Best 10 Speech Therapy Apps For Android And iOS

Children can learn new words and their pronunciation with the help of speech therapy apps, which are amongst the best apps for youths. By doing this, kids can practice speaking and pronouncing words, and it will help them get the confidence to speak in front of a large crowd.

Due to the simplicity and initiative of this app’s features, anyone can use it. You can record your voice while reading these fresh and interesting words. To practice more effectively, you can even download the courses in physical copy. Another feature of it’s quite beneficial for learning to talk clearly.

It has quite a lot of advantages, including the ability to show you how much your skills have improved once you start using them. It improves communication abilities that make it easier for you to engage with others. This app can be used by people of all ages. Once infants begin speaking, they begin to reflect, generate fresh thoughts and communicate their emotions. You also get speech and articulation clarity.

You can start working on your speaking abilities as soon as possible by using one of the top speech therapy apps I highlighted, which helps you.

Top 10 Speech Therapy Apps For Android And iOS

  1. CommBoards Lite AAC Assistant

    CommBoardsCommboards is probably the greatest AAC assistant apps that authorizes people of all ages and kids to express themselves with verbal abilities and communicate with the people around them. This app contains an intuitive and fun way that helps your kids or loved ones. When you tap on the pictures or symbol, the sentence which is already created will pronounce loudly that enhancing your oral speaking skills.

    This game also helps you to improve your verbal expression. It has another feature which benefits you such as its pronunciation sound is natural and images are so easy that you easily understand.

    Commboards are also appropriate for those who have some kind of disorder such as down syndrome, speech apraxia, aphasia, and plenty of others. Moreover, it supports many languages so choose any of your preferred languages.

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  2. SymboTalk

    SymboTalk - AAC Talker

    SymboTalk is a superb app that communicates with you while you tap on different images or icons. The images or icons you tap and it pronounces aloud, you can easily add them to your sentence that will be easy for you to read. You can customise your icons or take them from the library.

    It builds communication flexibility on both boards and subboards. You can edit your profiles and add your name to them. Also, it lets you download the hard copy of the board to read it more easily. Also, you can sync the app on multiple devices to access it anywhere.

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  3. Speakeazy


    Speakeazy is a perplexing app that helps people to enhance their verbal language in English. As this app is more focused on the English language which helps people in the future. It will be fun and joyful if you undergo NLP to learn the English language.

    It also has different powerful techniques that help you to learn the English language in the best way. Although if you follow these techniques it will drain your brain as it uses psychological stories, poems, games, etc.

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  4. Stamurai

    Stamurai: Stuttering Therapy

    Stamurai is another astonishing app as it’s like a therapy for improving speaking skills. You didn’t need to go anywhere from your home while using this app to learn various things. Mainly it’s here to encourage and guide so that without any hesitation you can give a speech in front of anyone.

    During the day-to-day conversation, you can learn, practice, and apply different stuttering techniques which will improve your fluency. It includes tutorials that enhance your speech such as preparatory sets, cancellation, easy onsets, and plenty of others. Here you can practice speaking aloud, record your voice, and do breathing exercises that will help you to reduce your stress while speaking.

    Also if you have any questions you can ask them and it will solve them for you. It will also analyze your performance of yours while you do it daily.

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  5. Language Therapy for Children (MITA)

    Language Therapy for Children with Autism (MITA)

    This is another utmost magnificent speech therapy apps that’s based on ABA techniques of auditory-visual and visual-visual. It has a language therapy technique that follows the direction to increase the complexity. You can easily adapt to any type of activity and the exercise difficulty increases every now and then that making the kids’s memory sharper.

    Here it has many activities which you must do like identifying objects, colours, sizes, and patterns. Along with these you can even, learn reading and writing, do practice learn more. It has also listed different mathematical patterns such as arithmetic and logical reasoning. It doesn’t require any wifi and doesn’t contain any advertisements.

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  6. Mom2Speech

    Mom2Speech: Speech therapy for kids and babies

    Mom2speech is among the marvelous speech and language learning applications that helps moms to enhance their kids of speaking and writing skills. Here your child can’t only improve pre-requisite language but also improves expressive and receptive language. You can boost and enhance your kids speaking skills by accessing this app. It has also other fun and enjoyable activities that simulate sounds and vocabulary.

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  7. Otsimo

    Otsimo | Speech and Language Therapy SLP

    Otsimo is a tremendous speech therapy apps that not only uses voice, it also uses machine learning. It understands the same as what you want to say or speak. The main aim of this app is to improvise the speech in addition to communication skills. It has a speech recognition technology that analyzes the exact results and will improve speech therapy.

    The machine learning technology will see the pronunciation of the words is improved or not. There has lots of speech exercise that includes many funny filters that will make the exercise more enjoyable. The app is updated every week and comes up with new content and other activities that are related to speech. With this, you never get bored and get new words to learn. Moreover, it has a subscription that has further impressive features you can go for it.

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  8. Speech Therapy Flashcards

    Speech Therapy Flashcards - S

    Speech therapy flashcards is an astonishing and straightforward app to use. You can use it for practicing and enhancing speech therapy. It has large and interesting images so that you can get clear sound and have the ability to pronounce better.

    This app is also used for learning the English language in a better way. The app concludes with images that are at the start of the word, middle of the word, and end of the word. Moreover, it has many challenges that you can do to make your skills more intensifying.

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  9. Speech Therapy Articulation

    Speech Therapy ArticulationSpeech therapy articulation is a stupefying app that helps kids to pronounce English words correctly. The app includes lots of fun exercises, games, interesting pictures, and other sounds that make the kids motivated. As they cover multiple English consonants and extra consonants.

    You can upgrade your level of learning English by practicing short sentences and phrases. This app is ideal for both kids and adults. Also, it helps you to sharpen your memory by increasing new vocabulary every day. Moreover, the app has different games and flashcards that will bring enjoyment to your speaking skills. It can record your voice so that you can hear and check that the word you pronounce is correct or not

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  10. Huni


    Huni is among the awesome speech therapy apps that’s especially designed for kids. It has many lists of words which you must listen to first and then you must say them aloud. Then the app will analyze whether you pronounce the exact word correctly or not. You can speak multiple times so that you can pronounce it correctly. Huni is a perfect artificial intelligence app that can be your speech therapist.

    This app not only kids can use many are there that can easily access the app, such as nonverbal kids, and children with developmental disorders that will give better speech therapy. It includes cute illustrations that kids will enjoy as it’s related to family, food, conversation, and plenty of more.

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