok with strikingly similar features. What makes it my favorite is its ever-growing library of effects and great filters. Other things are here you can create videos by using video editing tools. So if you aren’t pleased with editing tools of tiktok then you can switch for funimate without any hassle. You can style your videos at a professional level.

    Funimate lets you trim your videos, so that if you want to cut down any part of the video. It can even be used as video merger apps where you can add images in clips, for making your short video amazing you can add some incredible effects to it.

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  3. MuStar

    MuStarIf you love to sing then this one is the best choice for you. Here you can create sensational music videos. Along with that, you can take part in lip-sync musical battles. If you are attempting to find a platform with a good music collection then it stands ahead from the TikTok. In short, if you want a broad range of music collection then there isn’t any better option than Mustar.

    With an enormous music library here you’re going to get incredible video effects that are similar to tik tok. As for smooth sailing, there’s an awesome UI design so that you can easily search for videos. So in all terms, MUstar deserves to be on your phone.

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  4. Instagram

    InstagramPreviously Instagram was a picture-sharing platform. This social media platform has billions of users, owned by Facebook. But now there’s an update that enables you to create videos called a reel. Through this reel feature, you can create 1 5-second video, and use filters and effects from large collections. After making a video you can post it and share it with your followers.

    It also offers you many video editing tools which help you to create more attractive reels. The better part is you don’t need to use any other social media app to share your video with your friends. Currently, it has added the implementation of augmented reality effects.

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  5. Zoomerang

    ZoomerangZoomerang app is known for its simplicity. With just one easy tap you can record your live videos. It lets you record videos from your front in addition to the rear 3D camera apps. Even you can create lip-syncing videos with just one easy tap on the bottom.

    You can add some fancy touches to your short videos with this app. It offers diverse special effects that make your videos more unique. With a range of 50 incredible video filters, it also has a category for a straightforward selection of filters. So create your short videos with dozens of unique filters and an unlimited selection of music.

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  6. Roposo

    RoposoIf you are an Indian video creator after tiktok ban then the proposal is out there for you. In recent days this short music video editor reached high limits of users. As many apps are available only on play store but propose can be installed on both devices.

    It has a straightforward user interface so that you can easily edit your videos with many great tools. You can make a time-lapse, add filters and use contour and natural light for portraits. It can be use as best apps for YouTube to share your video directly after editing, you can add a hashtag in your videos for making it trending.

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  7. Snapchat

    SnapchatSnapchat doesn’t need any introductory I believe so. It is probably the most popular social media apps to share pictures and short videos with friends. In fact, in past years it has gained millions of new users. It can be use as facemask apps where you can create funny video and share your short videos after editing, which will disappear in 60 seconds.

    Moreover, you can use Snapchat for messaging, video calling and connecting with new people. However, we can’t say it’s a perfect alternative for TikTok but someplace it can help you for making videos.

    It has more than 238 millions daily users which make this app probably the most popular platforms.

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  8. KWAI

    KWAIThis platform lets you perform multiple activities here and gain followers. You can use it for blogging, lip-sync, beauty, dance, magic, comedy, fun and art. Another great app which offers rewards to its users.

    The better part is you won’t ever get tired of this tiktok alternative app because it regularly hosts diverse engaging contests and challenges. To take part and earn rewards by growing followers. Plus, there’s a feature to upload stories like Instagram which is again very engaging. You can share your stories with your friends which stays for 24 hours.

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  9. Likee

    LikeeOne more great alternative for TikTok with cool features. This app is available for both android and iOS device. It has a large variety of sounds and music, it also has great music magic filters. So if your video has any music volume changes it will apply effects on it. What makes it the most favorite is it has an unlimited filter collection with great video editing tools.

    You can slow down or speed up your videos, make long videos by combining two or more videos. Here you are allowed to make duet videos with other video creators like you. Like lets you share your unique short video with others through social media.

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  10. Lomotif

    LomotifThis one is firstly available on iOS only but now it can be downloaded on Android devices. It has similar functions and features as tiktok app. There are several tools available for video editing so that you can zoom in or zoom out and slow-motion videos. To add more perfection you can add background music in addition to effects. Plus, there are beauty filters, emojis and stickers to add more fun.

    With this app, you can make new friends and followers by showcasing your talent. There is an option that enables you to create videos with others and make videos.

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  11. BigoLive

    BigoLiveAs its name indicates it’s a live platform to share videos with your friends across the world. In the past few years, bigo live attracted millions of new users. With this app, you can share your live videos otherwise you can watch live videos of your favorite people. Just join the bigo live and connect with your friends.

    I love its flawless design and the live chat feature. With this tiktok alternative apps, you can do streamings and record live videos. A gift sending option is also available. This is why people love to interact with others through live videos.

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  12. Rizzle

    Rizzle is another great tiktok alternative apps available for both android and iOS. It is a perfect app with an awesome collection of short videos and series. You can simply stream them for free. It also offers you to make impressive videos and share them with your family and friends. As it has an enormous library of short videos so you can easily search for best short videos and share them with the one you love around the globe.

    Along with that, it’s integrated with many popular social media platforms such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Instagram which makes it easier for you to share your creativity with others. You can even use it as lip sync apps to make funny videos on your smartphone.

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