Best 10 Apps Like PicsArt For Android And iOS

Are you trying to find apps that help you to make your best PicsArt or attractive collage? So, here’s a list of applications like PicsArt that are available on both Android. Using these apps you can easily make your image charming.

In today’s society, you can accomplish anything you want instantly from your phone. In today’s world, altering images or creating a collage right from the phone is a straightforward and intuitive concept.

If you’re not familiar with photoshop or editing software, this is a good place to start. No need to be concerned since, by using this app, you can edit your images like a professional with just a few easy steps. It’s a wonderful app that enables you to create photo collages and videos. So all you must do now is download the app and make the most use of it.

Top 10 Apps Like PicsArt For Android And iOS

  1. Toolwiz Photos

    Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor

    Toolwiz is the best app that will create astonishing and superior photos. This app provides you with the pro editing tools that make your photo astonishing. It comes with numerous editing tools to edit photos on your smartphone. It has magic filters, access imaging process, changes the image tone, image enhances the day, have a decorative material to decorate the frames of the photos.

    Along with these it also includes different blur boxes such as linear, zoom blur, painting styles like freeze, quick sketch, color lead paint, and line drawing. Using this app you can make various kinds of drawing such as doodles, free draws, and circles.

    Moreover, it has a selfie-and polish tool where you can swap your face, slim face or do make-up, whiten the teeth, change the tone of the face, and can write text on your photos. Here you get all online resources for free such as layouts, frames, texture, and text fonts.

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  2. Pixlr

    Pixlr is a tremendous app where you get an editing tool to edit your photos. It is a perfectly simplest app and doesn’t require any registration to access it. You can share your images with your family and friends. It provides an option to use double exposure with layers to make an effective photo.

    With a straightforward tool, you can edit your face in the photo such as removing the blemishes, and red eyes or can smoothen your skin. You can even add text to your photos by using different font style apps and colours. It includes a favourite button that will update you with overlays, border effects, and lots of more. Therefore you can give a new size to your images or crop the photos if requires.

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  3. Photoshop Express Photo Editor

    Photoshop Express Photo Editor

    Photoshop is among the easiest and simplest apps as here everybody can able to edit their photos easily. First, you must tap on the creativity feature, with one tap you can use a creative tool for transforming your image and it will provide you with good quality images. It has a feature where you must select the part which one you want to edit and then try to create a cohesive image. If you want to edit extra then you can use an advanced tool that will heal your photos more adoring.

    As if the camera is in the wrong direction then it will help you to correct the position. You can even use it as apps like procreate where you can reduce the noise of the colour in the photo, and smooth it to make cool photos. Also, you can customise the style such as different font, text, color, use astonishing filters, and effect on your photos. Although after completion you can import your photos and can share them on different platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram.

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  4. piZap

    piZap Photo Editor, MEME Maker, Design & Collages

    Pizap app is the combination of meme maker, design tool, and collage maker, all you get in one app. You can create anything you want to make or imagine. Many types of stock images are available. It also consists of many fonts around 367 with a wide range of filters. You can make your collage unique by using its mixed shapes and hearts layouts. Therefore it has unlimited colourful stickers that can use in your collage. You can even access its other beneficial features by buying its subscription and it will also remove the advertisements.

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  5. Collage Maker

    Collage Maker | Photo Editor

    Collage maker is a brilliant app for editing your photo and turning them into charming collages. First, you must select your photos from the gallery and then remix them into an adoring collage. You can select the layout which you like and add stickers, filters, text, and lots of more.

    In this app, you’ll get an option to choose photos and begin making collages after selecting backgrounds, fonts, or doodles. It also lets you edit your border according to the ratio you want in your frame. Along with these, you can even get an option to add a grid or freestyle you want to add. After that, you can save the video in high resolution and can share your photos on your social media platforms.

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  6. VSCO

    VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

    VSCO is a special app where the expression of the photos matters a lot. As this app offers you the best editing tools to make your photos creative. You can use modern effects, and filters, to increase your innovative ideas and can view your photos. As you can create your photography awesome by using its bewildering editing tools.

    Also, you can use other editing tools that make your photos more adoring and can add grain, and fade textures. You can easily save your edits or recreate your photos and use this app as the perfect anime editor app to create funny images. It has the latest editing tools such as HSL, choosing different borders for the photos, making the photos attractive using different effects and filters. Although you can make videos and can personalize the video of your desire.

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  7. Snapseed


    Snapseed is a fantastic app that will edit your photos as the professional does and make your collage charming. It has different tools, filters, brushes, and lots of more tools. Although you can save your looks and can add to the photos which one you want to edit. You must have selected the brush that makes the photo pretty. You can easily change the exposure of the image and color the photo manually and automatically as your wish.

    It has a standard size which you can crop or make freely as it’s. Try to balance the colour so that your photos look natural and exquisite. Moreover, you can add text by using different fonts, curves and control the brightness of the photos.

    You can match the colour that contrasts to your photos, and has an HDR scape to give your photos a natural look. You can even add frames to your photo to make a special look to it. It includes three different modes by which you can easily adjust the face pose.

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  8. Canva

    Canva: Design, Photo & Video

    Canva is the best editing tool that edits both videos and photos smoothly. Here you can make astonishing posts, videos, or photos for your social media platform. You can make collages, flyers, and templates and get customizable templates. Within a few seconds, you can make templates, logos make, or collages of your photos.

    It lets you make the templates for free with lots of photo editing tools. While using this app on your smartphone you can even design your own logo or your brand. Moreover, you can sharpen any object, and blur the background to give a burst look.

    It has advanced editing tools to produce professional videos in less time. Also can add different music to your video to make the video more interesting. Anyone can use this app and can select the best design they like. It has a library with unlimited photos and all sorts of content that are normally trending on social media.

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  9. LightX

    LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

    Are you exploring an app that will edit your pictures, make a collage, and provides you best editing tools? So here lightX is the app that will provide you with advanced features so that it’ll be easy for you to make your collage innovative and effective. By using the lasso tool you can change the background of your photos. You can even make new content by just removing the part which you don’t want in your photos. It has many photo effects, that will give a new look to your photos.

    Also, it will let you merge your photos and can add different blend modes to them. All tools are so advanced that also use by some professionals for creating their innovative collage. You can even use it as a watermark remover app to remove undesirable parts from any photo. If you want to draw something you can use a doodle or brush to make a drawing. Easily can add text to make the photos or collage relatable to others.

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  10. PixelLab

    PixelLabPixellab is another astonishing apps like picsart that will edit your photos and can make collages. You can add 3d text, different font styles, and can also change the text color. You can even add or personalize the sticker by your own wish. If you want to remove the background you can remove it and can add another who will contrast with your photos.

    Moreover, it has many effects that will enhance your photos more charming. Although you can easily create memes and can share them with anyone. Along with these it also lets you add any quotes to the image and make it unique. You must just browse them and insert them into your photos.

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