Best 11 Kayaking Apps For Android And iOS

Kayaking apps are wonderful for locating launch sites and other river routes for paddling nationwide. You may search amongst the virtually 25000 locations saved in the app to find the perfect place to launch your kayak. It’s so easy to put everything up that you don’t even need to look for more information or maps of any type.

The apps that provide information on everything from the weather to checking to paddle a map are wonderful. With its cutting-edge technology, using all the apps is straightforward for you.

While using the kayak app, you may simply monitor your weight, build up your upper body strength, and acquire toned legs, amongst other advantages. Additionally, it will improve your mood, ability to focus on a wide range of tasks, and your cardiac health, amongst many other things. You can, nonetheless, look into the programs that, in our opinion, offer advantages.

Top 11 Kayaking Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Tides Near Me

    Tides Near MeBesides the water, for your safety and better experience, you have a wonderful knowledge of the tide. So here, tides near me is the best app for the water journey. This app helps you focus on the tidal conditions and tide stations near your location. Here you get all the information about the last and next tide and currents. You can prepare for the kayaking journey by learning about its conditions and forecast tides. It also has automated data where you get the information about the radar and lunar data. Although it doesn’t require ongoing payments to give up-to-date information about the over 5500 tidal stations.

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  2. Open Canal Map

    Open Canal Map

    Open canal map is another excellent kayaking apps that’s free for the UK. It provides river maps for both android and ios users. The app is usually made by the users, where you get all the updates every now and then. You can quickly check the rivers’ history and offer you an update on the canal conditions.

    It also forecasts the conditions if you plan for the next head out for water. Using this app, you can check and detect the water point and bridges and identify open times. This app not helps you with a kayak but also assists you with other water sports.

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  3. Met Office Weather Forecast

    Met Office Weather Forecast

    Met Office weather forecast is an awesome app that will give all the updates and knowledge about the weather. You can look at the forecast of the weather of your favourite locations daily. It has a rainfall map and another text forecast for over 24 hrs.

    It will alert and warn you if there are chances of changing weather in real-time. You must be updated on the weather condition no matter whether your kayak is prepared or the river is appropriately open, you must monitor the weather condition. This is all for your safety purpose, which you must follow.

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  4. CrewNerd


    Crewnerd is among the best kayaking apps as it makes your device into a perfect training tool that includes any sculling shell, standup paddleboard, kayak or dragon boat. It calculates the stroke rate, bounce, and stern check that you’re producing.

    You can easily calculate the distance, speed, and pace through GPS. It records all data in the backup, which you can see later in a map or graph form. You can customise your workouts, courses, heart rate, live tracking, and lots of more.

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  5. Kayak Angler+ Magazine

    Kayak Angler+ Magazine

    Kayak angler is a wonderful app that mainly delivers the best kayak fishing stories, photography, and digital extras, including photo galleries, videos, and other digital enhancements. You can download the app for free and quickly sign up if you want its premium subscription.

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  6. RiverApp

    RiverApp - River flows

    RiverApp is among the valuable apps where you can check the conditions of rivers. This application is optimal for water sports enthusiasts, fishermen, kayakers, and anything related to river activities.

    In its premium, you can get several historical data that’s up to several years ago. You can see the view of the map of runnable kayaking routes and gauges. It will show you the navigation of kayaking routes whether it has low water, medium water, or high water. Using this app, you can quickly check the temperature of rivers and lakes.

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  7. Row Row

    Row Row

    Row Row is the utmost excellent app as here you can become a master paddler and can beat everybody, and you can see the score on the scoreboards of each level. The control of the app is very intuitive. You can add your new friends and play games together. It has 20 challenges which you have won, it includes quirks as well.

    Also, it includes many themes of stunning jungle, volcanic, and winter. There are kayaks, floaters, and canoes you can choose any from them. Moreover, you can compete on global leaderboards. It has many other replays for various tricks and tips.

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  8. Go Paddling

    Go Paddling

    Go paddling is the bewildering app that is especially loaded with over 25000 paddling locations for canoes, paddleboards, and kayaks. By accessing this app, you get a way to explore paddles nearby you. Now it’s time to go kayaking, stand-up paddling, and canoeing. Using this app, you can easily explore the map to get the closest places for paddling.

    You get all the details of the launch point as it posts by the fellow paddlers. Moreover, you can give your comments, view, and other recommendations. This is a perfectly free app, so you get all the features for free that you want.

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  9. GoPaddler


    If you’re a paddler, you must know the importance of having an applicable app that will help you trace your progress. So this GoPaddler is best for everybody who wants enhancement in the water exercises. You get instant feedback for your performance, such as easily tracking your heart rate, speed, distance, duration, pace, and lots of more.

    You can easily download the app for free and mount it on your boat, just you must calibrate using your smartphone. While using this app, you can easily track your all sessions, it will help you on the road so that you can achieve your goals and enhance your performance.

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  10. Paddle Paddle

    Paddle Paddle

    Paddle Paddle is an impressive kayaking apps that gives you different enjoyable kayaking games, and you have great fun. Here you must paddle your kayak through crazy rivers, and then you must tap and crash. You can turn your device into kayaking challenges. You must keep your eyes on the river and make it before it crashes.

    Download the app for free, and the game is all about speed and reflexes. Just you must keep going fast and try not to hit the sides. By completing the challenges, you can unbolt the various medals. All the controls are so intuitive and fun that give the perfect pick and play the game. Moreover, you can test eyes to maintain your speed and become a top paddler.

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  11. SmartRow


    SmartRow is a bewildering app as will transform your water rower into a lab-grade ergometer. It doesn’t show distance, work-per-stroke, calories, or distance. Mainly it will show the force curve, heart rate graph, and much more. It will trace your all workouts, activities, and fitness metrics such as water per kilogram and water per beat. However, this app is useful for you once you hire a coach for your training.

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