Best 12 Twitch Alternative Apps For Android And iOS

Alternative applications to Twitch for Android and iOS are useful since they let you live stream a wide range of games and talent. You may easily chat with a user or streamer you enjoy watching. If you wish to broadcast your game strategy, you must download this app.

Many apps are available for both mobile and desktop computers. As a result, you may easily download it. The program doesn’t lag, so you can use it for a long time when watching or streaming live video. As a result, a lot of websites are inoperable. So you didn’t have any issues.

These apps offer a number of advantages, including a low subscription charge and powerful features. You have the option of connecting with your streamers or fellow players in the game. Every month, we add new games for free, and we have a lot of exclusive emoticons that make it easy to engage with your viewers or streamers.

Top 12 Twitch Alternative Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Facebook Gaming

    Facebook Gaming: Wat

    Facebook gaming is the best app to play a new game in a new world. As you can play games quickly and can join any groups you have an interest in. Although all the streamers who love to do streaming called it home. While using this app you don’t need to download any of the games. You can directly play the game anytime, anywhere on your smartphone.

    It also includes numerous groups you can join and each day newcomers come and discuss the game in that particular group. These games are compatible according to the info plans of the Facebook app.

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  2. Vimeo


    Here you can watch the various videos in HD quality and it doesn’t require any advertisements. You can follow various kinds of categories, able to connect incredible stuff and channels as well. You can save videos offline and can watch streams in perfect quality.

    This app will be easy for you to upload anything, manage the videos, or can let you share videos with your friend and folks who have an interest in watching or streaming.

    When you start exploring then you can see many new creators and videos and you’ll enjoy your time watching them. This app is available for free and also helps you to share unique videos with the people who want to watch them.

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  3. DLive

    DLive- Live Stream Community

    DLive is among the fantastic apps that makes the time valuable to the people who like to watch video streaming or the creators who like to do streaming. This app is ideal for them. You will win rewards if you’re watching streams and connecting with the streamers. As you can join the community and it will guide you on how you can do streaming and offer you the right direction to do streaming.

    Also, it will offer you a notification for watching your favourite streamers and it will notify you once your creator goes on live, you just must turn on the notifications. Many types of games are available, you can explore any of the games such as PUBG, and apex legends.

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  4. Odysee


    Odysee is the best exploring videos app as here you can discover the videos that are spreading all over the world. It includes different cultures pop, gaming, commentary, and plenty of more that help you to enjoy your time with distinct creators. This app is an incredible where you’ll find the various things that you can relate.

    It will let you share your comments on different topics. You can support or follow the creators you like the most. Moreover share different videos with the community and try to connect with them. This app is incredible, and enjoyable that you can use anywhere at any time. You will love this video sharing platform and its all content is so unique that makes the app special.

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  5. Turnip

    Turnip: Livestream, Watch Party

    Turnip is the perfect twitch alternative apps for voice chatting, live streaming, and joining game community app that makes people’s time useful and joyful. It has different clubs for the gaming communities. It includes many games like PUBG mobile, call of duty and others. You can do hosting or do live streaming as well and if you just want to watch the streaming you have that option as well.

    Also, it will let you do multiple streaming of various games at the same time. All the live streams you can watch in high-quality resolution, you can turn on the camera when it’s time to show your face. Along with these you can even add different stickers, and effects so that you can connect more to your viewers or creators. Although this app is pretty simple with user friendly interface so that you can easily use this app for free. Moreover, if you want to record something you can turn on the screen recorder and record the part you want.

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  6. Snapchat


    Snapchat is a popular app for sharing your daily life schedule or what best happening in your life. It is the quickest content-sharing app. Just you must open the snap camera and click on the photos and share it with your friends. You can add filters and effects to your photo while you’re sending a snap to others.

