Best 10 Apps Like Whisper For Android And iOS

Apps like whisper for Android and iOS are astonishing apps that let you meet new people and easily start discussions with them. In reality, we require one person with whom we can communicate our feelings and thoughts to feel relieved.

The apps listed in this article are filled with extensive capabilities and are easy to use. It has a feature that makes everything private and secure. You can either watch or take part in live streaming, and play games with new individuals to get to know them better. These apps also let you make video and audio call from numerous groups.

I’ve selected some of the best apps for you to go over and download. It keeps your secrets hidden, and you can create genuine profiles that are attractive and interesting. Although some apps include a membership option that you can buy to gain access to more features such as using different filters, not having to deal with adverts, and so on.

What is the Whisper app?

Whisper is an incredible app for sharing your thoughts and secrets with someone you really trust. This platform allows people to open up about their feelings and build great bonds with strangers. CEO Michael Heyward launched this software in March 2012.

This app is available for both Android and iOS users without charge. In terms of pageviews, approximately 17 billion individuals visit the company’s desktop website, mobile app, and other social media channels.

Why do you need an app like a whisper?

Whisper is the best anonymous app that you can use for posting anything, you can confess anything, either fiction or facts you can share it. Although use this app to communicate your thoughts and feelings with someone you feel comfy with. Here you can form unbreakable relationships with your whole sincerity and true heart.

An app like whisper lets you share your feelings, problems, and deepest secrets with your friends. Sharing your feeling on apps like whisper provides you peace in your mind and also meet new friends around the globe.

Does it really make you anonymous in the world of the internet? Or it’s just a scam?

This is a question that many users ask on an everyday basis. But the question is if the program truly makes people anonymous around the globe or whether it’s a hoax. So there isn’t any such thing as complete anonymity with regards to the internet.

Although it isn’t a fraud, there’s a risk that third parties will exploit your privacy, identify your location, steal your stuff, and do a number of other things that are unsafe to use.

This company also accesses the info that military people publish so that they may keep track of their numerous activities while working for firms like Google and Yahoo. However, the app doesn’t share your location with any users, and it won’t ever share it with anyone until you didn’t give it any permission to them.

Top 10 Apps Like Whisper For Android And iOS

  1. Viber

    Viber - Safe Chats And Calls

    Viber is probably the greatest secure messaging apps where you can make calls and message people all around the globe. You can do group chats, set reminders, change messages to disappearing mode, and plenty of more things. It is a perfect video chatting app for android and iOS that enables you to start a video chatting with your friends.

    As you can make calls and messages that are for free and connect to new people every day. It doesn’t matter how the person lives nearby or far away, you can easily reach them. All your chats and messages are end-to-end encrypted, you don’t need to worry. You can react to people’s messages using different emojis. It has a brilliant vanish mode where without delay the receiver receives the message it will disappear automatically.

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  2. MICO

    MICO: Make Friends, Live Chat

    Are you exploring an app where you can meet your old friends and find new friends, or trying to find dates? So mico is the best dating game app for you. Through games and chats, you can connect with the people whom you want to talk to. At any time you can begin a conversation with a person you want to talk to.

    Along with these, you’ll also get the option to live stream with lots of the latest features. As compared to chats through video calls you can begin your conversations to know one another. No need to create an account directly to start the conversation with the person whom you like or send gifts to express your emotions.

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  3. Signal

    Signal Private Messenger

    Signal is a superb app that millions of individuals use and the better part you can access it for free. It is the end to end encrypted app so you can make your conversation secure. You can make your calls and messages private as the signal works like that only. All of your messages will be delivered quickly even when your network is slow.

    It doesn’t show any advertisements, no kidding, no trackers. Although you can use your current phone number while you’re using the app. Also, it will make your audio and video enhancing so that you can all the time be near your family and friends. Anytime you can change the theme of the app to make it more attractive.

