Best 12 Forehead Game Apps For Android And iOS

Are you planning a small get together with your friend? otherwise you are becoming bored in your house by watching the news and shows with your family? Well, this pandemic made our life so boring. However, you can have fun with your family with such great games. Forehead games are the best choice to play with your family and friends. These games are interesting, fun and make everybody laugh. In this post, I have listed the top 12 best forehead game apps to play with your family or with your friends and make your boring time fun and memorable.

Forehead games are most popular and fun way to spend your time with your family and friends. In this games you must guess the word, character, or event that you don’t see. On the basis of few hints you must guess them. In old days this game was very popular where you must put a paper on your forehead with word, character or event on it. Other players in your team put some hints to you and you must guess it. Now it removes the paper and you can easily play it on your android or iOS device.

Best 12 Forehead Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Pictoword

    PictowordPictoword is probably the most famous party games across 30 countries. If you’re a person who not only looks for fun and dynamic gameplay but also brain boosting then pictoword can be your ideal choice. Any age group can enjoy this game, with this brain game app you can test your mental skills by making a word by combining 2 different words.

    The better part about pictoword is there are both online and offline modes available. So that you can end your party without getting over with the game.

    More than this, it’s an awesome forehead game apps if you want to play it with your kids. It has a straightforward user interface so that anyone can understand the game without any hassle.

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  2. Guess the emoji

    Guess The EmojiAn incredible emoji game with wonderful puzzles and quiz. This incredible guessing game offers you entertainment for hours. By guess the emoji game you can test your GK, reasoning skills and logic by solving easy emoji puzzles. You can even use emoji apps to get unique emojis on your smartphone for free.

    It has a straightforward interface and much of puzzles with hints. Such as expose A letter, removing the letters or solving it. So if you find any difficulty out there you can easily choose the hint option and move to the next level.

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  3. Guess!

    Guess!Guess! is an awesome party game app developed by Teazel for both android and iOS user. It is free and straightforward to use app where you’ll have to guess as many words and phrase as you can in give time period. Here in this app you’ll get unlimited words and phrases to guess. This option help you to improve your vocabulary.

    One of the most fun and interesting mode is heads up mode available in this word game apps. In this mode you must put your phone on your head and it will provide some random word with hints. You must guess it in given time period. It can even be played with your family and friends through zoom and team.

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  4. Heads Up!

    Heads UpIs there any night gamer? If you are one of them who love to play at night time then heads up must be your first preference. This game is a combination of great graphics and unique features

    Along with that, the famous Ellen DeGeneres has played this game once in his show. So who doesn’t want to try this no wifi game? Your group members provide you with hints and clues and you must guess the correct word.

    What I like the most is there are 18 different categories in this game. You can select from celebrities, accents, animals, movies and plenty of more. Even you can record your gaming videos to share with others.

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  5. GuessUp

    GuessUpAn incredible game to spend some fun time with family. Guess up is a game that can be played by the entire family. So now you can make some memorable moments with your family. You can even play this charades family game app at your family meets and on vacations.

    What I like the most about this app is it has a good collection of languages. Guess up helps you to learn new words while having fun.

    With this game, you can connect with your friends that are far from you and you can play with them. There is a team mode in this game so that you can play with multiple players.

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  6. Adult Charades Free

    Adult CharadesAs its name suggests, this game is made for adults particularly. There is a charades game that’s solely designed for adults. So be sure that you are playing this game with your friends only. And stay this adult game app away from your parents.

    Adult charades include numerous categories and guessing words that are hilarious and used with friends only. That is a bit embarrassing while guessing.

    However, your friends will help you by providing you with hints. The more words you guess you’ll win from other players.

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  7. Wordi‪e‬

    WordieAnother popular word guessing game that can be played at group parties and get-togethers. There are two ways to play this game either guessing words or making spelling by using letters.

    Level up by and collect new characters or else you can beat your companions in numerous championships. The better part apensar includes 3000 levels which is an unlimited collection.

    Along with that, you can share your accomplishment with your friends by connecting your Facebook account with this game. So download this girl game app for free and become a part of this award-winning best forehead game apps.

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  8. Charades!

    CharadesFantastic game with lots of entertaining features. Charades! The game lets you play with your friends all day long without becoming bored.

    You can easily play this game, just select your favorite category from science, tv shows, the animal kingdom, movie characters, landmarks and plenty of more. After selecting it, now you must place your device on your forehead. Now your friend will act or sing the word and help you to guess it correctly.

    You need to guess as many words as possible before time goes out. One thing that I don’t like about this app is you must face many advertisements that interrupt your game.

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  9. What Am I

    What am IAnother best forehead game that’s available for android devices. What am I? Is developed by well-known 2minds dev. This game is actually fun and allows users to play it offline. You can play charades with your family by guessing names.

    Moreover, this strategy game comes with multi-activity features. So that you don’t need to worry about the entertainment for hours.

    If you are attempting to find an awesome game for your parties then this one is ideal. It offers activities like drawing, singing and dancing. Plus there’s a good collection of decks available.

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  10. Evil apples

    Evil applesAnother easy app for your parties and get together. Evil apples come with a card game, where you need to complete a phrase with a card. With an unlimited collection of 3500 cards, this game offers you fun for long hours.

    Each card gives you a funny phrase, all of your friends will have a good time. To win this game you must score a minimum of 7 points. This party game apps is online and an awesome fun version of many games.

    You can play with your nearby friends with an inbuilt GPS feature. You can even contact strangers through this game. With custom text, you can even create wildcards.

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  11. Evil minds

    Evil MindsEvil minds are evil apples, both games are developed by the same company. This fun game allows you and your friends to guess a secret word. But it is going to be an evil word that makes this game hilarious. Your friends will act or yell to provide you with clues and guess the right word.

    With a single phone, many people can play this logic game app. As many of the previous games have a single mode but evil minds offer you two unique modes, word guesser mode and the other one is clue giver mode. There are 2000 plus evil words to play even if you want to.

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  12. What am I?

    What am IWhat am I? is a most interesting and popular CharadesApp available for both android and iOS users. It is developed by artGS which lets you play unlimited charades with family and friends. It is a tremendous forehead game apps with more than 100 of unique decks available to play game. Along with these it also lets you create your own deck and play head up as you wish.

    It comes with great anime game app option where you’ll get option to play forehead games in animation mode. One of the best and unique feature of this app is to provide option to choose different these and charades to create your own charade. While using this app on your smartphone you’ll get chance to be a singer, animal, cartoon, game character and dozen of other things for fun.

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