    Also, it will let you watch other stories as well. You will easily select the snaps that you like the most and then share them. Moreover, share your location with your friends or can even see your friend’s location if they turn on the setting for that. Although you can save unlimited photos, videos, and snaps using this app for a long time, they won’t ever be deleted if you don’t want to delete them.

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  7. Pococha Live

    PREQUEL Aesthetic Photo EditorPococha is the best app for live streaming on your smartphone. Using this app you’ll easily go live and can share about your life. From all over the country you can communicate with different people. Although you can watch live videos all the time, all kinds of ranging entertainment are there like comedy, dance, and plenty of types of talents.

    You will support your broadcasters and have interaction with your favourite creators. It will also help you to participate in numerous events and try to increase your level by taking participation in the events. It will let you talk live about certain topics and also share your favourite broadcast on your other social media platforms.

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  8. 17LIVE

    17LIVE - Live streaming

    17live is another great twitch alternative app for android and iOS. It is the exclusive live streaming platform available all around the globe. You can chat, watch or connect to your favourite streamers on this app. Here you can watch your favourite streamers and can even show your different talents. You can even do a chat with your favourite streamers in real-time.

    Live chat is at all times on for you, you can connect with a community and meet new people every day. You can even support your favourite streamers by sending them digital gifts. Although try to collect rewards so that you’re going to make the space in the room and get an opportunity to talk with your favourite streamer when it’s live. It also provides some premium subscriptions you can go for it as well and use its further brilliant features.

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  9. Uplive

    Triller: Music Video Editor

    Uplive stream is one of my favorites as here I can perform virtual streaming and also watch my favourite streamers live. While using this app you’re going to get the option to customise your outfit and your facial features. Also, you can showcase any talent such as singing, dancing, or gaming 24/7 live. Connect to people all around the globe and do chats, make friends and get to know about other languages and cultures.

    In this app, you’ll also get the option to invite friends into a room for chilling or to party and have fun up live. In audio rooms, you can share your thoughts or video with your friends. Along with these, you can even share streams or videos with your friends who live nearby you and can play little battles and send virtual gifts to your favourite hosts.

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  10. GoStream


    GoStream is astounding twitch alternative apps as it supports different platforms at the same time such as Twitter, Facebook, and plenty of others. You can schedule your streams or can stream pre-recorded videos. Also, it will let you do streaming in real-time. This app is best as it saves your time and consumes the rest of the time in a useful way.

    At the same time, you can go live streaming on multiple platforms. It will save your cost in addition to you can prerecord your all videos and then use the app to broadcast your live streaming. So you didn’t need to go live all the time and invest in it. The interface is user-friendly, by following easy steps you can access the app exactly.

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  11. Tango

    Tango-Live Stream & Video Chat

    Tango is the best alternative app as here you can meet new people, do live streaming, and can show your real talent to the audience. Download the app for free and be a part of the best community where you get an opportunity to showcase your talents. Using this app you can even go for live streaming of your interesting games. You will also get an opportunity to meet your favourite streamers and connect with them through chats.

    Watch live streaming and make your time more enjoyable. Here you can do chats with people, make groups, and do both video and voice chats. Although if you want to send a gift to your favourite streamer it will let you try this. However, you can watch various kinds of talents like dancing, singing, and streaming video games. All features are so easy that you never face difficulty accessing it.

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  12. Nimo TV

    Nimo TV - Live Game Streaming

    Nimo Tv is an astonishing gaming streaming app as it allows millions of streamers to play the game and can even broadcast their game strategy to other new players or gamers. This app will support all PC or mobile games apps easily such as free fire, GTA 5, PUBG, and plenty of more. You can even watch famous global or local tournaments.

    Also, share the live stream the moment you liked a lot, record it and send it to your friends. In this app, you’ll also get the option to talk with your favourite streamers, enjoy your moment with their dancing and singing. Every day you can meet new people and chat with them. Now it’s time to show your talent to the world, this is the best app for the people where every single person gets an opportunity to showcase their talents.

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