Best 12 Scrabble Games For Android & iOS

As there are numerous varieties of games available today. Thus, there’s a wide collection of apps available to offer you your favorite game on your mobile. Some of us like adventure games while some people like puzzle games such as Scrabble games.

There are millions of games out there for mobile, and scrabble games are probably the most popular games amongst all age groups. It not only offers you fun and interesting puzzles but also trains your brain. By solving puzzles and making new words you can improve your vocabulary.

There are few best scrabble games, that enables you to make new friends and play with them. So, you can play this game in your spare time and build your vocabulary while having fun.

In this post, I have listed the top 12 best scrabble games that let you improve your problem-solving skills together with making new friends across the world. You can download more than one app on your phone and enjoy different scrabble gaming experiences.

Best 12 Scrabble Games For Android & iOS

  1. Wordfeu‪d‬

    WordfeudLet’s begin this list with probably the greatest scrabble apps called wordfeud. You can download it on both iOS and Android devices. This game is gaining popularity with more than 15000 downloads to this date. Its easy interface is something that almost all of the users like about this app. It doesn’t slow down your device performance because of its easy design.

    With this couple game app, you can play with your friends otherwise you can challenge people from your friend’s list. However, you’ll get 72 hours to make any move. There is no multiplayer option available which means you must play one user at a time.

    Moreover, this scrabble game is developed by Bertheussen IT. You should try this app if you’re new to scrabble games. It has easy features that help you to start with advanced Scrabble type games. Use wordfeud if you want to perfect your word building skills.

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  2. Words With Friends

    Words With FriendsAnother great scrabble app that has more than 10,000,000 plus downloads on the play store. This well-known app is available for iOS and Android platforms. You can play with your friends if they even have this app on their device. Or you can select any random player by using the smart match feature.

    As compared to words with friends 2 this version has more choices together with a wide range of languages. You can select from Spanish, Brazilian, French and British English too. Both of these game’s versions are offered in-app purchases.

    The coolest feature of this adult game app is you can chat with any player in this game as you play. If you have members of the family or friends in other states you can play with them and have fun. The social aspect of this game made it probably the most favorite scrabble games for millions of users.

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  3. Word Crack

    Word CrackWord crack is probably the greatest scrabble games, it trains your brain in addition to extends your vocabulary. In short, this game is a complete package of great features that you might need from a perfect scrabble app.

    Moreover, there are different gaming modes available so you can switch to any mode every time you get tired of one. Along with that, it lets you play in duels, so you can choose any random component to play. Also, this game suggests you similar players based on your skills by estimating your gaming levels.

    If we speak about genre, you’ll get more and more challenging levels when you compete with others. So it’s better to save your hints for tough challenges ahead. Each move will help you to win coins. The better part is there are extra rewards if you make smart moves such as triple words. You can take part in daily challenges if you want to enhance your scrabble skills.

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  4. Classic Words

    Classic WordsIf we speak about a straightforward scrabble game then no other game can beat classic words solo. Without any bells and whistles, it offers you easy scrabble gaming. However, its simplicity doesn’t hinder its excellent word gaming experience.

    In this game, you’ll get features like solo play mode, score preview, press and play local multiplayer. Classic words is a board game available on mobile without any advanced features. However, it has some great features such as letter shuffling, sox difficulty levels, game-saving, and support of various languages.

    The coolest thing about this scrabble app is you’ll get definitions of all the words to pass each level. As this game has 6 difficulty levels, so every kind of players can play it no matter if you’re a beginner or experienced expert.

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  5. Scrabble GO

    Scrabble goScrabble GO is now available as an official scrabble game for android users. This word game offers many features such as an official Scrabble board for gaming, custom word tiles and an actual scrabble dictionary within the game. Along with that, it allows you to select from different game types that contain faster duels mode, classic mode and a few more. You must must put best logic in this logic game app to clear any level.

