Best 12 Speed Reading Apps For Android And iOS

The main focus of speed reading apps is to minimise the reading time by increasing your reading speed. It does that by displaying the texts in the fastest way. However, there are thousands of speed readings available for Android and iOS which makes it tough to find the perfect one.

Talking about me, I love reading but the problem is I don’t have so much time to spend on reading. With this app, I can read a long article in a brief time. However, if you think you can do this reading trading on your own by using a stopwatch then it might not help you so much. But speed reading apps teach you how you can read faster without any mistakes.

So, let’s have a brief look at these top 12-speed reading apps available for iOS and Android.

Best 12 Speed Reading Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Reading Trainer App

    Reading TrainerMany of the users of this app claimed that it helps them to improve their reading for up to 143 per cent in just 10 days. It uses quick recognition of every word and characters which concurrently increases your focus, eyes movement flexibility and vision span.

    The step by step reading program guides the users to read faster. It has an algorithm which quickly understands your weakness and strengths while reading. After some times of training, you can take comprehension tests included in this app which lets you know your progress in reading.

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  2. ReadMe!

    ReadMe!Next in my list, readMe! The app which utilizes spritz reading technology. It helps you in minimising eye movements while you’re reading. It can increase your reading speed for up to 1000 WPM. This app will make your reading enjoyable and peaceful with its unique features.

    It has a word alignment that increases the reader speed for up to 220-word per minute. Plus, you’ll also get increased comprehension levels for more effective results. ReadMe app is based on spritz which makes it a better option for many users. Plus, you can continue reading from where you left last time with its multi-device feature.

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  3. readLax

    readLaxIf you are looking for some mental exercise then the ReadLax app is worth a try. It includes numerous training that will help you in increasing reading speed together with concentration. The better part is you can track progress by yourself through several speed tests and comprehension. It offers 3 methods to speed up your reading.

    You can use this app for learning languages like Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian. This is an incredible Duolingo Alternatives app for people who want to learn new languages more effectively in a faster way. It has features that will help you to boost memory, improve concentration and enhance your learning.

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  4. Reedy Reader

    Reedy ReaderIt is known as an clever reader, the reedy app lets you easily read ebooks, any texts, articles and even web pages. You can read comfortably with a good reading speed through this fun app. There are numerous reading settings available in this app such as regular reading, text to speech and speed reading.

    Reedy app is based on RSVP technology which means quick serial visual presentation. You can speed up your reading by adding the link of blogs, articles and ebooks. It will magnify each word while you’re scrolling across the text or down your screen.

  5. QuickReader

    QuickReaderWith this app, you can train your eyes to read any text faster. There are settings available such as reading time and speed to get your desired reading improvements. You can set any speed through the guided reading technology which will turn text pages for simple reading.

    Interestingly this app offers you more than 2 million books to read for free, that includes some titles that aren’t available in other speed reading apps. The better part is it offers great customization, also there’s a choice between guided and unguided mode.

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  6. Speed Reading App

    Speed Reading AppBefore starting your training this app first tests your skills and then starts improving it. So it will begin with a small speed test, then you’ll get a 12-day map for a guide plan to increase your wpm speed. There will be a timer so that you can ensure how much time you take for reading.

    Along with basic features, you’ll be provided by the daily test, you must pass all the 12 daily unit tests. So that your training will be done in twelve days only. You can select an individual training section to get a more in-depth guide for reading. They focus on making your reading faster even without losing comprehension.

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  7. Speed Reading

    Speed ReadingsAnother app with a smooth design, speed reading helps you to improve your reading in a gentle way. It helps readers to speed up their reading for up to 1,000 WPM. It also uses RSVP reading techniques like the reedy reader app to make it easier to increase word count per minute.

    The better part is you can read news feeds with its built-in web browser which is an incredible way to increase the speed of reading. Interestingly, this app offers an apple watch app to its users. More than this, it has structure and features in a minimalist form.

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  8. SpeedRead

    SpeedReadAnother better app that lets you make your reading faster with its effective features. With its words per minute control method you can optimise your reading. The major focus of this app is to ensure you understand how you’ll spritz your ebooks.

    It lets you learn speed reading in a new way rather than the traditional method that’s more time-consuming. You can find out about the comma, period delays and word length through this app. You can read any text with this app by downloading it.

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  9. Outread App

    OutreadWith every fixation point this app helps you in improving reading speed, outread app majorly focuses on your mistakes while you’re reading. With this app, you can highlight any text to minimise your eyes’ stress. More than this there’s a feature for tracking your progress through the stats. For more advanced features you can even switch for its premium version.

    It also includes features so that you can sync it with an Ereader, pocket or Instapaper. Plus, it lets you save any texts, articles and download them to read later. Moreover, it has a bookmark function to read articles online.

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  10. Spreeder

    SpreederMy most favorite speed reading app, spreeder has experts to train you. This speed reading software offers numerous features that are hard to find in other apps. It can help you to improve your reading speed for more than 3 times faster. You can increase the reading speed as per your choice.

    There is a spreeder cloud library which offers you to read public domain texts for practising or if you want more reading material then you are free to upload any text file here. This app is free to download however there’s a premium feature also available at a reasonable cost.

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  11. Speed reading

    Speed readingAnother speed reading app with great simulators. These several simulators will help you out to learn speed reading in no time. It includes remember number, serial number, search word, schulte tables, speed meter.

    Each simulator has recommendations that will help you in training. The aim of these simulators is to improve your peripheral vision and increase the visibility of the text. If you truly want to accelerate your reading speed then you should give a try to this “speed reading: the best!” app. So if you’re looking for an app to learn speed reading quickly then give a try to this app.

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  12. WearReader App

    Wear ReaderIt uses a way which plays the text on your screen word by word in a fast manner. through this, it helps you in speed reading together with stopping your subvocalizing while reading. The better part of this wear app is it doesn’t sacrifice its comprehension at any point.

    You can choose any text as per your interest for practising fast reading, What I like the most is wearReader app has a night mode which allows the reader to practice even in the dark. There are rewind and fast forward options are also available.

    So now you can begin reading book strength in your smartwatch.

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