Best 10 Apps For Gaining Weight For Android And iOS

The best applications for weight gain are designed to be the primary purpose of a healthy body. Many apps can assist you in achieving your objectives. You can use its numerous tools to better utilize it. You can keep track of your caloric intake, and it will remind you to perform exercises and workouts at home. It will provide you with the diet recipe that you must follow. There are a significant number of apps for gaining weight at your home. In this article, we list the top 10 from them so that you can quickly get tips to increase your weight.

You can undergo these apps if you’re searching for an app that makes your body active and healthy. Track your daily exercises and the calorie you intake from your every meal. It gives you a piece of advice on how to incorporate nourishing foods into your everyday routine.

Some apps provide you with recipes for healthy meals. You may track and measure the calories for each day. Some applications provide a membership option that gives you access to pro features that will help you take better care of your health.

Best 10 Apps For Gaining Weight For Android And iOS

  1. MyFitnessPal

    MyFitnessPal - Calorie Counter

    MyFitnessPal is among the best apps for gaining weight, with the biggest food database. It has numerous nutrition facts for over other million foods. It has a macro tracker that counts calories and tracks your fitness and health.

    This app mainly works to track the diet and calculate calories. Here you can learn lots of good habits. As how you can eat healthy food on time. Some motivational things will make you fit and active, which will help you to quickly achieve your goals.

    You need to download the app and take a trial of 30 days. This trial period will provide you with the best fitness tips and guide you to remain healthy and fit. You can create your customized dashboards and save your daily recipes and meals anytime by login in over and over again.

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  2. 8fit

    8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

    8fit is the preeminent app that makes you fit and becomes your trainer. It comes up with different workout routines combined with a customized healthy meal planner for you. If you’re looking to gain weight or want to lose weight, in both cases, you can achieve both of them. Here you can change your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle.

    Now you don’t go to any gym. By using this app, you can realize your potential and do all workouts at your home only. Give only 15 to 20 min to your daily workouts without using any equipment. It also lets you customise your meals, challenge yourself daily by doing different workouts and see progress. For its pro features, you can purchase it subscription and get exclusive workouts that will help you to make your body more active.

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  3. Eat This Much

    Eat This Much - Meal Planner

    Eat this much is a helpful app for people who want to schedule healthy meals with lots of nutrition. It will make a nutritious meal that will meet your macro targets and the calories you gain or lose from them. The nutrition targets help in your body loss and maintaining the body.

    You can follow any of the styles of your workout and meals. To match your schedule, you must set the available time to cook for each meal. It has some premium features that you can access and also know about the contraction timer on your smartphone. For example, you can set a  personalised target for yourself weekly. It will automatically make a grocery list according to the meals you already added to the app.

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  4. Lifesum

    Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet

    Lifesum is among the leading apps for gaining weight that includes a macro calculator, food diary, meal plans, calorie counter, and lots of other tools that make you healthy. It perfectly guides how you must take your diet. With this, it is going to be easy for you to attain your every goal. It has a recipe for the keto diet, fasting, or paleo. It has a special tool that helps you to count calories and track your health progress. If you plan for a healthy meal or keto diet, it will provide the recipes to make it easier.

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  5. Weight Gain Workouts Food Diet

    Weight Gain Workouts Food Diet

    Weight gain workout food diet is an excellent app that helps you make your weight gain and your body healthier and active. It will guide you on how to do exercise at your home without using any gym equipment. You get the private trainer at home and don’t need any equipment. It has many exercises that are good for building your muscles.

    As it has some yoga poses that will help you to gain weight. All diet plans will give to your all-around for 30 days. Here you can record the progress and try to do all workouts at your home. You can use it anywhere at any time. It includes different home workouts, tips to gain weight fast, and proper diet plans that help you to gain weight. It is a free and easy-to-use app, so anyone can enjoy this app on their smartphone.

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  6. Weight Gain

    Weight Gain: 30 days Diet plan

    Weight gain is an excellent app that assists you in how you can gain weight. You need to make healthy meals with lots of nutritious foods and exercise. The app includes different workouts and lets you plan your diet according to your workout. Now discuss some traits that the app contains.

    It will help you to schedule your 30 days diet plan that enables you to gain weight more quickly. This app will train you for various exercises and workouts that make the body healthy and active. It will remind you that you must take an everyday meal and if you want to make another diet plan.

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  7. Monitor Your Weight

    Monitor Your Weight

    Monitor your weight is among the best apps for gaining weight available for Android and iOS. It will assist you in how you can gain weight just by doing exercises, doing yoga or taking healthy meals. Here you can trace the various measurements of your body. It will calculate BMI, percentage of body fat, daily calorie intake, total weight loss, and lots of more things it examines and offers you results. Its main work is to examine all your body, and the meals you take will calculate all the nutrition in them. You can access this app in multiple languages.

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  8. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

    MyPlate Calorie Tracker

    My plate calorie tracker is a helpful app if you’re in the mindset of gaining or losing weight. Here you can track your calories, trace your progress, and all other things. You can explore many food databases and over a million items. It has a handy food scanner where you can scan any food item to check calories and other nutrition. Using this app, you can track your weight and progress quickly.

    It will remind you to take your meal as per the scheduling time. You can customise your meals according to the requirement of your body. You can even use its gold membership which includes pro features for weight gaining. Here is a pro, you can list the recipes and numerous tips on how to eat the food on a suitable schedule. If you have any queries or want to know any recipe for the food, you can contact to the community, and it will fully support you.

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  9. Shapez

    Shapez - Body Progress Tracker

    Shapez is a bewildering app that will track your body’s progress and measurement using different features. You must settle on your goal, make a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy meals. If you looking to gain or lose weight, you can use this app. You can take photos of your progress, reminding you of the same.

    In charts, you can see measurements of your body and weight loss. Along with these, it also provides the option to use it as an age progression app and understand how you look at an older age. It has a subscription which you can purchase and easily use its pro features. One of this app’s best features is the option to track body angles at three different angles: front, back, and side.

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  10. Perfect Body

    Perfect Body - Meal planner&lt

    The perfect body is an advantageous app that makes your body perfect and personalizes your healthy meal. You must add exercise to your daily life to make a healthy lifestyle. It offers you numerous foods together with recipes if you’re in the process of gaining and losing weight. You must be consistent to make a healthy body for a long time.

    It will provide you with the proper diet you must follow for the long term, so you can even use it as a perfect diet app. You can do numerous exercises or workouts to increase your body’s metabolism at home. You don’t need to use any gym equipment you can schedule the exercise timings and begin work on it. This app supports you every time you need to ask anything you can ask here.

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