Best 12 Metronome Apps For Android And iOS

Many musicians mainly use metronomes apps, which will help them learn new types of sounds and stay on tempo. While physical metronomes can be expensive and hard to carry around, many excellent metronome apps are available for smartphones and tablets. These apps often boast many features, such as creating custom tempo settings, setting subdivision patterns, and using different sound effects. Some even include a visible metronome, which can be helpful for novices. With so many options to select from, there’s sure to be a metronome app that’s perfect for any musician.

Metronome apps are helpful for any musician, from beginner to professional. A broad range of metronome apps are available for Android and iOS devices, each with its unique features. Some popular metronome apps include Metronome Beats, Metronome Pro, and TempoPerfect. Each app has a different interface and offers different features, so choosing one that best suits your needs is important. Metronome apps can help you keep time while practicing your instrument or can be used during performances to help you stay on tempo. They can even be helpful when learning new pieces of music, as they can help you keep track of the correct tempo. Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, a metronome app can be valuable to your musical toolkit.

Best 12 Metronome Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Soundbrenner


    Soundbrenner is the most intuitive and easy interface and it has all useful features that will help you in your tempo. All the customization is powerful where you can select from over 20 sounds, precision is rock solid. You can change the time signature or subdivision, and by settings accents, you can emphasize the beats.

    Also, you can switch the theme into either dark or light mode. This will save all of your rhythms and you can easily load them to play in your metronome at any time. Moreover, it has other advanced features such as Bluetooth midi, USB midi, and plenty of more. If you love to recognize music you can use this app on your smartphone.

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  2. Metronome BEATS: Tap Tempo Bpm

    Metronome BEATS: Tap Tempo Bpm

    Metronome is a superb app that’s designed by musicians. It is an interactive metronome app, drum machine, and speed trainer. The musicians can practice it solo or in a group. You can separate the layouts for more significant devices. Here in this app, you can select the tempo between 1 to 900 beats per minute. You can even use this metronome app with another app and customise the time when you want to stop playing metronome after bars. It has a visualization feature that you can use to follow the beat.

    Moreover, your setting will automatically save when you exit, and every time you want to start it again, it will continue with that where you stop. Along with these, it also allows changing the pitch of the sound, which will make the metronome easier than when you hear it on your instrument. It has another pro feature that will give a live option to you and create your play setlist.

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  3. BPM

    BPM: Simple Metronome

    Bpm is probably the most accessible apps as it from the name, you get to know that it’s a pretty simple metronome with a stable tempo. It is straightforward and straightforward to use with a stable tempo option. It doesn’t contain any adverts, so you never get distracted from playing your instrument. Also, you can store your favourite tempo to recall it while it will help you in your live performances. It has a particular feature known as a visible click for silent operation.

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  4.  Tempo – Metronome with Setlist

     Tempo - Metronome with Setlist

    Tempo is marvelous for the metronome app as it uses for many purposes. Such as artists use it for gigs, teachers mainly use it in their lessons, students also use it for practice and plenty of more. It includes many features, 30 different time signatures, taps tempo function, customized accents, and turns beats that create more different rhythms.

    You can easily store pre-setlist, quick editing, take a backup setlist and share it through the mail. Moreover, you can trace your timing of practice and the number of bars played and use the feature to automate where you adjust the tempo. Also, it has a coach mode between unmuted and muted bars. It has a different sound set, controls the volume, and supports multi-task work.

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  5. Metronome M1

    Metronome M1

    Metronome M1 is the most straightforward and accurate app accessible for all mobile devices. Here you can simply start practicing with your instrument as its interface is straightforward and user-friendly. This app produces metrical ticks, settable in beats per minute, representing a fixed, regular aural pulse and all tools are best for practicing.

    Also, it supports a tempo range from around 30-300 BPM, as tempo covers a range of various styles, including largo, lento, andante, and presto. It has different time signatures that use for polkas and marches.

