Best 10 VPN Apps For Android & iOS

If you use the internet for confidential work and are all the time searching for a secure source then you must remember of VPN. a virtual private network is made for people who access the internet and want to secure their device from hacking. When you use VPN to browse the internet Virtual Private Network(VPN) offers a secure way to people who browse internet through public wireless network.

Overall, VPN is the best way to secure data but setting one up is quite complicated. This is when the VPN app comes in the role. It automatically set up all the processes to access the internet through VPN.
In this article, I have listed top 1p VPN apps that are easy to use and free. So you can download any app to browse through any website which is out of your region.

Top 10 VPN Apps For Android And iOS

  1. NordVPN

    NordVPNThis app is available on both the devices, its features made it probably the most popular VPN app. this app allows the users to connect with more than 1000 different servers and you can use it across 57 countries. and the better part is it gives you a multi level encryption to secure your private data. to use this app you must pay subscription, monthly $12 and yearly $68. but you can take a free trial for 7 dats before paying subscription. what i like the most is, this app allows the users for 7 connection in a same account and offers 24/7 support.

    NordVPN is the most suitable option if you’re searching for complete security and privacy. in brief, is simple to use app together with basic features and fewer configuration options. if you install it on your desktop you’ll get a much user interface. anytime you connect wifi this app will automatically connected on your device. together with this you’ll get a 24/7 support with live chat feature.

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  2. Turbo VPN

    Turbo VPNYou can get rid of location-based restrictions which are imposed by some websites or countries and freely surf the web through TurboVPN. The smartest thing about this app is you can utilize it with just one tap, without conditions and even without registering.

    It’s easy to use interface made it the most excellent VPN alternative amongst other conventional VPN apps. In short, it’s a straightforward, effective and chic app. So, tap and you’re are ready to start using any website.

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  3. IPVanish VPN

    IPVanish VPNAnother popular VPN app for your device, it aims to provide a secure Internet environment to all the users. With this app you can protect instant messages, emails, online banking details, browsing history And Even Data Transfers. IPVanish Is Providing Worldwide Services And It Has Shared More Than 40,000 ip addresses in about 60 countries. Its military grade encryption, unlimited server switches, quality 24/7 support makes it a most preferable VPN app.

    Overall this app is a terrific option if you’re searching for great options, split tunneling or obfuscation then you can trust this app blindly. After some updates now it has a kill switch and other standard features.

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  4. Surf Shark

    Surf SharkIf you are searching for a cheap, effective VPN guide for your device then you should give a try to this app. Because of its market shattering pricing it has gained quite a lot of attention. But don’t compare its price with its features, surf shark never compromises on the quality of its features. I like its user interface for android apps in addition to desktop.

    Its easy design allows the users to easily use the different security features like, split tunneling, integrated malware blocker and the best kill switch.

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  5. PureVPN

    PureVPNYou can download this free app from both the app store in addition to the play store. I love this VPN app because of its no limitations on speed service, which allows the users to stay digitally invisible, protected and secure during the time of using the internet. PureVPN offers many exceptional services like multi port integration, strengthened encryption and even 24/7 live customer support. Powered by 750 servers together with 180 cities across the globe.

    And the smartest thing is, you can use this VPN service on 5 devices concurrently with only one account with its premium package.

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  6. ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPNThere are many reasons to like ExpressVPN, this VPN app is straightforward and user friendly. Along with this it offers lots of other features and advanced options. Its neat options include insecure network detection, excellent location tracker. To offer you improved security and privacy it offers a kill switch. The users reported consistently fast speed. You will get diverse quality apps for your devices, particularly for android.

    Its android apps offer high speed server access for across 94 countries. ExpressVPN provides compatible android apps so you can use them on tablets, phones, kindles and android smart TV. Additionally, this app is available in 12 languages.

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  7. OpenVPN

    OpenVPNNeed a secure protocol? Download OpenVPN now! with this app, you’ll get complete peace of mind. This app lets you access any geo-blocked websites together with offering you a secure connection. You can even use it as fake GPS apps to change your internet location.

    One weakness of this app is that you’re going to get slower speed while browsing through this app because of high encryption standards. You can access this app via any top VPN providers like express VPN or Nord VPN.

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  8. PandaVPN

    PandaVPNBrowse the internet at any time and anywhere without the fear of theft. You can visit any website anonymously because this VPN apps hides your IP address. A noticeable part of this app is you can connect with just one tap.

    You will get suggestions for the best servers as per your location. It is providing servers in large numbers to Europe, America and Asia and this number is increasing day by day.

    You can use pandaVPN pro by paying a small subscription. It is available for macOS and cell phone devices.

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    TunnelBearIf you see the interface of tunnelbear you’ll notice that it’s more than a game rather than an app for VPN. However, I have listed this app because of its feature rich design. In the free version you can use 500MB for a month. Simple interface with a playful design is the distinctive feature of this app. There are options that let you switch your encrypted data to appear as your regular internet. Also you can choose any app to use through this VPN service app. TUNNELBEAR is available for Android and iOS. Unlimited data plans are available from Rs 110 per month

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    PROTONVPNWith the use of secure core connection this VPN apps gives you more safety as compared to other VPN service providers. Swiss, a well known company has built ProtonVPN, with the aim to provide a safe and secure connection to the users. The free version of this app has no limits on the information usage, however, on one device you can use this app. Proton promises to provide you with a fully secure VPN service without any compromise, after signing up you’ll get a free trial for seven days to experience ProtonVPN plus. For more details, you can check their website. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can use it on only one device at a time.

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