Best 12 Auto Clicker Apps For Android And iOS

Auto clicker is a kind of software that automates your work by tapping repeatedly on a particular point. You can easily use it to play games, clear levels, and others. Auto clicker apps for Android and iOS are useful apps. It is the auto-clicking falling apps that execute the recorded tap string and it will directly display on your screen.

These apps are accurate and fast, and it’s similar to tapping. Apps have a floating panel so that you can control the start/stop option if you require to do so. Moreover, you can use it for mobile games that need repetitive tapping or call for aggressive.

Furthermore, you may use the program for gaming in addition to system maintenance, and it doesn’t require root access. You have unrestricted access to the software, which has a flawless and user-friendly layout.

Best 12 Auto Clicker Apps For Android And iOS

  1. CP Clicker

    CP Clicker

    CP clicker is among the best auto clicker apps where you can use online resources such as multimedia, websites, photos, and lots of more with one touch. It is simple to use for both android and iOS users. As you can read articles, read newspapers, or if you want to buy something you can use this app for the same.

    Within a fraction of seconds, you see the links which will offer you all the information you are looking for. Also, skip the part which you don’t need and can search the direction which you are attempting to find. Although it’s not easy as it contains quite a lot of links that provide you with different information.

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  2. Auto Clicker – Automatic tap

    Auto Clicker - Automatic tap

    Auto clicker is a superb app that assists you to tap the links that are repeated at any location. The interface is straightforward and user-friendly so anyone accesses it easily. As it will support numerous clicks, swipe anything multiple times. It also has a global time so that a certain quantity of time will run at that time. Moreover, you can import or export different scripts automatically. Although this app is perfectly free and you can access it easily.

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  3. Auto Clicker

    Auto Clicker

    Auto clicker is among the incredible apps where you swipe or automatically click anywhere on the whole screen and you can customise the durations. As it doesn’t require any root access. This app will save you’s time, furthermore install the app free on your device. Well, it supports multiple swipes, single and multiple clicks. Also, save your configs if you want to save them. The system will automatically provide you with a warning by asking permission whether you want to access the app or not.

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  4. Auto Clicker – Super Fast Clicker

    Auto Clicker - Super Fast Clicker

    This app is perfectly designed in this way that it does all the work quickly and is incredible. As automatically it will click to maintain the time duration. You can even play any of the games you want to play without clicking on any button. There is no time limit to click the tap on the screen.

    The app contains an option so that users can easily set the perfect time duration through the button on the screen. You didn’t need to pay any amount for accessing the app. At any time you can pause anytime you want, set the duration. The app is so easy you’ll access it smoothly and can make the best use of it.

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  5. Click Assistant

    Click Assistant - Auto Clicker: Gesture Recorder

    Click assistant is an all-in-one app that consists of curve swipes, pinch gestures, and clicks. This app mainly helps in your repetitive work so that it’s going to save your time and you get enough time to do something else. It has a floating control panel, that helps you to add any click point to your screen. It’s pretty simple to use where you can even record your different gestures.

    If you want to zoom your gestures with two fingers, you can do it or it has innovative curve swipes as well. Moreover, you can easily customise the size and even opacity of the interface. As well as setting the parameter of the clicks such as touch duration, number of parameters, and lots of more. It doesn’t access any root and you can set the countdown timer.

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  6. Auto Clicker – Click Assistant

    Auto Clicker - Click Assistant

    Auto clicker-click assistant is among the useful auto clicker apps and that app is used by millions of users and is added every day. This app is designed for playing games and the other requirements of repetitive clickers to get more details. When you are attempting to find playing games then you can have a view of the clicker toolbox.

    As you can connect the click assistant panel to your mobile screen and the clicked point. It will access your all click automatically whether it’s single clicks, long clicks, or double-clicks. The speed clicker is quite impressive and very easy to access. Also if you don’t understand how to access the app then you can see the demo to access the app easily. If you want to save the one-click tapper configuration then you can use it on your smartphone.

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  7. EZ Auto Click

    EZ Auto Click

    EZ auto click is a superb app that anyone can use freely and simply. It will let you record the various events and can replay them anytime you want. You can even use this app for the auto game as well.

    This app is used for accessibility service so that it’s going to perform the click operation. Although it’s compulsory for taking permission for all auto clicks. Just download the app from the shop and all features are very easy that you can access it easily.

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  8. Game master

    Game master - Auto Clicker

    The game master is the greatest auto clicker apps and it doesn’t require any root to access this app. Place it in any position to swipe or click at any time. It will also help you to record any gestures quickly. You can simply check your setting time to click so that it’s going to match your set conditions.

    Moreover, set it freely or can press for a long or short time you can do it. Many touchpoints are there that will display on the screen otherwise you can hide them. It’s very easy to start and load and you can even easily set the loop mode anytime according to your preference. As you have the option to choose vertical or horizontal toolbars, and hide the undesirable features.

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  9. QuickTouch

    QuickTouch - Automatic Clicker

    Quick touch is a straightforward app to swipe or click to any location as it’s in your target on the screen and you can choose any interval you want to choose. Also, it doesn’t require any root and you can do your work on full screen.

    If in case you want to continue with your game you must tap on the button over and over again, also you can tap anywhere, where it requires. This app is for free so access it freely and all its features are easy to use. Although you can remove adverts if you don’t want to see them, this app will provide you with the feature at a modest price its have.

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  10. Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy & QuickTouch

    Auto Clicker - Automatic Tapper, Easy & QuickTouch

    It is an incredible app especially designed for gamers who like to play games. They can easily access the app by using all its modern features. The interface is user-friendly and you can record any gestures if you want to. Try to create curve movements and swipes in a two-finger zoom.

    Also can set the parameters of your choice of the clicks individually such as touch duration, delay, and repetitions. Once you save it you’ll easily load the script using this application. Although any user can countdown the clock for this app. Moreover, translate the language into a different language and share this app with your family and friends.

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  11. Auto Clicker Lite

    Auto Clicker Lite

    Auto clicker is the quickest, simplest, and is a really tiny app that will allow saving the storage of your device. It also has many elements such as multiple clicks, single click, multiple swipes, and auto clicker. The interface is the best in the app and makes use of its design which is so materialistic. Also, save your configs for one more time you want to use them.

    You at all times must manage the feature of automatic tap into three different modes -limit time, run to infinity, and several cycles. It has an option to show or view the items that are in the app. You can easily auto swipe according to its order number or disable, and enable the auto click. This app supports multiple languages, auto-scroll, and also plays any of the games on your device. It will also offer you the drag and drop options of the menus.

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  12. Tap screen

    Tap screen - tapping auto clicker

    Tap screen is among the useful auto clicker apps for both android and iOS users. It will permit you to record clicks, any type of gesture, and even other actions as well. There is an infinite number of combinations that can create it. Also, it will let you choose the frequency and clicks duration. You must have configured the custom interface.

    Also, it can automate the clicks so that if there’s any requirement it can independently work at night. The app is simple to access and doesn’t require any root access. Without any charges, you can install and continue all the functions. The system is simple to use, user-friendly interface, and perform all the function perfectly.

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