    On the other side, it also has compound time signatures mainly used in sega, salegy, Irish jigs, and other rock music. Along with these, it has a configured option to beat that tone and increase the tempo during practice.

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  6. Tuner & Metronome

    Tuner & Metronome

    Tuner and Metronome is the most uncomplicated and innovative app as it includes all the features. It is a superfast app designed by musicians that provide free sheet music. It has two tuner modes, chromatic tuner and pitchfork mode. You can customise the A4 frequency and record your playing with its integrated touch recorder. You can upload the sheets of your music directly from the app. You can easily use flash night metronome mode as if the sound of a metronome is difficult and hard to hear.

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  7. Metronome: Tempo Lite

    Tuner & Metronome

    Metronome: tempo lite is a beneficial app as you don’t need to sacrifice its usability. The engine that it contains is written from the ground up for stability and high accuracy. It has many useful elements as it has different time signatures and rhythm patterns for compound and easy meters. It will be working on both portrait and landscape. Tempo ranges, track numbers, automatic adjustment of tempo, and plenty of other features are really useful for you.

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  8. Time Guru Metronome

    Time Guru Metronome

    Time Guru is an excellent metronome app as many musicians depend on it and access it regularly. It has many features that differ from other apps. It can play in a distinct time of signature and a sequence of time signatures. You can make rhythmic drum machines like patterns. You can even save the meter, sound, and presets for tempo and muting loud sound sets. It has human and robot voices in numerous languages like English, German and Chinese. Moreover, through a customized audio engine, you get super accurate, rock-solid timing in your sounds.

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  9. Voice Metronome by IonaPlays

    Voice Metronome by IonaPlays

    Are you tired of ineffective old metronomes apps that offer you only beeps for beats? So here, voice metronome is a blazing app that gives you the utmost brilliant features that will be joyful to you while you start accessing it. This app plays in numerous numeric counts with accurate counts and also stimulates how instructors will do in their actual lessons. The app is very beneficial for novices, particularly musicians who use wind instruments such as saxophone.

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  10. Metronome EX

    Metronome EX

    Metronome EX is another accurate, easy, free app with advanced features. It has a brilliant design and lets you easily adjust the bpm. When you compare the time signature, you can quickly correctly set the rhythm. You can easily lock the screen without opening the app and control the metronome playback as it at all times gives you notifications.

    You can even control the playback from its Bluetooth features as it mainly helps you while you’re doing sports and can use headphones. Moreover, it has different sounds where you can edit your rhythms anytime. It has listed sound beats, and it doesn’t matter if you’re practicing violin, a classic piano, and other instruments.

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  11. Pro Metronome

    Pro Metronome - Tempo, Beat, Subdivision, Polyrhythm

    Pro metronome is an astonishing app as it is simple to use and doesn’t require adverts. It has a time signature setting that is especially dynamic. Also, it contains distinct time styles together with a counting voice. You can calculate bpm in real-time, other dynamic settings including mf, pf, and mute indicators. Moreover, it has color modes, pendulum mode, power saving/background mode, and volume adjustment.

    You can even set the timers so that you can practice more. It has an upgrade version which you can use and get its pro features where you can load and save your favourite settings. Along with these, it also lets you share your preset wirelessness onto different devices. This feature helps you to use any of the features as per your requirement quickly and conveniently.

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  12. Smart Metronome & Tuner

    Smart Metronome & Tuner

    Smart metronome is a special app that turns your device into a classy and accurate metronome. It includes three different modes repeat, regular, and program. Normal mode is a basic metronome, repeat where you can do practice time to time and program that will control tempo and changes in time signature.

    Here without using any CPU, you can make perfect beats. Just by one tapping, you can set the bpm. It has a programmable tempo and measures. Also include multiple loop measures, tuning meter, and compatibility over full voice. Moreover, you can quickly load the tempo program. There is an animation of a pendulum that looks realistic. Also, it has four different sounds which you can select from. Although all features are super cool, once you start accessing, you have fun.

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