Best 12 Meeting Scheduler Apps For Android And iOS

Meeting scheduler apps for Android and iOS are wonderful apps that let you easily schedule meetings and appointments. As you could virtually connect with anyone all over the world.

Personally, I used some of the apps, and my experience was wonderful. As a result, I was able to schedule all of my meetings. To remind me, it would automatically sync all of my documents and meetings. Even although it would be easy for me to recall all the meetings.

You may, however, be capable to access any of the apps on your device. All of the apps are wonderful for managing all your scheduled meetings. You could also track the progress of your work and virtually connect with colleagues and clients.

Top 12 Meeting Scheduler Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Doodle

    Doodle - Easy Scheduling

    Doodle is probably the greatest apps for organizing your events. You could invite your participants and there’s no need to log in to an account. As you might be capable to get to it quickly. You could use this app to plan a business meeting or a party with your friends, amongst other things too.

    You would save your time by not messaging each person individually. Although it’s a totally free app and doesn’t require a subscription. You would be capable to connect to the meeting without installing the app and chat with your friends in addition to invite participants. However, you could configure updates and events to send notifications at all times.

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  2. Appointfix

    Appointfix: Appointment scheduling app

    Appointfix is among the useful apps that enables you to freely schedule meetings for your daily events. You may be capable to schedule all meetings and remind participants via text. As a result, you would be capable to plan your meeting in a brief period of time. It includes a calendar on which you could easily schedule your monthly meetings.

    You may additionally be capable to set a reminder for scheduled meetings, which would notify you every now and then. Although you could repeat the meetings and include as many participants as needed.

    However, it would sync and may be capable to track your daily activities in the app. As it has a premium version that you could access to help you with your growing business, and you could also take advantage of its pro features.

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  3. Google Calendar

    Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is another popular app that everybody uses daily. As you could able to see the calendar view on monthly and weekly scheduled plans. It would automatically add all events mentioned in your Gmail. As you could easily schedule the meeting and will able to connect with your coworkers and check the work process.

    You might be capable to share the meeting schedule or resources with your colleagues. Although you may be capable to access the app on any device of your choice. However, it would be more convenient for you and the other participants to place the meeting schedule on the calendar.

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  4. Calendly

    Calendly: Meeting Scheduling App

    Calendly is among the brilliant apps that enables you to easily access it and connect with multiple people at the same time. You must create your link and would be capable to send it to the people you want to invite via messages. Also, you could be capable to add time for the meeting in addition to in your calendar.

    Although you would be capable to manage the buffers. As you would be capable to start your meeting from any device and at any time you prefer. However, you may be capable to expand your work together with your team by using this app.

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  5. Squarespace Scheduling by Acuity

    Squarespace Scheduling by Acuity Squarespace scheduling by acuity is probably the most powerful apps for scheduling meetings at any time and from any location. This decision making app lets you manage all your scheduled meetings and simply save them to your calendar.

    It would be similar to having an assistant who would manage all your scheduled meetings. You should be capable to log in and create your own account.

    The appointments or meetings would then be scheduled. And then save it in real-time. You may be capable to customise the meeting schedule. As you only need to share the direct links with your clients for meetings and will also be capable to accept payment from them.

    You would, however, be capable to manage all the client’s lists in addition to their work progress. It would, however, notify you of any scheduled meetings.

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  6. Calendar

    Calendar: Meeting & Scheduling

    Calendar is among the beneficial apps where it would help you to manage your time. As it provides you many tools which would help you to save your time and will able to schedule your meetings in real-time.

    You could sync the app with any Google or Outlook account to easily manage your data and schedule your appointments. This app can be used as retirement countdown apps for your perfect retirement.

    As you could see your events in your timeline, it would be easier for you to remember. You could, however, sync your meeting dates with other calendars as well.

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  7. Cisco Webex Meetings

    Cisco Webex MeetingsAre you searching for a service that enables you to schedule meetings from anywhere in the world, saving you valuable time? So Cisco Webex Meeting is among the greatest apps that could assist you in this regard. You may be capable to organize a meeting and have easy accessibility to video, audio, and chats amongst them.

    It would obey your every command. You could easily connect to the meeting you had previously scheduled in your calendar. However, you could customise the virtual backgrounds of the slides that would be shown to your colleagues or clients. You could, however, easily share your screen with your participants.

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  8. Setmore

    SetmoreSetmore is an awesome appointment scheduling app in which you can manage online customer bookings. It has option to easily book and manage appointments, video meetings, classes and calendar. You can book unlimited appointments with its free to use meeting scheduler apps. You can even use it as online payment app to pay meeting fee if needed.

    While using this app on your smartphone you’ll also offer your services online by adding 1-tap video meetings. Using this app your customers can easily book their desired services in less time. It also has integrated zoom service so that you can reach your international customer with video meeting.

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  9. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

    ZOOM Cloud Meetings

    Zoom cloud meeting is a widely known meeting app in which everybody could able to immediately join. As you could also share your screen from anywhere. As you could invite as many people as you want to this skype alternative app for free.

    You may additionally be capable to send messages to everybody or specific individuals. Texting is no limited, you could be capable to text to solve certain queries. Even although you may be capable to receive or send voice or video calls. You even have the option of recording any meeting and saving it to your storage.

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  10. HubSpot


    Hubspot is probably the greatest apps for running your business and managing all your meetings and appointments. As an example, you could schedule a task or a meeting and keep it on your calendar. As a result, it would remind you in real-time. You could easily communicate with your coworkers or clients. It can even be used as survey apps to make a perfect decision.

    Also, you could easily manage your entire workload when you’re not connected to the internet. Although it would store all your documents and notes in a secure location and automatically record all reports or documents. You may be capable to connect with the customer’s actual needs via live chat. Although you could virtually schedule your meetings and simply improve your relationship with a customer.

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  11. CatchApp Meeting Scheduler

    CatchApp Meeting Scheduler

    Catch app meeting scheduler is among the superlative apps for managing and scheduling all your meetings. You could also easily sync with Google or any other account. Although it’s a totally free app that enables you to virtually connect to the rest of the world. As a result, scheduling all your meetings would be a breeze for you.

    It doesn’t necessitate the use of advertisements. You could also invite a lot of people and schedule multiple meetings. As you could easily sync it with your calendar to be reminded to schedule meetings. It would, however, save you time and supply you with complete information about the scheduled meeting or appointments.

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  12. Schedulista Appointments

    Schedulista Appointments

    Schedulista Appointments is among the simplest meeting scheduler apps for scheduling appointments as an individual or as a team for businesses. You’ll be capable to schedule your meeting with a time and date right away. Also, you would be capable to schedule calendar reminders for the meeting.

    It doesn’t require any permission, so you could use the app without restriction. You may be capable to see a recent appointment. However, it would automatically remind you of the next scheduled meeting. As you could be capable to access the app which is totally free and has no hidden costs.

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