Best 10 Bitcoin Apps For Android And iOS

Day after day the popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing. It becomes the new hotness amongst this generation. Kids and young people are the most attracted ones. Luckily, today we have apps for everything. But sometimes it might be tough to find the best one from thousands of options. If you want to know about cryptocurrency then you can use bitcoin apps on your smartphone.

So this post is for people who are attempting to find a mobile app that offers cryptocurrency-related services, like a wallet or price tracking. This app will also offer you trading of your coins with your smartphone. Have a look at this list of top 10 bitcoin apps for android and iOS.

Best 10 Bitcoin Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Coinbase

    CoinbaseCoinbase is probably the most popular bitcoin apps on this list. It has ranked no 1 for offering the best platform for trading cryptocurrencies. In the terms of bitcoin, ethereum and the other online currencies this app is among the first choices for many people.

    You can download this app on your Android or iOS device, here you can sell or buy cryptocurrencies otherwise you can even check their prices anytime. If you have an interest in spending money here, this app will help you to find the merchants. However, some users reported the prices are a bit high, which utterly doesn’t affect its popularity.

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  2. CryptoTrax

    CryptoTraxAre you looking to invest your money? CryptoTrax is the perfect place which will help you in where you should spend your extra savings. What you need to do is just add your transactions in this app’s portfolio, then it starts tracking the values of cryptocurrencies and also shares your future profit and loss perspective.

    With the feature of price provide you with a warning can be sure that when you should invest, it provides price drop and rise alerts so that you can invest in a new coin at the right time.

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  3. Enjin Wallet

    Enjin WalletThe developers of Enjin coin and Enjin wallet are the same. This is among the first cryptocurrencies offered for gaming. However, you can even manage your Enjin coin with this app. Moreover, Engin wallet supports diverse forms of cryptocurrencies.

    The main focus of this app is to provide you with complete security for trading. For this reason, they offer separate secure keyboards in addition to randomized keys that are optional. So that it’ll be easier for you to login with another device and restore your wallet by just scanning some words. It is available for Android devices, soon there will be an iOS version.

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  4. Cryptocurrency CryptocurrencyA trusted source for trading cryptocurrencies, is doing an amazing job in this field for more than 10 years. Here you’re going to get advice about investment from trading experts. There is a setting that enables you to set your selling price in which you want to sell your coins. You can even use it as money management apps to manage your cryptocurrency on your smartphone.

    However, this app doesn’t offer any cryptocurrency wallet but rather it has a wide source of database which lets you track prices of 1300 over altcoins. There are historical and real-time prices available. Along with that, there’s a full portfolio which offers you tracking of your investment.

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  5. CoinSwitch

    CoinSwitchAnother great app that is phenomenal in the bitcoin scene. This app is known for its easy design, attractive trading fees and solid security. CoinSwitch has an easy-to-use interface which is a plus point for bitcoin newbies also for experts.

    Along with that, it has diverse features such as training bitcoin through QR code. You can even buy bitcoin by using the wallet of this app. easily recover data with master seed backup features and make it fully secured.

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  6. eToro

    eToroeToro is a platform where you can communicate with people and share strategies with others across the world. The perfect thing is you’re going to get $100,000 as a bonus to practise trading with bitcoin or cryptocurrency. It will be in your virtual portfolio for improving your skills without any loss.

    The developers continuously expand its lists of cryptocurrencies, crypto pairs together with 30 tools in addition to useful indicators. There is a streamlined deposit feature with unlimited withdrawals amount option.

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  7. Gemini

    GeminiIf you want to stay one step ahead of the market then this app is best for you. It lets you plan your training strategy by creating your crypto portfolio. That is why Gemini is simple to use this money transfer app.

    With this app, you can find real-time market prices, asset prices anytime and anywhere. With the help you price alert notifications you’ll be updated all the time about the market movements. In just 3 minutes you can purchase or sell assets. Along with that Gemini offers an amazing user interface.


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  8. Voyager

    VoyagerIf you are an intermediate level trader then Voyager is the right choice out there. It offers you services beyond bitcoin and bitcoin. Also, it will help you to complete your trading practises and explore diverse cryptocurrency frontiers.

    It has everything which is required for serious cryptocurrency investments. This comprehensive designed app offers you charts that let you know more about the biggest coins across the world market. It has many charting tools and commission-free exchanges.

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  9. Kraken

    Kraken ProA Great and streamlined Bitcoin exchange platform, Kraken app. It has an easy user interface to deposit and withdraw your money. Also, you can keep your eyes on your portfolio performance. At one platform you can track your digital assets.

    Kraken app offers incredible features such as versatile funding options, excellent service, low fees and exceptional security standards. With this app, you’re going to get 24 /7 global support for trading. There are real-time rate indicators and accurate pricing charts. The better part is everything is in a best otherwise you can at the lowest price available.

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  10. Xapo Bank

    XapoAnother powerful secured bitcoin apps for both Android and Apple users. It is a well known app for its solid security features for cryptocurrency storage. I like its three-step privacy. Along with these it also provide bill reminder app option where you’re going to get bill reminder feature.

    And as we are talking about investment thus security is the very first thing to notice in any app. Along with that Xapo all the time tries to provide the best features and services to the users. However, this is a smooth and easy to use the app. There are diverse features available aside from the wallet.

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