Best 12 Google Alternatives For Android And iOS

We all know Google is probably the most popular search engines for internet users. It is available for desktop in addition to mobile devices. You can simply use it on your device and begin looking for anything from the web. Sometimes google is not working on our device at that time we go for google alternatives.

There are an amazing number of apps available lie Google that help you to start searching the web. Here in this article, we are listing the top 12 google alternative apps for android and iOS users. You can simply pick any of them and begin looking for anything from the web.

It is well known that Google provides a personalised search experience and tracks all of our search history and private data. Sometimes it could be annoying when we see too much annoying content and advertisements on our smartphones. In this situation, you must need a perfect google alternative app that provides a secret search option.

Google is not a secret search engine so if we are using this on our device it means we are sharing our information indirectly with advertisers. According to our search history, advertisers will show advertisements to us.

Best 12 Google Alternatives For Android And iOS

  1. Microsoft Bing

    Microsoft BingMicrosoft Bing is probably the greatest and popular search engine apps for android and iOS. It is a private, fast, and unbiased google alternatives developed by Microsoft Corporation. It helps you to find trusted search results fast, tracks topics and trending stories on your smartphone. This app provides an option to search with your voice, camera, and pictures from the web. While using this app on your smartphone you’ll also get the weather forecast, sports, video, images, and others for free. One of the unique features of this app is to provide a translator option where you’re going to get quick translations in additional than 70 languages.

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  2. DuckDuckGo

    DuckDuckGoHere is another great google alternative app named as DuckDuckGo. It is a popular privacy browser app that helps you to start private browsing on your smartphone. It comes with unique features as tracker blocking, smarter encryption, private search, and more. You will also get an option to fire and burn data to clear all your browsing histories. This app has a built-in private browsing option so you could search the internet without being tracked. One of the best features of this app is to use force htpps that protect your data from prying eyes from undesirable snoopers.

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  3. Yandex

    YandexYandex is a fast and secure browser for android and iOS users. It comes with a voice search feature so that you can easily search for anything with voice commands. It comes with a distinctive security system that protects your personal data when using public Wi-Fi networks. One of the best features of this app is to provide recommended content to get the latest news, videos, stories, and others on your smartphone. Like, google it also has incognito mode so you could surf the web in private without tracking browsing history. It has a distinctive feature to change the look of new tabs according to your mood and interest.

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  4. Yahoo OneSearch

    Yahoo OneSearchYahoo OneSearch is a free google alternative app where you’re going to get a safe search option on your smartphone. Using this app you’re going to get the option to safe search without storing your search history and encrypted search feature for extra security. All of your search data will be encrypted so that nobody can track your history. One of the best features of this app is to provide an option for a safe search that helps you to avoid adult content and NSFW web pages. It all the time provides real results for personal people and never filter or optimize the search results based on user IP or profile.

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  5. Ecosia

    EcosiaEcosia is a browsing app that will help to get fast and secure information according to your searches. it will enable a private browsing experience and enhance the browsing experience with the availability of bookmarks, tabs, downloads, and history.

    It works on a different and straightforward idea to help the mother earth by increasing the plantation from the searches on the Ecosia browser. The money they make from the search is used for planting trees. They had enabled an ad-blocking feature in the app which could be switched on by going to the settings.

    The apps secure the users’ information and don’t use their personal information for any purpose nor sell those for advertisement rather their 1 search is counted as an initiative to plant a tree. The searches done by users will be secured and will all the time be SSL- encrypted.

    This app is available for Android and IOS users:

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  6. Swisscows

    SwisscowsSwiss cow is a secure app that may help users to get relevant information. This search engine doesn’t store the information of the users and makes it a entirely safe engine that works smoothly without any interruption. It has a data secure engine which will allow protection while doing web searches. It doesn’t create a personal profile of the users rather anonymizes all of them. This google alternative app doesn’t save your personal information or IP address so you could search the web with a free mind.

    Malware can’t enter this app as it has its own server, without the influence or collaboration of third parties. With privacy and security, they’ve innovations by which you’ll experience the fast and best service without any error.

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  7. Brave Private Browser

    Brave Private BrowserBrave private browser is a free internet browser app that will help you to have fast and safe searches without the interruption of pop-up blockers and the adblocker.

