Best 10 Apps Like Procreate For Android And iOS

In today’s world, there are several well-known digital artworks. It’s primarily because there are several sketching, painting, and doodling applications available, and it’s similar to a procreate. The program is straightforward and quick to use, and it lets you create unique drawings that you can convert into a graphical artist.

All of the tools are so powerful that they can turn an easy sketch into a lovely one. As procreate is a recommended tool for expressing your thoughts, sketching techniques, and other forms of sketches. These apps are largely designed to aid in the creation of digital drawings and design graphic sketches. Its intuitive and simple interface can help you become a professional in drawing and sketching.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a veteran at digital drawing, these are really easy to use. It is comparatively inexpensive, and it lets you animate your drawings or sketches. Furthermore, it comes with a wide range of brushes and may be customized to meet your needs. Although the majority of apps let you preserve color palettes. I’ve compiled an incredible list that will provide you with the best possible experience.

Apps Like Procreate For Android And iOS

  1. Sketchbook


    Sketchbook is the best app for people who love to make drawings, want to do painting, draw sketches, and plenty of more. It has several types of brushes, airbrushes, smears, and all tools are feeling like you make drawing in reality. As all brushes are so lovely that you can make what you want.

    There are strokes, rulers, and guides that will support your precision every time you need it. You can explore drawings and color as it has layers of blend modes that build up your drawings. Although the interface is clean, this app is essentially for sketching, and without any interruption, you can focus on your drawings.

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  2. Photoshop Express Photo Editor

    Photoshop Express Photo Editor

    Photoshop express photo editor is fantastic apps like procreate as it gives you everything you require. It is very easy and anyone can edit any photo easily. Here you can do any type of creativity you want to do. Also, you’ll have the ability to create the photos in top quality and all features are very easy to access. It has a selective editing feature where you must select the part which you want to edit and the rest are untouched then you edit the chosen part.

    Make cohesive photos and form a striking contrast. Also vanish the objects or parts which you don’t need and make it creative so that you feel excited when it’s ready to share. Also decrease the level of color noise, giving a blur effect to the photo. Try to give it outshining look by customizing it with stickers. Although share it with your friends together with high-quality photos.

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  3. MediBang Paint

    MediBang Paint - Make Art

    Medibang Paint is probably the greatest digital painting apps to create a comic program. It comes with different brushes, pre-made backgrounds, fonts, and other resources. This paint is available on android, iOS, and mac os. As if there’s an android version it will permit you to draw anything you want and simply retain all the elements that are usually used on the software.

    You can make comics and paint them directly on your smartphone. It also lets you change the size of brushes or colours for painting. Moreover, users get access to textures, word balloons, and backgrounds all for free. If you want to add different textures or backgrounds you can use the tool drag and drop into your pictures.

    It has fonts that will give your painting a professional look. Also, there are comic panels that will divide one panel into different pannel. To make comics attractive you can add dialog and write text by using numerous fonts. Anytime you can upload your files and it also lets you share them with anyone. Medibang has a subscription that will provide you with plenty of advanced tools, purchase it and you get an opportunity to access its advanced tools.

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  4. Concepts

    Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

    Are you discovering an app where you think you can plan or create your imaginative drawing? So here design anything you want through the canvas feature. You can use it as photo sketch apps to make notes, doodles, draw sketch anything, it looks pretty while you’re in the mode of sharing. It has a vector nature which means you can edit the stroke, and if in case you mess up at some point you’ll fix it with slice, nudge, and other selection tools. There are pencils, pens, and brushes that look realistic and will adjust to the live smoothing.

    It has infinite canvas, a layering system, and custom grids. You can even personalize the tools for accessing it and preset it anytime. Make a drawing with align tools and live snap for accurate sketches. It lets you customise anything such as gestures, tools, and plenty of more. This app boosts your activities and increases your creativity.

