Best 10 Anime Editor Apps For Android And iOS

Anime Editor Apps for Android and iOS are some of the helpful apps that let you make your videos and photos animated and appealing at all times. Each app has unique features that set your photos or videos other than the crowd.

As previously stated, I have listed the top most useful apps that are available to both Android and iOS users. You can use all the editing tools, such as effects, filters, changing the background color, adding text, and even adding your favourite song.

Furthermore, it has some premium features that you can buy, in addition to many elements that you can easily use for free. It can be used by anyone, whether or not they are newbies, intermediates, or professionals. You will be capable to fully utilize the app based on your desires and preferences, and you’ll also be capable to share your videos on social media or with your friends.

Best 10 Anime Editor Apps For Android And iOS

  1. FlipaClip

    FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation Creator & Art Studio

    Flipclip is the most wonderful anime editor apps where you can make the drawing by using different tools to make charming animation art. You have every kind of tools such as lasso tool, ruler shapes, select multiple fonts, and all tools are available for you.

    You can paint any of the canvas sizes. There are some animation layers that you can add to make your art more adoring. All glow effects, blending mode can use in your drawing and provide it an effective look.

    It also includes some animation video tools such as overlay grids, frame viewers, onion animation tools, and lots of more, all are used in your video to make it charming animated. You can easily customise your video, photos and can share them with your friends. Moreover, you can participate in numerous challenges and get thrilling awards.

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  2. Picsart Animator

    Picsart Animator: GIF & Video

    Picsart animator is the best application that’s used for making animation videos in a really different manner. You can use its features very easily, as all features are so easy and innovative. As you can use other animated stickers and add personalised movements. You can draw the animation part in a frame-by-frame manner. You can insert, delete or make duplicate frames.

    Make your selfies animated and use advanced sketching tools. For complex animation, you can add different layers to your photos. Although you can save your animation photos and can share them with your friends. As you can even add sounds effect using this app, first record them and then add them to your animation photos. It doesn’t require any adverts, you can access the app for free.

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  3. Stick Nodes

    Stick Nodes: Stickman Animator

    Stick notes are a beautiful app accessible for both android and iOS users. You can use this anime editor apps for making animated videos or sending them as a gif. That’s creative mind is come from the animation community. You can make your animation smoother and can personalize the frame tweeting to give a gorgeous look. The camera is so easy and you can use it to zoom, rotate the scenes. Other feature movie clips permit you to reuse or create the loop animation objects.

    All types of shapes are there you can use any of them just imagine and search you’ll find it to use in your animation. You can add text to your video clips or can add sounds to make the video attractive. Although save your videos and can share easily to social media or friends. This app is available in a distinct language so from any part of the world people can use this app.

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  4. Animation Desk

    Animate free!

    The animation desk provides you the authenticity for making your drawing animated and you can make frame-by-frame animation. This is the best tool if you’re trying to find animating your photos or drawing. Many types of professional, art enthusiasts love this app and refer the people to the same.

    Here you’ll get various kinds of tools for creating your photos adoring and catchy. It has onion skin, copy, paste tools, frame viewers, and lots of other unique tools. All kinds of drawing tools are available like brushes, erasers, canvas rotation, and lots of more. Although if you want to export you can export videos, photos, gifs, or pdf as well.

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  5. I Can Animate

    Animate free!

    Are you exploring for an app that gives you features where you can make your videos in slow motion that make the people impressive? So here I can animate is an attractive app and you get all the tools that create your video attractive. You can make your friends shocked by showing your animated videos.

    As here you’ll work as the professionals do. Also, you get all the things, all requirements in your hand and you’ll create your animation from anywhere you want. It doesn’t require any specific camera. You can access the app for free and find the slow-motion animation effects which is the best feature in this app. For giving your animation more authenticity you can record songs or take the songs from the library. Moreover, you can make your videos in HD quality and the resolution of full HD.

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  6. ImgPlay

    I Can Animate

    Imgplay is the most astonishing app for making a gif from your different videos and photos. This app is designed in this way so that you can make gifs easily. Here it has a feature that will convert your all photos or video into a gif. You can gather many photos and can make them in a gif.

    Also, you can shoot the video or click the photos immediately from the camera you already installed, and then you can convert it easily. As you can change the timeframe according to your requirement in your gif. Although you can even change the playback direction into a different mode such as boomerang, forward, or backward. However, you can save it or could share it with your friends or on your social media to show your creativity to others.

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  7. YouCut

    YouCut - Video Editor & Maker

    You cut is the simplest app and is perfectly free for making an animated video. It doesn’t require any watermark. As it has pro editor tools that will use for making youtube or tik-tok videos. You can even merge different clips into one video or can compress, crop, or combine the videos. It contains video cutter tools that will cut the length of your video that you don’t want.

    Along with these, you can even control the speed and motion of the video according to your preference. Add astonishing and relatable music to your videos, text, or filters. Moreover, you can adjust the colour of the video which looks impressive. You can add a custom background that makes the video eye-catching and can share it on social media. You can even video convertor or compressor without losing the quality of your video.


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  8. FilmoraGo

    FilmoraGo-Video Editor & Maker

    Flimorago is a popular app and it has every kind of features that are used in making the video perfect and adoring. Such as you can add text, audio, emoji, filters, or backgrounds. This application is simple to access and has plenty of powerful tools where you can edit your videos easily. You can make a wonderful movie scene and both newbies and filmmakers can access this app for filmmakers.

    As you can cut or trim the part which you don’t want by using the editing tool. It has an animation tool by which you can adjust the direction, speed, the orientation of the layer. Using this tool it will make your movie bewildering and interesting. You can choose any type of music and can add them to your video.

    All kinds of elements are available that make your movie unique such as you can blur your background, adjust the speed of the movie. It has many amazing video effects that make the videos more interesting and viewers’ interest goes on while watching the movie. However, it’s very easy to share on social media and with friends.

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  9. PowerDirector

    PowerDirector - Video Editor

    Powerdirector is a full-fledged app and it’s best for both android and ios users. All kinds of features are available that make the video animated and attractive. You can use motion effects, sound effects, background, emojis, filters.

    Within a fraction of seconds, you can make the video amazing and have the use of all pro tools. The interface of the app is so easy and intuitive. Using this app you become a pro of making the animated video and can amaze yourself.

    You must must produce the astonishing and crowd pleasing intro or titles. There are other types of effects such as blending modes or overlays. It has a premium subscription which you can purchase at a really low price and get unlimited features such as you can access the app without adverts, more editing tools are available for you such as effects, filters. Also, it has a straightforward process to share your video with anyone.

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  10. InShot

    Video Editor & Maker - InShot

    Inshot is among the powerful anime editor apps that have every kind of editing and animated tools that make your video stupefying. You can trip, cut, split your video clips easily. As you can merge multiple short videos into one video and you never lose the quality of the video. From the screen, it will let you cut the undesirable part. Also, you can adjust the aspect ratio according to your requirement in the video.

    Moreover, adjust the speed or can rewind the clip so if you need any change you can do it. It has many editing tools such as creating a video in motion, keyframes, color picker, adding music, filters, or effects that make the video fascinating. Along with these, you can even use it as slow motion video app to create slow-motion videos.

    Although you can change the background, add text that makes the video understandable. Make different collages, adds frame, and use many more premium features that you can use easily. After completing your video you can export it to your social media.

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