Best 10 Chess Apps For Android And iOS

Chess applications for Android and iOS are the most popular apps for learning how to play chess and mastering the game. It has a number of levels, riddles, mini-games, and lessons to help you find out how to play the game.

As someone who has used many of the applications, I can attest to the proven fact that they’re both engaging and thrilling. As an example, when I was a beginner and had no idea how to play the game, the brightest players taught me how to become perfect at it.

Furthermore, you can play the game both offline and online using any of the apps. You have the option of playing with your friends or against a computer opponent. Simply download the app from the shop and use it instantly.

Best 10 Chess Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Chess – Play and Learn

    Chess - Play and Learn

    This is the best online chess game app where you can play chess with many people all around the globe. Here you can solve different puzzles and get interactive videos and lessons. You can even play with the computer and make your opponents. It will also provide an option to play chess with your friends freely.

    Every day meet with your new friends and do chats to know more about one another. You can even participate in diverse tournaments to make your game better. Although you can increase your level so that it would help you to improve in the chess game.

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  2. Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

    Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

    Learning chess with Dr wolf is a beneficial chess apps for android and iOS users. In this app, you’ll get an opportunity to play with him and learn new techniques every day. It will explain to you everything step by step how you can make your chess game better. Whenever you start playing the game it will tell you the method to apply and help you to complete the game.

    It has an idea where you get many opportunities and consists of varied lessons that make the game more understandable to you. Dr. wolf teaches you at least three games and you’ll get benefit from it and you would appreciate it. You can even go for its subscription coaching where you get other beneficial features such as it would offer you hints, or asking different questions, you can access the library as much as you want. However, it’s up to you want to buy a subscription or not but Dr. wolf is at all times with you.

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  3. Champion Chess

    Champion Chess

    Are you want to become the world’s best champion in the chess game? So here you come to the right place to play the chess game. Champion chess is a superb game where you firstly join local, regional, and international tournaments. It can even be used as a scrabble game app to get scrabble games for free. It consists of all the levels novices, intermediate or advanced.

    You can easily play with other distinct virtual AI personalities. It helps you to make you master in the game so you must do practice every day and can participate in the event. Also, you can purchase its subscription to access its best features. Just you must agree with some details and then you can access its further beneficial features.

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  4. Chessable


    Chessable is a superb app for people who are deeply in love to play the chess game. Using this app you can learn to play the chess game online mode. It is an incredible app made for chess lovers.

    You can easily go for free classes where it consists of many topics such as openings, tactics, strategies to win the game. Also, you can see your profile where you can trace your progress. Many types of subscriptions are there which one looks you best you can go for it.

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  5. Chess Adventure for Kids

    Chess Adventure for Kids

    Chess adventure for youths is the utmost charming chess apps, particularly for youths. It is a perfectly safe and fun game app where the children can play with their opponent’s kids. you must must do practice every day so that you can defeat your boss and collect the loot.

    By your preference, you can personalize your physical features and your outfits in the game. You can play with different fantasize bosses and each level is different from the previous level. Also, you can solve thousands of puzzles and enjoy your distinct chessboard and other pieces of themes.

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  6. lichess

    lichess • Free Online Chess

    Lichess is an interesting app for those who are deep in love with the chess game. Also, this app is open for all people who want to play chess on their smartphones. You will start playing fast while you doing practice every day. It has different tournaments in which you can participate and increase your skills to play the game better.

    You can access the game offline and online as well. It also has other variants such as chess 960, crazy hall, and plenty of more. It doesn’t require any advertisements so you can play the app freely without any disturbance. One of the best features of this app is to provide an option to trace the stats of your game. This app contains different languages so from any part of the world you can play the game easily.

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  7. Chessify

    Chessify: Scan & Analyze chess

    Chessify is an incredible chess app where you can enhance your level of playing the chess game. You can analyze different games and puzzles that are available in the app. Using this multiplayer game app you can play chess with your friends online and also give challenges to the computer even when you’re offline.

    As here you can scan the photo of your real chessboard or can scan the various puzzles. You can even upload the books to trace your reading and can analyze different puzzles. Must try some moves that make your chance to open and win the game.

    Also, watch some youtube videos that improve you in the chess game. Moreover, you can share your chess game on social media as well. It has parental controll app option so parents can control the app if they want to disable the chess engine analysis for their kids. This app is available in diverse languages so that anypne can easily use this app on thier smartphone.

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  8. chess24

    chess24 > Play, Train & Watch

    Chess 24 is a distinctive app as here you get many ways to play the chess game. You can quickly be pairing such as fast, classic, unlimited and you can customise the app of your preference. As the board will highlight your all moves such as remove, last move, or your possible moves.

    When you are offline you can play the game with your computer as it will become your opponent. You can even send or receive your challenge through another player in the app. This app also provides you an option to invite your friends to become part of your chess game. Through different puzzles and challenges, it will offer you proper knowledge so that you can improve your every step. You can even get option to choose the mode of your chess game such as light or dark.

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  9. Magnus Trainer

    Magnus Trainer - Learn & Train Chess

    Magnus trainer is famous chess apps where you can learn new things in a fun way and it will train you in the chess game. You can become a master in a chess game by taking the various lessons with Margus Carlsen. This game is crafted superbly and the game is designed by the experts who you are like to play.

    It consists of dozens of mini-games from all beginner to advanced. You can learn the chess game from this perfect app together with the greatest player. Although this app is perfectly free there are some benefits for the people who buy the subscription. So if you want to buy that subscription you can go for it and access its brilliant features.

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  10. Kasparov chess


    Kasporvchess is one of a kind app where you get the best experience of the chess game. You can learn the game from the best players all around the globe. For every level, it has lessons and puzzles. Many exercises are available that help you to focus on the aspect of time you must take in the game.

    All lessons are so engaging that are made by different players like Levon Aronian, Anish Giri, and plenty of more. You can play against your friends or another opponent all around the globe. Also, you can unbolt the achievements if you win the game. Moreover, you can go for high levels that give all sorts of features that benefit you in your game. By paying a small amount you can take a subscription and access its features firmly.

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