    Moreover, there are boosts available so you can beat the levels even without having skills. You can select from the other 5 options if you want to test your word making skills. In the long run, I would say it’s an okay game but not as easy as a scrabble game.

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  6. Half a Minute

    Half a MinuteOne more fun game that can be played with an infinite number of players. Half a minute is a game that needs at least 4 players. In this party game app, each player of both teams has to describe 5 words in just half a minute.

    In the end, the team which has the most knowledge will win. So use your best tactics if you want to beat your components.

    This fun scrabble game is offered by Lerikon b.v., it has over 100, 000+ downloads to date. Along with that, there are in-app purchases available.

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  7. Ruzzl‪e‬

    RuzzleAnother word finding game that enables you to compete with players across the world. Ruzzle is an amazing scrabble game that comes in the top 12-word game in about 145 countries. It has over 70 million users now because of its easy interface.

    Recently the developers have added a new team play mode, which makes this word game more fun and interesting. Moreover, this strategy game has been played for more than 100,000 years.

    Furthermore, You can play this game in 14 languages, which is impressive. The gameplay is easy, you must find as many words as you can in just 2 minutes. The more words you can find the more points you’ll get.

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  8. Wordox

    WordoxPlay in duels with players across the world with a word of scrabble game. It lets you test your skills by playing with other players in duels. The gameplay is to challenge the opponent and play scrabble against them.

    In this game, there will be diverse rounds and you must complete them without pausing the game. As this is a real-time game you must think quickly yet strategically to win around. However, this Scrabble games runs on traditional boards.

    To win this game you must get at least 25 points, to create scores you must make words by arranging letters. If you’ll get a double or triple letter your score will rise faster.

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  9. Yatzy Online

    YatzyDo you like dice rolling games? If yes then yatzy is just for you! This game is also known as many names across the world. Such as le yams Yahtzee, yatzy, jets, yacht, general and lots of more.

    In this board game apps, you’ll get three major rule sets to select from. Scandinavian is usually played in Norway, Denmark and Finland. On the other hand, international and 6 dice are another set. 6 dice is largely for hardcore players who would like to play hard levels.

    The better part is you can play any of these sets with the internet or without the internet with offline mode. You can play yatzy online with your Facebook friends also.

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  10. WordBrain

    WordBrainIf you love taking challenges then word brain is worth playing. In this game, you must make the right word by using letters placed in a form of a grid. To jump into the next level you can swipe up easily. In the initial level, you’ll find it easy but it will get harder and harder when you enter in further levels.

    Moreover, it has arduous puzzles that let you know about your caliber. The smartest thing about this word game is it’s available in 16 different languages. It is a perfect brain game app where you must use brain logic to clear level.

    Currently, there’s an Easter event that’s going live. Participate and see how many easter eggs can be collected with your team. Get an opportunity to win big rewards.

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  11. Word Life

    Word LifeWord life is also a perfect scrabble game that lets you spell and hunt new words and build your vocabulary. In this game, you’ll get daily crossword puzzles and anagrams games for free. It has millions of downloads, many players use this game as an everyday brain training app.

    Along with that, it has over 6000 levels so you can discover new words daily without becoming bored. Word life is made for people who love word hunt, crosswords and scrabble games.

    This game empowers you to play with your friends otherwise you can play crossword solo wherever you are.

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  12. Word Wiz

    Word WizAnother great scrabble app that lets your brain relax and train it at the same time. In this game, you must solve puzzles by connecting letters. Word wiz app lets you expand your vocabulary by solving new words every time. MobilityWare has developed this crossword app.

    The gameplay is easy, you must swipe letters to make words. Also, there are extra points as a reward for collecting golden letters. You can collect rewards by participating in daily challenges.

    Overall, Worldwide is a wonderful scrabble game that offers the best crossword puzzles, word searches and anagrams. So, if you’re looking to build your problem-solving skills then give a shot at this app.

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