Best 10 Pregnancy Workout Apps For Android And iOS

Pregnancy workout apps are primarily used to help women stay in shape while they’re expecting a child. As a result, their bodies become less active, they experience disorientation, and they’re unable to keep their shape even after birth. As a result of these excellent apps, individuals can learn numerous yoga positions, exercises, and routines that will help them become more active. It will also serve as a guide for prenatal and postnatal workouts.

This is highly beneficial in managing every aspect of your body and guaranteeing that you’re all the time fit and healthy. It has a wide range of fitness videos that you can search for and find out how to execute. The qualified trainers advised all the exercises. You can easily track your progress and set reminders and numerous notifications to remind you to accomplish your daily workouts.

Pregnancy workouts are extremely beneficial to women during their entire pregnancy. If you exercise during your pregnancy, you’ll experience fewer backaches, bloating, swelling, and other constipation issues. It will uplift your mood and energy levels. Furthermore, you’ll have the ability to sleep better.

Pregnancy Workout Apps

Top 10 Pregnancy Workout Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Prenatal Yoga

    Prenatal Yoga | Down Dog

    Prenatal yoga is a useful app for pregnant ladies that will assist them in how to do exercise and different workouts. It has listed lots of yoga in the video tutorials. Here it won’t repeat the same exercise. Also, you can add different exercises to your daily schedule so that you’ll never get bored.

    At the time of pregnancy, your body changes so you must do yoga on daily basis. You can select any trimester where you get different yoga poses during your prenatal journey. If you have low back pain then it will help you to revive from that pain.

    For all novices it’s the best and most friendly app. if you can’t touch your toes, no worries it will provide you with another for that. You can get the option to sync the app to access it on multiple devices in numerous languages.

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  2. Move Your Bump

    Move Your Bump

    Move your bump is the best leading app for making you fit and healthy during pregnancy time. It is a lovely app that makes you fit and suggest the nutrition food that will help in your pregnancy to conceive your baby easily. All the training and protocols are based on the latest and well-founded scientific researchers. Moreover, they’ve great experience of 15 years in this field.

    It includes many exercises and workouts that will prepare you to get more active and you can begin exercise at your preference time, on any device. You can even participate in challenges where you must do exercises that you already learned. All the workouts are focused on core, strength, pelvic floor, and labor training cardio.

    Although customise the app to your preference where you can easily change the goals, add your fitness plan and nutrition food. All over if you want to access every feature of the app you must subscribe to it by paying a small amount and access it in a better way.

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  3. FitOn

    FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans

    Fiton is a superb pregnancy workout app that makes you fit, active and energetic if you’re doing exercise on daily basis. All workouts are personalised that you can do at your home, it has different plans and guides for all the meditations. By doing yoga you can reduce your stress and can watch different fitness videos.

    As doing workouts, and exercise will reduce your stress, you can sleep better, improves your memory, and active your body more. You can easily search for short, easy, and effective exercises proposed by the best personal trainers. Just download the app and make your routine of doing exercise daily.

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  4. Tone It Up

    Tone It Up: Fitness App

    Tone it up is another astounding app that will provide you with better results if you follow its exercise, and workouts blindly. It is a perfect and beneficial app for ladies. Here you get to train for sculpting yoga and toning, postnatal routines, pregnancy workouts, and plenty of more. It has 500+ workouts on demand that will increase your fitness level and you can attain your goals.

    You can watch videos that will guide you to do workouts on this pregnancy app. All exercise techniques are properly managed that making you all the time motivated. It has many programs and challenges which can be scheduled if you want to complete your target of getting weight loss, endurance, and plenty of more targets that you must must complete. If you want to stay accountable you can easily set reminders for doing workouts and exercise. Along with these, you can even track your progress on the daily basis of your workouts.

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  5. Pregnancy Exercise, Fitness

    Pregnancy Exercise, Fitness

    This is a superb app that will assist you in your pregnancy and understand how you must take care of yourself. It will provide all the information and update about exercises and workouts. Here it will tell you how the ladies can maintain their body shape during the time of pregnancy and for each trimester it will provide you with the tips to make your body healthy. The app is simple to use and free that contains pictures, descriptions, and animations that will be followed by the pregnant woman very easily.

    Also, you can trace your pregnancy’s due date and its progress. You must must follow the exercise every week so that you can maintain your shape in every trimester. For baby development, it will provide you with tips that you must follow and by this, your baby will even be safe. At home, you can do pregnancy exercise and can make your body fit and healthy.

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  6. Baby2Body

    Baby2Body: Pregnancy Wellness

    Baby2body is another popular pregnancy exercise apps for ladies who are in the stage of pregnancy. It makes a simple path for you to remain active and healthy. All exercises are customized by the fitness of both prenatal and postnatal experts.

    All challenges are safe, have great fun and you can begin your workout at any stage and attain your goals and different levels. Every week exercise will change and you can repeat the exercise as many times you want. You can go for its premium where you get many exercises to do, different yoga poses, exercises and workouts.

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  7. Kegel Trainer

    Kegel Trainerkegel trainer is an incredible app where it will provide you with exercise that will be easy for both men and ladies so that they can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. We lose interest with the same workout every now and then, thus this list covers a wide range of exercises that you can do daily.

    All sessions are for a brief period like 30 seconds to 3 min that will be easy for you to do exercises. You can even set reminders that will warn you to do exercises on the daily basis. The app is so easy, and innovative and will strengthen your pelvic muscles if you follow the exercise wisely.

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  8. Fit Pregnancy

    Fit-PregnancyFit pregnancy is another bewildering app for the mom and her baby. You just need to join its community and you can experience the different benefits that will make you fit during or after your pregnancy. There are many workouts that you can do at your home, as you don’t need to go to the gym. It will guide you step by step on how you must start your exercise.

    It will provide you with a video for each exercise and workout. Along with these it also provides an option to schedule your workout on weekly basis. This app gives you a list of nutritious food which you must eat, guides your properly, and supports you in all the trimesters.

    Although record your progress, reduce your postnatal depression, gestational diabetes, and plenty of more. During this vital time if pregnant women do exercise it will make them more strong physically, and emotionally in all terms. It has a subscription if you want to use its access features you can use it.

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  9. YogiBirth


    Yogabirth is a useful app that includes pregnancy yoga, birth education, and prenatal meditation. Many women join this community for all these three activities all over countries. This app is perfectly safe for novices for ladies who have the first stage of pregnancy and pilates students.

    You just need to focus on numerous yoga on this yoga app if you have lower back pain, or morning illness. It will also tell you many yoga poses for labor and birth. It has a prenatal exercise that will make you relax, affirmation, and other breathing classes. Although provide you with full information about the childbirth. A midwife leads you through these yoga stretches and exercises.

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  10. Exercise During Pregnancy

    Exercise During Pregnancy

    Exercise during pregnancy is an amazing app where the mother and a baby will be active all the time. As if you’re in the stage of becoming a mother so you must do daily activities so that your body will be more active. All exercises are available and each pregnant woman will easily do this.

    It will strengthen your body for pregnancy. All you can do safe exercise that will help till your delivery. Also, it will prepare you for the physical challenge that your must-see while labor or giving birth. It enhances your move and makes you energetic. This app helps you to come back into your original shape easier after your baby.

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