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  4. Tinder

    Tinder - Match. Chat. Date

    Tinder is a popular match dating app where every day you can meet thousands of new people. This app is perfectly free and it’s not just a dating app, here in this cougar dating app you’ll connect to the world, and folks from different countries. If you the like the person’s profile swipe right to like it and if not swipe left to say that suggest you didn’t like its profile.

    Here you can only talk to the people who you feel best for you and matches your interest. As it has a brilliant feature where nobody can do any random message to you. Try to make your attractive and real profile so that the person whom you are trying to find, will connect with you easily. You can purchase its premium features to access its more awesome features.

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  5. Kik

    Kik — Messaging & Chat App

    Kik is the most terrific platform where you can send messages to your old friends and can make new friends every day. You can chat individually, make different groups, and share your thoughts and views in the group. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you belong, you can talk to anyone.

    Try to connect with a person who has the same interests or thoughts as yours. You get millions of individuals every day, you can do chats with them and make them your close friends. This is the perfect app and it has all the elements that you need, group chats, streaming live, or exploring the people whom you like to talk to.

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  6. Telegram


    Telegram is the most useful apps like whisper. It is a fast, easy, and secure messaging app. You can connect immediately and begin chatting with a person. It is the quickest messaging app and you can connect to millions of individuals all around the globe. As you can sync the app to the other cell phones, pcs, and computers so that you don’t need your phone to be connected.

    You can easily do messages to anyone. You will store your all files, images, and videos on telegram it has unlimited space to store and it is going to be secure all the time. This app is straightforward, reliable, fun, and powerful where you can keep your all chats private and safe.

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  7. MeetMe

    MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

    Meetme is an astonishing app that helps you to explore new people who can share your common interest and hobbies that you have. It is friendly, fun, and straightforward to use. It provides a number of functions, including the ability to communicate with others via chat, video chat, or live streaming. This way is pretty simple that will help you to connect with new people every day.

    You can download this body chat app for free and it will allow doing chats with the people whose interest is the same as yours. As this app will finish your boredom, you can do or watch live streams, and send or receive gifts. If you like a person go on a date if they live near your location. You won’t ever be bored if you use this, and you’ll have the ability to meet true friends, more than friends, go on a date with them, and spend quality time with them.

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  8. hi5

    ASKfm: Ask & Chat Anonymously

    Hi5 is the bewildering apps like whisper for dating, exploring different people, and making new friends. You may reconnect with old acquaintances and make new ones all around the globe. As you have a better chance of meeting and spending time with someone if you live near to them, so look for people who live nearby.

    With a dating game, you can make new friends and if you like to date you can try this. Try to interact more by playing games, chatting with someone you like, and getting to know one another better. You can easily download this app, and it will make sure that your privacy is protected. It won’t ever share your personal information or the location you live in without your permission.

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  9. OkCupid

    OkCupid: Online Dating App

    OkCupid is among the greatest dating apps that can help you find the right person. Your interests must match them. It is like an online dating app that will ask some questions. You can then look for matches on this military dating app. Here, you must highlight your personality, thoughts, and interests for the person you want to connect with you to be as easy as possible.

    You can meet people who live nearby you, start a conversation on chats, can do healthy flirting, and go on a date. After buying the upgrade version, you may gain access to premium features such as seeing who likes your post irrespective of whether you like them back. You can utilize several complicated tools and filters when speaking with people. It doesn’t require any adverts you can access it and make your time joyful.

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  10. Tagged

    Tagged - Meet, Chat & Dating

    Tagged is a distinctive app that will help you to link up with new people every day. You can chill and play with them. Here you don’t need to change your personality, be who you are and the people who like you’ll come to reach you. Furthermore, you can both watch and take part in live streaming. Find someone who lives in your area and arrange to meet them. This will also help you to connect with someone whose personality you like.

    It has several games that are so addicting that you can play with your friends. You’ll have the ability to chat with the individual you like. Although this app will keep all your information secrets, there isn’t any need to be concerned. It won’t ever share your personal information without your permission. You have complete choice over when and how you connect with new people using the app.

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