    They give a safe and fastest browsing experience with the availability of secure privacy in search engines. You can even use it as private browser apps to search data online privately.

    They avail the features such as private browsing for personal incognito which suggests all of your searches wouldn’t be saved in the browsing history. With this feature, you’ll have an amazing browsing experience without any pop-up blocker or cookies. The browsing and web search in this app would help to save your battery and data. Their server is high and you’re going to get fast results. It has a complete security check-up because of HTTPS coding, availability of private bookmarks, and a private incognito tab.

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  8. Qwant

    QwantThis app will help you to have the safest browsing experience with complete access to the entire web by availing yourself of all the latest news and content, the social media posts without the usage of cookies.

    You won’t need extra effort to do searches and scroll, rather all of your searches will be on the top of the list and stylish things at a glance. This app will help you to be in touch with the music without missing any of the latest releases of your favourite band or albums. It will also display the games bar for you with all the trendy games with each of their ratings and descriptions.

    This is a fast and secure google alternative app as they don’t keep track of the queries of the search results. They help to have an uninterrupted service by stopping the advertisements and providing the bookmarks folders enhancing its features. In this app, you’ll also get an option to people search feature to search for new friends.

    This app is the leading app of search engines made in Europe which ensures that they don’t collect the user’s private information and ensures security by keeping a check on their privacy.

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  9. Patreon

    PatreonThis app is for entertainment purposes that will help the creator and user to get in touch with one another.

    It allows the users to become members of this platform by becoming a creator. Using this feature you’ll be capable to get in touch in the massive community and build a fan base. One of the best features of this app is to pay those who create content and become the creators.

    It ensures a seamless experience for the artist to learn new things. It also makes it easier for the viewers to get in touch with their favourite creator and artist and like, share and comment on the post and share their likes and reviews.

    This app has live host features that enable the chance for them to interact with their favourite creator. It allows the patron to discover new creators and follow them. It doesn’t allow one to be bored, rather keeps one entertained the entire day with proper connectivity and fast service.

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  10. OceanHero

    OceanHeroOcean hero is the default browser app that will help you have the safest web browsing and will also work to save the ocean. The ocean hero app helps to save the ocean from pollution particularly caused by plastic.

    It works on an easy method of searches that’s the count of your five searches on its tab will help them to recover one plastic bottle from the ocean.

    They show advertisements on their search engine page because of which they get paid by the advertiser if you click on the advertisements. The advertiser pays them in cost of a click, on an average of a five -search to have a plastic bottle from ocean-bounded.

    They don’t sell your personal information to the advertiser nor track the websites you visit. This app matter and provide importance to the privacy of the users as the searches are SSL encrypted.

    You can even make this a default browsing app and will help in contributing to having a pollution-free ocean.

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  11. Ekoru

    EkoruSurfing on this internet browsing app will help you to save the planet. The search engine will help you to have a safe and fast result according to your want and will contribute to saving the ocean.

    The installation of this app implies the acceptance of its privacy, terms, and services which will help to save the planet by saving the ocean.

    Whenever you search on this app they will raise money out of it and the money will go directly into the charity that cleans the oceans.

    It will help the users to have all the surfings and results which are powered by hydroelectricity.

    Their internet servers are hydro electricity-powered which suggests that each search of yours will have a low carbon footprint. It will enable fast surfing on the internet on your android or iOS cell phone.

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  12. WolframAlpha

    WolframAlphaThis app is the best app known to gain knowledge and solutions for all of your questions. It will help to have answers to all the questions with expert knowledge and clever computation.

    It is innovated by Stephen Wolfram who had the experience of the past 30 years and offers a surplus of the domain, the algorithm’s data for your queries. This knowledgeable app will help you get all the answers related to maths, chemistry, engineering. It will also provide you with the weather info, or the information about movies, latest facts such as fitness information or the entertainment news. You’ll have more extra information while surfing on this app. It will provide you with the experience of good mapping and navigation together with all the technical reports.

    The iOS user could enjoy the pro member benefits by having a subscription and will be capable to get enhanced and step-by-step solutions to all the questions.

    Thus, wolfram alpha will help to give information about all subjects and the internet browsing according to your searches.

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