Best 10 Zombie Game Apps For Android And iOS

Zombie game apps for android and iOS are vicious types of games where you must fight for your survival as zombies are at all times around you. As there you can lead the people and you must provide them a shelter and food. You must make the strategies and organize powerful weapons so that it works in your future fights with zombies.

As personally, I used most of the apps and that I found them interesting and daring. I can access its features and can customise the game according to my choice.

Although you can even use any of the apps. Just download any of the apps on your device. You can play the game as an individual or as in multiplayer mode. Make a team or allies which help you to fight with rivals. Your main goal is to survive your citizens so you must explore the world where your people can stay, state and then you must think of the strategies to win the war.

Best 10 Zombie Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. State of Survival

    State of Survival: The Joker

    State of survival is the best zombie game apps where the joker has to join the states and each day new people come and join the state. It is a multiplayer game app where you can play with multiple users and unbolt the joker.

    You must make your own stories. There is no military so you must make the strategies for survival. As you must prepare your team as strong personalities so that you all can fight with the zombies.

    If there’s an infection around you because of zombies then you must search it and make the techniques to finish it. Although you can increase the number of individuals and make allies so that it would be easy for you to do fight with the zombies.

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  2. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

    The Walking Dead No Man's Land

    The walking dead is the updated zombie game app as here you get new types of heroes and other zombies. Although here everything is new and has a different style to play. Here is an Angies who require some help from you and you must help him. While playing this game you can even check hidden camera detector apps to check hidden cameras near you. You can even watch numerous newest sessions that are so interested and you can able to relate them to your game.

    Although you must be at all times alert and robust so that you can survive here. Make an enormous team so that you can survive and can kill the zombies. By this, you’ll achieve success to secure your state from the zombies. There are many modes of a game you can choose any of the ones of your interest and begin playing.

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  3. Last Day on Earth

    Last Day on Earth: Survival

    Last day one earth is among the adventurous apps as you must fight for your survival, looking for the place where you can stay. You get many dangerous levels where you have a threat to your life. But still, you must cross the levels to make you survive in the game. First search the place to stay, make your walls strong, then customise the weapon that will be used in a fight.

    You can even reach out for dogs that will help you to smell zombies and make your path easy. As in the levels when you get blueprints you must keep with yourself so that through the map you get to know about many locations which you don’t know at that time. Although you must be ready with your weapons so that you can able make yourself secure and can fight with anyone at any moment.

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  4. Into the Dead 2

    Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

    Into the dead 2 is a dangerous zombie game as here you must safeguard your family from difficult paths and situations. It includes several episodes, stories and then you get many challenges which you must complete and go to further levels. You get numerous weapons that will help you to save from the zombies. Along with these, it could even be used as paranormal apps to check paranormal activities near you.

    A weapon will be given to you when you’ll give the upgrade to a certain level. There are other different environments which you can see such as oil fields, military. It has many events stories where you can enhance your skills and can win rewards as well. Although it doesn’t require any internet connection you can play it offline.

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  5. War of Survivors

    War of Survivors

    War of survivors is among the venturesome apps where you can able to play with multiple people at the same time. As you must find and then kill your rivals, you must trap the territory and then enlarge the land by using your power. You can able to explore the world on the 3d map which looks cute and you can see everything.

    All your commands will be at all times in an active mode and you must make strategies in a manner so that you can kill your enemies. Although you can challenge other people around the globe. Make your weapons and team at all times ready and excellent so that anytime zombie attacks you were ready for the same.

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  6. Horror Clown

    Horror Clown-Scary Escape Game

    Horror clown is another scary game app as here you must play the role of the bill and here the clown is come back to take his revenge. As he kidnapped your friends and you must find your friends. He is a kind of dangerous creature and it has some magical powers where it can harm you and your friends. You can even use it as ghost hunting apps to check paranormal activities near you.

    It can even change its shape into another creature or nonliving thing. Although after a long time he wakes and looks for the food to eat. As it cannot eat the person directly when the victim is in fear at that he attacks them. He particularly looks out for the kids. However, he can easily reach the kids by doing manipulating or convincing things with the kids.

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  7. Live or Die Survival

    Live or Die Survival

    Live-or-die survival is another zombie game here you meet with new enemies in another dangerous fight. As here if you want to survive you’ll have to explore the world. You get many weapons and accessories so that you can make yourself at all times safe. The world is open for you, you can discover anywhere you want to go.

    As you must construct your house or building where you can stay. Although all graphics are in HD quality. You would must find the issue of what happening and make the strategy that how you can save survivors and make the save shelter for them.

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  8. Last Fortress

    Last Fortress: Underground

    Last fortress is the minacious zombie game apps where the zombies are so wild and want to kill the rest of the survivors. As you’re the commander and you must save the people from the zombies. You have fewer options of places to stay so what you get, you must live as a refugee there. As you must make the condition better for the survivors and supply the required amenities to live. Although you can personalize the shelter by your own choice.

    As in the tough time you need skills that would help and take care of your people in such a situation. Such as doctors, engineers, army person is important for your survival to live so you’ll have to make your decision according to them. Make teams by adding different skills to people who will help you to fight zombies attack and you can make survival long for the people. When you go outside you can customise shelter there. Although you must be ready with your resources as zombies can attack at any time.

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  9. Doomsday

    Doomsday: Last Survivors

    Doomsday is a kind of action play game that you can play in multiplayer mode and you can make different strategies in real-time. There are many zombies around you and you must fight for your survival. In this game, you can lead the people who belong to your community, so you must make a safe shelter for your citizens and make strategies to defeat the zombies.

    You must provide resources to your survivors, fulfill their necessities and develop the skills to the individual that helps you when you’re in the mode of fighting with zombies. Although you must choose the heroes that would govern your troop and can easily get into the fight with zombies for the city’s survival.

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  10. The last Island of Survival

    Last Island of Survival

    The last island of survival is a full package of action and strategic zombie game apps. As you possess to fight for your survival and must save yourself from the zombies. As you must face any problem while making yourself safe. You must collect essential resources such as food, weapons, water, and plenty of more.

    Although you can play as individuals or could play with your team. You can rule the island together and make friends or enemies of your own choice. While using this app you even have to check the night vision app to play games in night mode. First, you own to find the place where you and your friends could have the ability to stay. It has an opportunity that enemies reach you and attack you. So you must be ready at all times for the fight.

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