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  5. ArtRage Vitae Mobile Painting

    ArtRage Vitae Mobile Painting

    Artrage vitae is the surcharge natural painting program for smartphone devices. It has an actual color blending mode that will give a natural look to your painting. There are professional tools and cloner tools. You can select the options of getting more layers, as it’s mainly used for exporting, layer effects, and merging it.

    It has a tool size that’s up to 50 percent, maximum canvas size, and plenty of other useful elements. This app is perfectly useful for everybody from kids to professionals. Draw your sketches with pencils, and use brushes for painting.

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  6. Infinite Painter

    Infinite Painter

    You can experience incredible design sketching, painting, and creating drawing apps for both android and iOS devices. It has astonishing tools that can be used by any artist, who loves to do art. The interface of the app is intuitive and easy with all drawing toolsets. You can share diverse timelapse recordings with your friends. Moreover, you can transfer brush strokes into editable shapes. Many types of brushes are available such as realistic brushes, and customizable.

    Also, you can arrange and can share the sets of brushes with your friends. Although creating the art using more tools reduces your work. The app features will help you to create your drawing and sketches. All tools are diversified using guides and shapes to draw the image. You can even use it as a photo morphing app where you’ll get many pixel tools to make your drawing more perfect. You can add multiple layers, patterns, and gradient tools. After done with your work you can export your images in numerous forms such as png, and jpg.

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  7. Drawing Desk

    Drawing Desk: Draw, Paint Art
    The drawing desk is the greatest apps like procreate that helps with drawing, sketching, and doodling. Anyone can access this app easily and make outstanding artworks. This is the perfect apps like procreate for making illustrations and drawing arts. There have many extraordinary tools such as crayons, water brushes, fill buckets, and plenty of more. In a sketchbook, the app contains many layers you can add to it.

    It includes coloured pallets which you’ll use for coloring your artwork. It lets you import different pictures so that by seeing them you’ll draw and paint them. It has listed a fantastic number of color pages and colours that can be used for perfect coloring. By using different filters, and effects you’ll have the ability to add some effects to pictures.

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  8. Star Art

    Star Art: Drawing & Relaxing

    Start art is a distinctive app where you can make drawings or sketches you want or like. You can even use this app for making yourself relaxed and calm. It has different puzzle games that make your mind relax, and enjoy the moment while you take a deep breath. First, you must move your fingers and join the stars that are in the 3d. There will be many numbers that will suggest the relations between the stars.

    If you made a mistake while making the drawing don’t worry, you just remain to must be focused and enjoy the artistic game again. This app includes a broad range of categories which you have to determine its design. It has listed a fantastic number of puzzles, if you wish you’ll complete them. Every day comes with new puzzle challenges and it makes you more excited. Although the drawing game is so meditative that when you’re in the stage of completing the puzzle you get more relaxed as you are in the stage of winning the game.

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  9. Cat Painter

    Cat Painter

    Cat painter is a lovely app for both kids and adults who love to play beautiful games. Here you must share the work which you did and on the other side, it will show what others have already drawn. Through this, we individually can make everybody smile by just sharing funny pictures and paintings.

    Now it’s time to show your hidden talent that you’re the best artist in the world. Along with these it also lets you collect lots of inspiration after guessing correctly. This feature helps you to draw your photo with different themes.

    Whenever you win the game you get coins and from that coins, you’ll update your items smoothly. Although if you want to show your talent you can share it on social media.

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  10. Clip Studio Paint

    Clip Studio Paint

    Clip studio paint is astonishing apps like procreate as here you can create a drawing that looks unique and feels natural. You can make an animative drawing, add different sounds, form funny comics, and plenty of more. Many brushes are for free and a few are premium that you can purchase if you want to access further brilliant tools.

    Make 3d models on your canvas that will assist you to make animals, people, and other objects from different angles. You can even share your work with your family and friends on social media. It is an eventual app like PicsArt to create manga, webtoons, and comics. However, this app can be used by professionals as in 2d animators. You can go for the subscription part to access its more beneficial and advanced features. Then you can use any of the features you want to use.

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