Best 10 Golf Apps For Android And iOS

Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. However, it can be difficult to keep track of your progress if you don’t have a great way to monitor your statistics. That’s where golf apps come in. There are a number of various apps available for both Android and iOS devices that can help you track your score, analyze your swing, and find nearby courses. No matter what your level of experience is, there’s an app that can help you improve your game. So if you’re looking to take your golf game to the next level, make sure to look at some of the best golf apps available.

Golf apps can even be used to calculate the distance and learn numerous rules of golf. You can use a digital scorecard as well. You will update with the latest news that is especially related to golf. Moreover, you can track the stats to shoot your lower scores.

However, using golf apps will provide you with plenty of benefits such as it will invite you to numerous events or tournaments. Also sending you reminders and other notifications. It will update you on the latest news with regard to golf. As it has numerous benefits as well once you start accessing you get to know more about its benefits.

Best 10 Golf Apps For Android And iOS

  1. TheGrint

    TheGrint | Golf Handicap & GPS

    TheGrint is the best app for GPS, scoring, and handicap. First, you must link with #ghin and then manage your all post scores, and handicap. It will enhance your game with numerous advanced tools. Here you can join the community or can meet your buddies who love to play golf. Using this app you’ll also be capable to see one another scores and stats.

    It has a GPS rangefinder and you can even trace your scores. You can even track the shot and even calculate the distance of each course. It will also send you a notification and also provide the option to watch live golf scores of your friend’s games in real-time. Go for its premium membership that gives the most genuine tools that you can use while you’re playing the game.

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  2. USGA OnDemand

    USGA OnDemand

    USGA on demand is the leading app as it contains an enormous library where it has more than 350 hours of us women’s open, US open and telecast playoffs, and highlights of championships. Throughout the year it will extend the highlight of a televised day of the USGA championship.

    Also, watch live streaming of both U.S. Open and U.S. women’s Open groups. It has the viewing experience together with a leader board and other features of win real-time likelihood. It has a collection of growing US amateur, US women amateur, and other telecasts.

    You can watch films of the game that had the greatest performances and had incredible personalities. However, it has a linear channel that includes classic telecasts, highlights, films, and lots of more.

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  3. Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU

    Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU

    SwingU is the topmost performing, scorecard and golf Gps range finder app for android and iOS. It has millions of users accessing the app all around the globe. This app is perfectly accurate, battery efficient, and reliable. This is the best GPS rangefinder that performs on all the courses that are widely spread around the globe.

    As you can trace the distance between the hazards and green. After posting scores from at least three rounds you’re going to get a free handicap. It also lets you trace your shots and gain insights so that you can check how far your hit your clubs.

    You can tap any flag on any hole you want to hang. It has an upgraded version which you can purchase and it would recommend for the various clubs, and hole notes can improve your stats and scorecards.

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  4. Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

    Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

    Zepp golf swing analyzer is one the incredible golf learning app that will train you smart and you can enhance your playing skills quickly. It has a brilliant feature that’s video recognition technology that helps you to record your performance mechanically. Also, you can crop your swing so that you can see yourself not at the time before or while you creating highlights.

    It will become your personal trainer that will train you the best to play golf. It has different training plans that make you the best in the game. Although this app will record your scorecard, photos, and videos so that your all practice will store in one place and through recording, you can easily hit the links through recording.

    As you can compete with your buddies and you need to try to defeat the top dog from the local course. It also has a pro swings library where you get many things to explore and find out about your game. Moreover, it has another sensored feature where you can trace your full swings, swing evaluation, 3d swing analysis, and lots of more.

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  5. GolfLogix GPS + Putt Line

    GolfLogixGolflogix is a fantastic app for its advanced features that will tell your the exact distance, the course map in 3d color, pro-level stats, and lots of more. This app innovated the new feature that’s green maps and it really helps in many ways. As it tells you where you precisely sink into it. It has incredible groundbreaking technology that will assist you to shoot lower scores.

    You can even participate in the official tournament that contains new rules to play golf. It will provide you with the GPS, 3d fair maps, and other things as well. You can use green map books in your tournaments that will really help you and learn thousand of courses. Although if you want to upgrade the level you can go for a membership that will provide more innovative features you can use. First, you go for a trial, and if you like you can continue and you can discontinue it.

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  6. Golfshot

    Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

    Golfshot is an amazing app that enhances your playing strategy and you get a new experience of playing golf. Many people download this app as here it can save GPS time, strokes, and money. In real-time, You can cover the distances to the green, and lots of courses are available such as shot tracking, rich scoring flyover previews, and other recommendation from clubs. You can even use a scorecard for yourself and for your friends.

    You can play the game in four-player mode. Once you start playing the game you can visualize your round easily. Also, preview your video in 3d that includes the whole course. You can even buy its premium version which gives endless benefits. Such as track your handicap index, and lots of other elements are there that you can access.

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  7. Hole19

    Hole19 Golf GPS & Range Finder

    Hole19 is ideal free golf apps that will provide you the exact yardages, and live leaderboards and furthermore, show you a scorecard for your and your’s friends as well. It has golf GPS that will provide you with the exact distances from anywhere on the course. It will also store your rounds in one place. Download the app and get both pro and free features for your smartphone.

    To begin, select the features option, which includes digital scorecards that are all available for free. It features a wide range of courses to select from, in addition to live leaderboards and GPS rangefinders. It also offers other advantages, if you’re able to buy it and receive incredible benefits in return. You can challenge your buddies, and it will also offer alternative clubs for you to join. You may additionally track the distance and shots, in addition to look at the statistics. It also doesn’t require any adverts, keeps you up to speed with new highlights, and shows you premium maps.

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  8. VirtualPro


    Virtual pro is a magnificient app that helps you to enhance your golf swing. As you can review and analyze the traits of the golf swing which is real. It also guides for correcting the swing and will send you the feedback for the same. You don’t require any internet connection, and you can begin accessing the app for free.

    It also provides the option to record your golf swings using the camera of your smartphone. Along with these it also lets you import videos in several formats and begin live editing. It comes with a built-in editor that helps you to easily edit, trim, and adjust the part of the video you need.

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  9. Golf Live 24

    . Golf Live 24 - golf scores

    Golf live 24 is an excellent golf app as here you can check the live scores, scorecards, and results. This app is an accurate and fast leaderboard that will tell you about the score of various tournaments. You can watch the scores in the tablet version. The app is formed by the live sport and it mainly provides you the service where you get to know about the live score. Millions of users download this app and access it to get to know about the scores.

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  10. Golfing Guide

    Golfing Guide Are you searching for an app where you get the best experience and guidance for golf so that you can play it best? So here golfing guide is an astonishing app that makes you impressed as it has the best feature that’s yardage book graphics that will provide you with the best experience on how to play golf. Here you get images that are clyster clear, and knowledge is available that’s about traps to green center or tee to hazards.

    It will tell you the real-time distance to the green center from a player’s location. It won’t drain your device’s battery so you can even use it as a battery saver app. You didn’t need to do any calculations or guesswork and enhance your pace of play.

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