Best 10 Google Docs Alternative For Android And iOS

Online word processing is now common, every business needs this for managing and creating documents. Word processors help you to work on your documents on the go, you can share documents and make collaboration also. And the smartest thing is you can easily export-import them.

When we are talking about word processing, the very first thing that comes to mind is google docs. It is the best platform to create documents with numerous features.

However, some people are trying to find google docs alternative, maybe because they want some new features or they’re trying to find a better option. So if you’re one of them, then this article will definitely help you to find your best pick.

Top 10 Google docs alternative

  1. Microsoft Office

    Microsoft OfficeWe can say that it’s an office on the web. It offers a free platform for all the office work by the most popular developer. With this website, you can get your hands on all the Microsoft accounts that you need to use for your daily office work. It means it gives you access to all the Microsoft Office applications from one platform such as PowerPoint, word, excel, outlook, OneNote in addition to other tools.

    Let’s see the comparison between google docs to the office on the web. First of all Microsoft office is a widely used website particularly Microsoft office2019 and office 365 is the most popular amongst the people because of its free online suite. Some of its collaborative tools launched recently had strengthened its service.

    However, some of the office services are limited. For example, there’s less number of templates, use templates with integrated styles (you can’t make your own).
    However, For me, the free version of Microsoft office is a superb google docs alternative.

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  2. Zoho Docs

    Zoho DocsZoho is probably the most popular app developers, there are an enormous number of apps developed by Zoho. It offers e-mail services to personal Wi-Fi by its bookkeeping and CRM tools and so many more. Zoho competes for google docs by its Zoho docs application. Which is a quite strong online document editor alternative.

    Its writer features many tools to make your editing excellent such as editing options, aesthetically pleasing sidebars. In short, here you can do everything that the docs offer. Not enough yet! You can use advanced options here like electronic signature support and mail merging. Along with these, you can get handy features which let you use Zoho chat, it means you can chat with your collaborators while editing.

    Moreover, it is among the feature-rich web-based applications, and it is simple to use. I believe this much reason is enough for convincing.

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  3. Quip

    QuipQuip doesn’t offer you quite a lot of advanced features for document editing, unlike other alternatives. But if you want an app that’s free and has some sturdy collaboration features then this app is out there. Quip has a collaborative and intuitive interface for all the devices such as tablets, PC, smartphones, Unlike other alternatives that only support PC.

    Here you can chat while working with its chat section available in all documents. Which is an particularly handy feature for smartphones because it lets you interact with others while editing the document. Also, you can create documents online and offline both and you can discuss it when you’re online. It also provide chat option so you can begin chat with strangers for free.

    The distinctive feature is the news feed feature that enables you to keep updated with your changes, it lists all the document changes at one place. But there’s a downside which doesn’t let you create your complex documents such as manuals, etc. with its editing features. But it offers you basic features and tools for formatting and writing and also you can use tables and pictures at max. In short, if you want basic features for formatting then quip is the perfect option for you.

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    ONLYOFFICE DocumentsThe only office offers you offline and online tools for document editing. As you are trying to find an alternate for google docs that’s why here we will only discuss the online version of onlyoffice.

    Only the office developed many apps and tools, its editing tools offer excellent features to stand as probably the greatest alternatives for google docs. At the offline document editing version, you’ll get extensive options for editing. For example, you can invite You, collaborators, for work, customise formatting layouts and styles, and you can chat while editing in onlyoffice windows.

    Here you can install onlyoffice add ones option that allows you to add some extensions that help you to increase the functionality of editing tools. For instance, you can install the Zotero plugin, it helps you to manage research materials and references to the WordPress plugin which lets you publish your work directly on your web page.

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  5. Nuclino

    NuclinoHere is another great google docs alternative for android and iOS users. It is a perfect document editing app where you’ll get option to create, edit, and share notes and documents. It provide option to create real-time collaborative documents on your smartphone. One of the best feature of this app is to provide option to collaborate with your team in real time and create good and unique content. Along with these it also let you browse all knowledge base and team work on your smartphone. You will also get option to upload and download images, videos, PDFs, spreadsheet and others using spreadsheet apps from your smartphone.

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  6. Dropbox Paper

    Dropbox PaperDropbox has introduced dropbox paper as an alternate for online document editing. It is known for its features of cloud storage solutions. You can easily use it with your dropbox account. Just sign up on dropbox paper and you can begin to use this excellent alternative of google docs.

    It offers you some handy features, with these you can easily add and curate images, it is going to be easier if you use dropbox as your image host. As well as embedding other text is exceptionally easy. You can quickly edit and style your document by using the markdown language option.

    What I like about this app is that you can use @ for collaboration. Even if you aren’t working on the same page currently. When you use @ for any people he will automatically get a notification to work with you. Along with this, you can use task assignment as another collaboration feature.

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  7. Slite

    SliteAnother best alternative you can use a collaborative work tool for your daily tasks. It is designed to provide you with a perfect collaborative workspace that you can’t even find on google docs. It has a free version that enables you to make 50 shared documents in a month. As well as you can create unlimited personal documents. On your free slite version, you can invite unlimited users.

    What’s More? Here you can use the most popular team management tools for integrating, slack which lets you chat and work at the same time with ease. There are other integrations also available such as Trello, loom, Figma, GitHub and Asana. In this platform, slite app works as an editing tool for documents in addition to a project management option.

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  8. OfficeSuite

    OfficeSuiteSearching for a multi-platform document editing software? The office suite is designed with support for common and popular formats. You can use this app on Android, PC, iPhone in addition to on your iPad device. Even although it has synchronization capability so that you can update documents on different platforms.

    For organizations, there’s a mobile scanner, which allows the user to scan physical documents by using their device’s camera. More than this, there’s an office productivity software which enables the user to integrate with E-signature. So that you can make your documents official by digital signing. Along with these it also provide option to edit PDF so you can even use it as PDF editor apps.

    It is the best options if you’re running an online business because you can easily assign tasks here and your organization can perform the assigned tasks on any platform. Also, you can create a secure working environment with this app.

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  9. Collabora

    CollaboraIf you are working on information-rich documents then this will be your perfect choice. It is an editing suite and online collaboration based on LibreOffice. This application enables the users to use an elaborate set of varied editing tools together with using MS office style layout. It is not only a full-fledged editing toolbar but also it gives the ability to add comments. So one can clarify a doubt or emphasize on an edit.

    While Google docs allow users to only resolve comments, here you’ll get more user-friendly flow of comments. You can give a reply to each comment, delete it or even you can mark it resolved. Compared to google docs here you can’t share any comments through its link.

    You can Operate collabora app with cloud-based and server-based on both options. If you want to use it with a cloud version, you’ll get support from numerous reliable services such as ownCloud, NextCloud and pydio.

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  10. Coda

    CodaCoda is another great google docs alternative app for available for android and iOS users. It is a free and simple to use app where you’ll be capable to watch your docs for free. Here in this app you’ll be capable to watch how you build your docs on your desktop and transform them to your smartphone. It provide a flexible writing surface so that you can easily create powerful docs on your smartphone. One of the best feature of this app is to provide option to get powerful formula language to reference any object. Along with these you’ll also get button and automations to take actions outside your doc. It is probably the greatest platform with perfect pack to connect your doc to the apps.

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So, these are the best top 10 alternatives of google docs, you can choose any application to form and edit documents on the go.