Best 12 Blood Pressure Apps For Android & iOS

In this golden era of technology we have apps for our daily routine. There are apps that help you to keep tabs on health by tracking blood pressure, heart rate, fitness in addition to endurance. These small things will reveal plenty of important details about your health. You can then understand about lifestyle adjustments, efficacy of medicines and other necessary healthcare. If you want to measure your blood pressure at your home then you can use blood pressure apps for your smartphone.

In today’s world it is important to maintain a heart healthy lifestyle, With or without any heart condition. If you ever consider your health management then your must must change your current lifestyle. Sometime our current lifestyle may be responsible of our health condition. Blood pressure is also one from them so to maintain blood pressure you must must maintain weight, stress level and others.

Also when you have a complete metrics about your health you can evenly talk to your health care team in a more accurate and productive way.

So have a look on top 12 Blood Pressure Apps for Android & iOS.

Best 12 Blood Pressure Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Calm

    CalmIf you want some mindfulness and meditation without going anywhere then download the calm app. This app is made to provide a reduction in stress, anxiety and sleep problems. This meditation app has guided meditation programs. People who have never tried meditation before or those who are at the intermediate level can trust this app.

    By using this app you can manage your stress levels. You can avoid the chancesṣ of repeated short term blood pressure with this app. Calm offers a number of duration for meditations so that you can choose as per your schedule.

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  2. Blood Pressure Companion

    Blood Pressure CompanionTrack your heart rate, blood pressure and weight with this blood pressure companion app. Also, you can visually monitor your BP with this app, it has a chart, log and histogram.

    Blood pressure companion app offers a simple tracking of diastolic in addition to systolic blood pressure through a chart. You won’t ever miss your blood pressure test with the reminder available in this bill reminder app.

    After checking your blood pressure, you can quickly determine how to handle it, if the readings are abnormal. You can use this app to share your readings with your doctor.

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  3. Pacer

    PacerTake your fitness coach with you all day. Pacer offers you a step tracker in addition to a pedometer, it feels like a walking buddy everywhere. You can achieve your fitness goals with its personalised service fitness programme.

    One of the best ways to lower your blood pressure is physical activity. And this health coach app helps you to follow regular exercise like walking for 30 min.

    You can count your step with this app, it can track your step all day, whether your mobile is in your purse, pocket or your hand. It can record activity duration, distance tracked and calorie you have burned.

    Along with this, it keeps you motivated by connecting you with your members of the family through a walking group.

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  4. My Diet Coach

    My Diet CoachDo you want some fun while losing weight? My diet coach, you can find the two avoid food craving, stay motivated, and how to create some small changes in your daily lifestyle.

    One of the major reason for developing high blood pressure is being overweight. The more your weight increases the higher blood pressure you face. So if you’re having high blood pressure and you are overweight then decreasing your weight is the best way to avoid it.

    Track your progress daily with my diet coach app by just setting your weight loss goals. It offers you a pictorial weight loss app which lets you see your weight decreasing visually. The perfect thing about this app is it gives you rewards when you get success in your weight loss.

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  5. Sleep Cycle

    Sleep CycleGet your smart clock in your phone with the sleep cycle app. It will wake you up even in your lightest phases of sleep with its smart analyzes. You will feel relaxed and rested when you wake up in your lightest sleep phase.

    You may know that it is recommended for adults to have a sleep for 7 to 9 hours per day. And if they don’t, they’ve to face a rise in blood pressure.

    Sleep cycle lets you sleep for 7 hours without any disruptions and wakes you up after completing your deepest phase of sleep.

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  6. Instant Heart Rate

    Instant Heart RateTurn your mobile camera lens into your heart rate monitor with an instant heart rate app. It lets you get your readings in just 10 seconds on your screen. Many researchers in addition to cardiologists recommend this app because of its accurate results.

    Know your heart rate with just an easy test or create your pulse waveform graph on this fitness app. There is a standUp test that enables you to measure your fitness and fatigue. More than this, you can record your heart beats per minute. Note space in this app lets you track the activity you were doing during the test.

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  7. PulsePoint Respond

    PulsePoint RespondCardiac problems can arise at any time, so you should be prepared at all times. Get fast help at anywhere with this pulse point response app. It connects you with the members of the CPR trained community to help you in cardiac emergencies. This app notifies people surrounding you by using your GPS so that others will quickly help you and use their life-saving skills before the EMS arrive. If you want to change your GPS then you can use fake GPS apps on your smartphone.

    It guides the responders together with providing directions to your nearest automated external defibrillator. Also to CPR needed notification, this app gives you alerts of events and emergencies nearby. So overall this app keeps you and your family safe.

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  8. Blood Pressure Monitor

    Blood Pressure MonitorThere is no doubt that the blood pressure cuff is a fun way to track blood pressure. But these days everyone seems to be searching for convenience. And having a blood pressure device on your phone is the best example of it.

    This app lets you record and tracks your vital signs also with other basic details like your medicines. So that you can create a complete visualisation of trends.

    What makes it a perfect fun app is it easily lets you sync your data across all of your devices together with exporting to e-mail. So that you’re loved once and the healthcare provider keeps in touch with your health.

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  9. Withings Health Mate

    Withings Health MateYou can use this app For all of your basic blood pressure tracking needs. Withings’ is not only compatible with android and iOS but also it offers compatibility with numerous health tracking tools.

    If you want more than simply a blood pressure tracker then you can take your hands on Withings smart pressure devices for monitoring. which offers you full advantage of this app.

    What’s more? Here you can easily share your health data with your doctor that includes blood pressure, ECG record and more. Recently they’ve added a new scanWatch feature for sleep tracking. And a new setting for your weight graph.

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  10. Omron Connect

    Omron ConnectYou can use the Omron connect app as another to Withings health app.

    It may be good or bad in some particular activities, in brief, it’s all about your needs and your personal preference.

    However, to use Omron connect you require a compatible device of Omron to work efficiently. If you don’t have one, you can’t even start the main menu.

    So if you’re using a blood pressure device which isn’t compatible for supporting smart alternatives then this app is not worthy for you.

    At the same time, if you can spend money on the latest health tracking devices then Omron connect is the best choice for you.

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  11. Qardio

    QardioOne tool for BP tracking and activity tracking, qardio is a blood pressure app which gives you both features.

    This app is the best for you if you use it with other devices of Qardio health monitoring. It lets you automatically monitor your blood pressure and weight by yourself.

    Another key feature is this app enables the user to manually add the information about everything, except your activity and steps because they will be recorded through a wearable or google fit automatically.

    Beyond offering manual measurement, it also offers a small table that gives the information of various blood pressure levels. Qardio can be used in iOS and android together with your apple health and google fit as well.

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  12. Blood Pressure Diary

    Blood Pressure DiaryGet your blood pressure diary on your phone. The above-mentioned apps are great for tracking your blood pressure. But if you’re using a conventional device for blood pressure tracking, and you need an app to keep a track of your record then this easy diary app is a perfect choice for you.

    In the blood pressure diary app, you can manually record diastolic pressure, systolic pressure, pulse, tags, date and other important notes.

    In short, it is easy to use the app, offers you a diary to note your blood pressure-related information.

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