Best 10 Trucker Apps For Android And iOS

Trucker apps are some helpful apps for those who drive trucks all day long for load hauling. Consequently, the following features will be helpful to drivers on the road. It will show you where to stop your trucks and several weigh stations and rest areas. Additionally, it will aid in exploring potential food sources, vehicle fuel sources, and other locations.

All apps are beneficial and will provide you with all the mandatory information. You can access real-time traffic updates, weather information, and fuel pricing. Additionally, you may use GPS navigation to follow the routes and receive suggestions for shortcuts that might help save your money and time.

I’ve listed every well-known app that provides reliable information and access to different features. You can conveniently utilize any apps because they’re easy to understand.

Best 10 Trucker Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Trucker’s Digest

    Trucker's Digest

    The trucker’s digest is probably the greatest trucker apps for truck driver who rides all day. On this app, they mainly take interviews and listen to their stories and the challenges they will face daily. Drivers will give proper information about life that is occurring on the road. This app also gathers important information and tells the drivers so they’re continuously updated about the trucking industry.

    They provide certain rewards to the trucking industry as a token of appreciation. It has departments like student drivers, female drivers, owner-operators, and lots of more. This app also helps other people trying to find jobs they will provide hiring contacts where companies need employees to do their work. As you know, finding a job won’t ever be easy, so here you get different benefits and advantages that won’t offer you anywhere.

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  2. Truck GPS Route Navigation

    Truck GPS Route Navigation

    Truck GPS route navigation is especially designed for the drivers to track the routes through GPS features. This app is designed to make sure they will be safe on roads while drivers carrying heavy loads. It also helps the drivers to save their fuel by giving information about the shortcut routes.

    It is a user-friendly app that will track all routes in real-time. While driving, it will give the map routes and navigation, making it easy for the driver to get the directions and routes easily. Moreover, it will tell you the location where drivers can stop their trucks and take a rest.

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  3. TruckMap

    TruckMap - Truck GPS Routes

    Truck Map is an incredible app that helps truck drivers explore different routes and track the directions through GPS. The app optimizes GPS routes for turn-by-turn routing, weigh stations, overnight parking, commercial vehicles, and lots of more. It will offer you directions and routes only for the truck. In this app, you can even personalize your truck weight, height, and other information that helps you to avoid toll roads.

    It gives you the detail of the location of the way to take a stop; by this, you never do a continuous driving. All types of truck amenities will be provided, such as the information about the stops where you can give your truck for laundry, washes, or showers. Many weigh stations and rest places will provide you with all the information. Also, it has many truck services such as oil changes, truck washes, truck dealers, and lots of more.

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  4. TruckChat


    TruckChat is a different kind of app where the drivers do a private chat and can send pictures of the road to others. You can read messages near your current location that’s nearby certain miles. This app will let you connect with truckers and drivers where you can discuss the relevant issues with regard to parking ability when it’s time to stop the truck and other things based on their specific location.

    You can access the app for free without signing up or logging in to the app. All the features are very easy that makes it easy for you and other truck industry connections to connect smoothly. Moreover, it posts job offers if the truck industry trying to find and hiring new employees. If you have any issues or concerns, you can communicate with them, and they’ll resolve your problem. All the messages are secret, and no other third party can see your chats.

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  5. NavMeTo GPS Truck Navigation

    NavMeTo GPS Truck Navigation

    Navmeto is the easiest app that will navigate the GPS of trucks. This app assists you in how you can be safe on your road and that routes will adapt your vehicle. You can even join the truck driver community, which will share all events that occur on roads like obstacles, accidents and much more. It will enhance your efficiency, save your time and also reduce your extra cost.

    Try to play your multi-route stops where you get multiple stops to take a rest. Although if there’s any mishappening on some routes it will notify. If you are faced with the same situation you can report the same so that other drivers could get to know about the same. It doesn’t require any network you can navigate the various routes offline. Also gives you the suggestion of routes for your safety in real-time.

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  6. Trucker Path ELD Pro

    Trucker Path ELD Pro - Electronic Logbook

    Trucker path ELD Pro is charming trucker apps for android and iOS. It makes a useful electronic logbook that at all times traces the hours of service you give to the truck industry. The app is easy and excellent you can easily access it on your smartphone. With GPS tracking system, you can track the DVIR, fuel tracker, document delivery and post-DOT inspection report.

    It has many features such as alerting you for violations, roadside Inspection, vehicle diagnostics, and others. In this app you can even get option to plan for a trip, track the hours of service you provide, fleet management system and lots of more.

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  7. Truck Navigation

    Truck Navigation - Road Hunter

    Road hunter is the most eminent trucker app for drivers living and working in Canada and the USA. This app is free and built for truck drivers. It will provide you with the best-optimized GPS routes. This app also suggests you for weighing stations, truck stops, and areas where drivers can take a rest.

    One of the best features of this app provides an option to customise the app according to your preference. Along with these, it also has features to customise the height of the truck, alert to avoid toll roads, and narrate to you the direction of various routes through a voice that makes your route safe and you can’t see your phone over and over.

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  8. Trucker Tools

    Trucker Tools

    Trucker tools is an excellent app that’s very convenient for truck drivers. You can find the various locations that will save your time. Also, you can plan for routes that will provide you with the lowest fuel price and the various routes where you can stop to rest. The truck driver has downloaded this and used it mainly when they’re in the market or nearby. Here it has an icon load you must download to choose your brokers according to their price.

    It has an option book it now where you can accept the request of the broker you want to take it load or not. Also, review the broker’s commitment as it is going to be ready to pay you the same amount or not. You can see the load requirements again as before you load the book. There is no waiting time for you and never have an opportunity to cancel your load opportunities. In an appropriate manner, you can make your list of loads. It is completely up to you whether you want to pick a load or not.

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  9. TransParking

    Truck Parking - TransParking

    Transparking is an incredible app that will show you the various paths where you can park your truck easily. The app will show you the vacant spots so that you get the job of driving the trucks. It will permit you for the same so that you can report on a particular place for getting work.

    While using this app, you can even become a part of the community and assist other truckers. It will offer you information about the various amenities such as petrol stations, car parks, and nearby restaurants.

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  10. intruck

    intruck - Truckstop App

    Intruck is a beneficial app that will help you to find location-based sites. You can undergo a list as it has all the information about the location. With this information, you know where you can park the trucks. Also, give names to the location where you can go and provide your truck for laundry. Here you can book your parking before you come, they will allow you the space.

    You can pay bills using this app which has a feature of snap to pay specific bills. You can easily see the spaces for parking in real-time. This app will get services, location, contact details, and lots of more.

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