Best 10 Calorie Counter Apps For Android & iOS

It often happens that we might keep on performing high intensity exercises and control our diet for a longer duration of time but still don’t get the desired result. That is why people prefer using calorie counter apps these days because it guides us and help us achieve our fitness goal in the most efficient manner. Have you ever try to start fitness goal and able to try this because of lack of sources then you should try calorie counter apps. In this article, I’m going to discuss about some of the best mobile calorie counter apps that you should give a try.

In these days everybody wants to be fit for that we all try different exercises at gym. But it may be bad because of less of calorie or adequate nutrition. If you want to count calorie burn or gain from your diet then you must have a perfect calorie counter technique. It was not too easy to track it in old days, but in these days there are many calorie counter apps available for android and iOS users. You can easily search it on Playstore or iTunes stores. Apps Sprout work on it and listed best 10 popular calorie counter apps for android and iOS users.

Top 10 Calorie Counter Apps for Android & iOS

  1. My FitnessPal

    MyFitnessPalMyFitnessPal is a decent app which will help you reach your weight management goals. With an unlimited database of over 11 million foods, it can track all nutrients in your daily meals. You can track steps, log cardio exercises, log strength exercise, etc. in this fitness app. The nutrition report will show you a history of your calorie intake. You can log food with the barcode scanner which can recognize more than 4 million barcodes.

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  2. Calorie Counter by Lose It

    Lose ItLose It was developed back in the year 2008 with an aim to ease calorie counting. Ever since then, it has successfully helped over 40 million members to lose more than 90 pounds (still counting). You can set your goals, track your food, track water and get reports of your progress in this workout app. The feature I found the most charming is that you can log food by clicking pictures from your smart camera. You can even use your camera to scan package barcodes.

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  3. Lifesum

    LifesumLifesum is an excellent app which will help you find a nutritious diet that perfectly suits your lifestyle. In Lifesum, you’ll get hundreds of delicious and healthy recipes with information with regard to their nutritious value. It enables its users to track their daily activities such as food, exercise and water. This app also comes with barcode scanner app option which is greatly easy to use. You can even add your favorite recipes, food items and exercises to favourites.

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  4. HealthKart

    HealthKartThe HealthKart app suits perfectly for all enthusiasts as they’re very concerned about having the right nutrition. It will act as your one-stop-shop which can provide everything you need to attain your fitness goals. It contains prime quality products like whey protein, mass gainers, fat burners and any other nutritional supplements. This health coach app is got many other advantages like exclusive discounts, product comparison option, safety standards, easy return and plenty of others.

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  5. Calorie Counter- MyNetDiary

    MyNetDiaryMyNetDiary is an online mobile application launched in the year 2007 with more than 10 million members globally. It was developed with an objective to guide you in your weight loss journey by counting calories precisely and forecasting weight loss. It has about 7,77,000 verified food labels in its database which is impressively large. Along with these you can even use it as day planner apps to plan your diet for specific day. You can choose your weekly weight loss rate and target date in this app.

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  6. Calorie Counter- EasyFit

    EasyFitCalorie Counter by EasyFit is an attractively designed calorie counter app. It tracks your daily physical exercises and water consumption in order to help you gain muscles and lose weight. As of now, it has 42 amazing themes to choose for together with 2 homescreen widgets. Animated and zoomable statistics about calorie intake, exercise time, macros percentage – all you’ll find in this animation app. The incredible feature is that, it has over 1500 existing foods which you can mix or create one of your own.

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  7. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

    FatSecretThis app has got one of the world’s highest quality food and nutrition database. You can easily find easily find nutritional information of food items. This will help you track your meals, weight and exercise. You will find many other things here like an exercise diary, a food diary, a diet calendar, a weight tracker, a barcode scanner and a journal for recording progress. You can even check meditation apps to get perfect meditation tips at your own place.

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  8. MyPlate Calorie Counter

    MyPlate Calorie CounterMyPlate Calorie Tracker is an award winning app developed by Livestrong. It will help you lose weight in a brief period of time and enhance your overall health. You can log your workouts and track your foods on an Android phone, iPhone, Apple Watch and an iPad. It has got a database of millions of food together with a barcode scanner to scan items in real time. You can even use it as step counter apps which will provide you the knowledge you need to manage your diet and steps which you moved.

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  9. Diet and Health- Lose Weight by

    Diet and HealthIf you are in an urgency to lose weight, I highly recommend trying this app. It can even used as weight lose apps which will tell you the most efficient ways to weight reduction. You will earn Diet and Health points in a diet. You can simply start doing a weight assessment and keep your weight record updated each week. It enables the users to log all meals and daily physical activities in the food and exercise journal. If you take a subscription you can participate in online meetings with experts.

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  10. YAZIO Calorie Counter

    YAZIOYAZIO is another great nutrition app founded by Sebastian and Florian, having users in additional than 150 countries. Their objective is to help people live happier lives through healthy nutrition. It will provide hundreds of nutritious recipes customized to your requirements in this kegel apps. You can have the option to pick from 20 different meal plans. The calorie counter works smoothly and it is really user friendly. You can be updated with tips, tasks and tasty recipes daily.

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These apps are absolutely incredible. You can try any of these apps based on your needs and wants. All of these 10 apps have the ability to influence your daily food and workout habits. They will inspire you and help you reach your health and fitness goals in the most appropriate manner.