Best 10 Medication Reminder Apps For Android And iOS

Medication Reminder Apps For Android And iOS are some of the functional apps where it would remind you of the medicines you must take. You can add multiple reminders for the same medication. By doing this you can follow the proper medicine that would be prescribed by the doctor. These apps look after you a lot and remind you to remain healthy all the time.

As I also used every app. It makes my life easier than earlier. In the past, I couldn’t able to remind my medicines to take and that I couldn’t able to follow them. But when I got to know about this app I can’t miss my single medication. It will guide me for going to the different medical store that will give me the best discounts and recommend professional doctors.

You can even try any of these apps and try them in your daily life activities. It will beneficial for you. You can even add the healthy activities you do. Also, it will remind for other medicines as well. Such as health supplements you take for your healthy body. Although you’ll be pleased with the app and its features.

Medication Reminder Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Medisafe

    Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe

    Pill reminder that would make you and your dear ones safe. As through this you never forget for any medication you’ll have to take for your health. If you not taking medicines on time that will be prescribed makes a common problem in today’s era so it will help you to remind it.

    You can add any sound that will remind you when it’s time for your medication. Anytime you can customise the time of your medication you’ll have to intake. It doesn’t require any registration you can directly access the app and can restore your backup as well.

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  2. CareClinic

    CareClinic: Tracker & Reminder

    Care clinic is one of a kind medicine reminder apps where you can improve your health, remind your medication all the time. Just not only make the list of the prescriptions medication you can even add a list of your supplements or medication pills. You can track progress in your health while taking the medication. Although you can track plenty of things at the same account such as symptoms, pills, habits, and plenty of more.

    However, you can give your data or report to your caretaker and save all the information. It can even be used as skincare apps to get skincare clinics near you. You can save your all appointments, reports, or vaccination in this app safely. However any time you can take backup of your data you save already.

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  3. GoodRx

    GoodRx: Prescription Coupons

    Good RX is an amazing app as here you can track your prescription or it would recommend you for the different discounts and coupons. Coupons and discounts will be given for the different prescribed medicines. You can make a list of the pills so that you would be consistent all the time in your medicine.

    You can even look out for discounts or coupons and get them in your nearby location. It would also recommend to you numerous high profile doctors where you get a perfect treatment and you can even save your money. Go for its updated version to get more other best features.

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  4. SingleCare

    SingleCare: Prescription Drug Coupons & Discounts

    Single care is one of a kind app as here you can get discounts on the medication. As it shows you the place or medical store where you get discounts on your prescription medication. The market price is so high as everybody can’t able to afford it so it will show or can say recommend you the place where you can take medicines at the half rate of the market price.

    Just search for the medication you want and then compare the rates. Although wherever you get affordable cost of the medication at there you can able to order it. Some stores will provide you the coupons you can use in the future while you order the medicines.

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  5. MyTherapy Pill Reminder

    MyTherapy Pill Reminder

    My therapy pill reminder is an applicable tracking app that will track your all medicines for free. You can trace all kinds of medicines. Also, you can share your reports with your doctors. You can easily trace the health activities that you do in your day or can check your weight, calories you intake, or even blood pressure.

    As you can even customise the tips that would enhance your health treatment. However, it’s a perfectly free relaxing app and your all information would be saved in one place and would be secure.

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    MyTherapy Pill Reminder is another brilliant app for getting the relevant information of the drugs or medication you take for your health problems or want to make the body strong. As you can update the structure or color of your pills in the app. You can ask for anything with regard to your medication or other symptoms if you feel in your body.

    It has another feature where you can check any symptom or could able to take any medication to cure the disease. Although you can be capable to depend on this app and its information but still take the advice from your professional doctors.

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  7. Birth Control Pill Reminder

    Birth Control Pill Reminder

    Birth control pill reminder is one of the superb apps that’s purposely used to control birth. As many stages where the parents don’t want a baby so they all the time try to control the birth by taking pills. So here it would remind you for the same and you can able to control it. As you can set reminders for the pills you must take. You can even use it as pregnancy apps to get tips during pregnancy.

    It will also notify you if your pill is finished then you can able to buy it easily. Although it doesn’t require any internet you can use it offline. However, you can trust this app, and as it will make your life easier.

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  8. Withings Health Mate

    Withings Health Mate

    Withing health mate is a wonderful medicine reminder apps as it traces all health activities or supplements you’ll take in your daily life. You can set the goals with regard to your weight loss or gain easily. Also, it will trace all the things such as heartbeat, blood pressure, and plenty of health activities. You can even use it as blood pressure apps to check your blood pressure at your home.

    It would manage your sleeping time so that you can take sufficient sleep and would be fresh the next day. Although it would be easy for you to use the app, also it will offer you the information. However, you can share your reports and your daily activities with your doctors that you track every day.

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  9. Lemonaid Health app

    Lemonaid Health app: telehealthcare & Rx meds

    Are you attempting to find an app where you can directly meet with a doctor for certain health issues or can’t able to forget to complete your medicines? So here is the fantastic app where you’ll be capable to connect with a doctor anytime and online also it will provide you the prescription for the same.

    Here you get all kinds of better services as such from doctors, physicians and it would provide you to better prescription that will make you fit and healthy. You can download this homeopathy app for free and can able to share it with your doctors too about your medical health. All your information would be confidential and safe. It will also provide you with the medication online.

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  10. Pillgo

    Pillgo: Medication Reminder

    Pillgo is a tremendous medicine reminder apps that will notify you of your medication. As you can take the medication on time. You can easily trace your medical checkups such as blood pressure, weight, and plenty of more. It would alert if you face allergy through any medication.

    Although you can make a report of the medicine that has been prescribed by the doctor. This app also provides an option to check the progress of your reports through this app. You can easily set numerous reminders for the medication so that you never skip it. However, you can even access its further best features that would help you in your whole medicine process.

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