Best 12 Projector Apps For Android And iOS

Some of the most useful projector applications for Android and iOS are those that let you transmit any files or documents. It will let you project all your films or photos onto a large screen. Everyone wants to watch movies or videos on a large screen. As a result, these apps will now satisfy all your demands.

We can’t all have projectors in our homes to watch movies or images on a big screen. But, what if your smartphone meets all your requirements? You can use your hand to access the app, host the meeting, and control all the events.

All you must do is download one of the preferred applications on your Android or iOS device. You’re going to turn your phone into a projector. We’ve compiled a selection of the best projector applications that will undoubtedly benefit you and make sure that you have a good time.

Best 12 Projector Apps For Android And iOS

  1. PJ Quick Connection

    PJ Quick Connection

    Pj quick connection is the best application where it would let you send different files and documents over a wireless connection. It will support an import feature so that you can easily import files to display it.

    Moreover, it will support up to four devices at the same time. As it will show your photo with a different slide transition. You can transfer your files into a different format such as pdf, png, or jpeg. Although you can control other projection functions as well such as volume control, freeze, auto-mute, and blank.

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  2. MultiPresenter


    A multi presenter is a superb application as here you can view your documents and files on the devices that you’re receiving. You can even send different files, and documents to the devices that can receive the file easily. You can even take photos with an inbuilt camera of your files. These web pages can even transfer to the receiving devices.

    Through this app, you can add text or lines to any documents or files. It will show all of your documents or file that you already saved. You can use the pointer function where you really want to draw attention. It also lets you simply transfer images and they’ll display on multiple devices.

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  3. iShow


    ishow is among the simplest methods that will cast your all mobile content to the projector without facing any difficulty. This app will let you connect to your devices and you can view your all photos, documents, videos, and other media without using any wire.

    It is an incredible app that enables you to do cross-transmission. Moreover, this will support cloud storage, google, dropbox, etc. You have a terrific experience over a real virtual tour while using this app on your smartphone.


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  4. VideoProj Lab

    VideoProj Lab

    VideoProj lab is a bewildering projector app where you can have a wide collection of your video on the same device. The application is pretty simple and straightforward where all users can access it fully comfortably and for a long time.

    Although you can watch different videos that you want to see or love the most. It includes different funny videos and offers you endless entertaining, fun videos and others that you’re going to enjoy. Just you must download the app and use it directly from your device.

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  5. Optoma HDCast Pro

    Optoma HDCast Pro

    Optoma is an incredible media app as here you can share your media or screen. It has brilliant features where you can share videos, music, pictures, screen sharing. It can even be used as screen mirroring apps to mirror your screen on another device.

    Here the presentation has different modes where the screen can split into alternative ways and you can control it at your hand. You can see every kind of documents through this app. The live camera is all the time on and on the other side, you can save your all data in cloud storage as well. Some features don’t require any internet connection so you can use them without any internet connection.

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  6. Epson iProjection

    Epson iProjection

    Epson projection is the utmost beneficial app that has a wireless connection and it can be used both on Android and iOS devices. This app will make it easy for the various projects to share screens, pictures, documents, and all other things to an Epson projector.

    As it will show you all of your documents and files that are stored on your smartphone. You can even connect the projector to your devices through a QR code. It also provides you an option to connect the projector through multiple devices and there’s one moderator who will manage all of your activities. It will let you share your documents with the devices that are connected.

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  7. Smart Projector Control

    Smart Projector Control

    Are you attempting to find an app where you can share your screen or transfer your files from one device to another device? This app would essentially control the Panasonic projectors.

    You just need to install the application on your devices and then it would connect to your devices wirelessly. After that, you can operate your projector and check all the status directly from your smartphone.

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  8. LetsView

    LetsView- Wireless Screen Cast

    Let’s view is the popular projector app that will share your screen and it’s consonant to multiple devices. You can record your screen and can do video mirroring. It would provide to-do communication and is like an entertainment platform.

    You can easily do streaming from your phone to pc and can connect audio smoothly. There is no need to buy any cables you can access the app wirelessly. Moreover, you can access or do live streaming on multiple platforms. At last, your all connections will connect to the same wifi network so that you can access the app firmly.

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  9. ClickShare


    Click share is a special app that enables you to make communication easier between multiple people all over the world. Here you can simply enter the room that would be provided to you and you can share any content at the time of the meeting.

    Within a fraction of seconds, you’ll enter the room where the meeting has been hosted. You will share your screen in both horizontal and portrait mode. By using the shortcut method you can manage your screen-sharing devices from anywhere. The screen-sharing process using this app will be encrypted and secured.

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  10. HD Video Projector Simulator

    HD Video Projector Simulator

    HD video projector simulator is one of a kind projector apps and it gives you high-quality videos directly from your phone. Also, the activities you perform it is going to be shown on your wall.

    This app is essentially for entertainment purposes and it won’t provide an actual projector. You can take your selfies and photos and can share them on your screen. This projector is simply for simulator purposes.

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  11. ViewSonic Projector

    ViewSonic Projector

    Viewsonic projector is a special app where you get all the knowledge about the projectors how they work. From basic to advance you can find out how it works end to end-users, distributors, or installers. As it has full of accurate information and it will provide your best knowledge such as which projector would be chosen for the distinct scenarios.

    As it doesn’t matter if it has a small meeting room, a big hall, it will tell how you can place the projectors. It will tell you according to the ceiling of the room, the height of the wall. Just you must input the information so that it’s going to show you the accurate result so that you can place the projectors easily. You can even use your figure if you want to adjust the various figures of placing the projectors.

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  12. Acer eDisplay Pro

    Acer eDisplay Pro

    Acer edisplay pro is an advanced features app where it has modern features such as you can control the device and can become the host, splitting the screen into four parts, and displaying it. You can use this app on your preferred device.

    Once you need to connect with your wifi you can access the app on your device. Also, you can use most of its features offline as well, just connect to your wireless adapters. There is an administrator mode where you can manage your all connection through the browser. You can find the Acer projector so that you can avoid peer-to-peer connections.

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