Top 10 Age Progression Apps For Android And iOS

Age progression is a method used to estimate what a person will look like at an older age. This can be done using numerous methods, including computer software, drawings, or sculpting. Age progression is commonly used in missing person cases, as it can give investigators an idea of what the person might look like after many years. It can even be used to help find adopted kids, showing what they might look like as adults. In recent years, age progression has become more accurate, thanks to technological advances. However, it’s still not a precise science, and there’s at all times some margin of error.

Many age progression apps are available that can be used to create an image of what a person may look like at an older age. These apps use a wide range of factors, such as facial features, hair color, and skin tone, to generate a practical image of the person. This modern program recognizes how you look in the future just by shooting a new photo or selecting photos from your collection. While there’s some debate about the accuracy of these apps, they can be a helpful tool in law enforcement and other investigations.

Best 10 Age Progression Apps For Android And iOS

  1. FaceLab

    FaceLabFacelab is a lovely app where you can swap your face with different gender or can use the filter of an aging face. Using this app, you can make your face young or old. As you can use a cartoon filter to create funny photos. It contains many filters, such as painting, zombies, and aging.

    Choose the photo from the gallery or take a selfie from the app, it will predict your future face. It will give all sorts of cartoon filters and effects that are for free and you can access them wisely. Moreover, you can change your swap with the opposite gender in seconds using this gender swap app.

    Although it has a makeup filter that removes all acne, it blemishes you look young, handsome, and amazing. After editing, you can share your photos with your friends. All types of hairstyles, beards, makeup, different filters, and effects are there you can use it.

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  2. FaceApp

    FaceApp: Face Editor

    Faceapp is a shocking app, particularly for AI editing. This is the most famous app, and millions of individuals download it daily. The face app gives you everything you want to make your photo adoring. It doesn’t take more time to make your photos bewildering. As with impression filters, you can make your selfies perfect.

    If you want to add a beard or mustache, you can add it. It also lets you change your hair color and hairstyle. You can use trendy effects and filters on your photos. It also has a makeup filter option to remove all of your blemishes and acne.

    For your facial features, it has a filter where you can minimize or enlarge them smoothly. You can even make videos by using different features of this app. It is ideal age progression apps for android and iOS where you’ll get the option to edit backgrounds, effects, and others in just one tap.

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  3. YouCam Perfect

    YouCam Perfect - Photo Editor

    YouCam Perfect is a lovely age progression app with many unique filters and photo editing tools. You can edit your photos by using any of your favourite tools on this app. Here in this app, all sorts of photo editing tools are available that make your photos unforgettable such as face touch up, camera filters, collages, stickers, and more.

    You can save your photos in the cloud and then access the app on multiple devices. It also has a premium version where you can go for it and access its further brilliant elements and turn your photos into masterpieces.

    It will let you save your photos in HD, and you can remove watermarks smoothly. Anytime you can remove any object that you don’t need in your photos. Along with these, you’ll also get the option to make collages and frames and highlight or hide the objects from the photo.

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  4. Face Aging Booth

    Face Aging Booth 2020

    Face aging booth is a special app that will show you how you’ll look when your age increases and you are in the stage of getting old. It will show you how you’ll look in the future. You need to add or click any photo and then tap it, it will show you how you look in fact when you grow up.

    Sometimes, this app is funny, or sometimes it’s scary for you. Although use this app with your family and friends and share it with them on social media. It has an auto-cropping feature where you crop the picture and use different effects to make the photo attractive.

    Along with these, it also has the option to add some funny stickers, making the picture more adoring. For more beautification, you can give the photos an artificial effect and also share your photos in HD quality.

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  5. Snapchat


    Snapchat is an incredible app where you can share lovely photos and capture moments of your life. Here you just need to turn on the camera or take photos from the gallery and begin editing. You can add filters, effects, and bit emoji. It also provides an option to start chats in real-time, make video calls, and group calls.

    It has story sharing feature so you can see one another’s stories. Moreover, you can share your live location so that your friend knows about it and they’ll reach you easily. Although you can save your moments on Snapchat or share them with your friends. It also lets you save your snap in your camera roll.

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  6. Face and Body Warp – Oldbooth

    Face and Body Warp - Oldbooth

    Face and body wrap is another bewildering app as here you can spend the best time once you start accessing this app. It is also known as Morphface where you can make funny faces of your friends with just a few clicks. You can take photos from galleries, Facebook albums, or directly from your camera app. The interface of the app is so friendly wherewith one finger you can transform your face and body into a new look.

    Within seconds you can lose or gain weight. However, try several types of glasses, mustaches, beards, or hats. Also, photoshop your whole body or your face and add different effects. After accessing the app, you’ll also get the option to compare your old and new look. After editing the photo you can save your photos on a gallery and share them on Facebook or by e-mail.

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  7. Make me Old

    Make me Old: Old Aging Face

    Are you trying to find an app where you can make yourself young by adding different filters that make you more lovely and lovable? So make me old is among the astonishing apps that makes you young and exquisite. It contains the best technology that makes your photos adoring.

    Through a face scanner, you can see your future face and how you look. If you want to see your family or friends’ faces, you can even access the app and see how they look in their old age. Just you must scan their photos and can see their aging face and then you can share it with them.

    It has another lovely feature: sliming your face to make you a captivating person and strengthen your eyes to look lovely. This app will guess how you take care of 30, 40 years, you just need to use your current photo.

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  8. Reface

    Reface: Funny face swap videos

    Reface is another great age progression app where you can swap your face with funny effects and filters. It is worldwide famous for its attractive filters. You can make funny videos, gifs, face filters, and memes here. With easy steps, you can animate your photos and can even edit them.

    Also, you can look alike a celebrity, or place yourself in a meme or swap your opposite gender. All you can do by use AI technology and get the option to play with live faces and swap the gender or faces. It will let you share your videos and media on social media.

    Once you are done editing, you can post the photos and memes to your social media accounts. You can change the entire look of any photo by adding different filters.

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  9. How Old Am I?

    How Old Am I ? - Face Camera

    It is another popular age progression apps that scan your photos and analyzes your age with its advanced AI technology. You can use visible features, according to your age you’ll look younger, and old. Here in this app, you can even check your real face after editing. Along with these, it also provides the option to get an idea of what people guess your age according to the photos you posted on social media.

    Although before sharing your photos you can easily verify your photos and age. As you can use the features where it will tell your attractive feature. Through this app, you can detect the makeup detector. Also, different quotes on your selfies so that people will relate to your post. You can even add a poster frame to your photos to make them more lovable.

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  10. Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

    Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

    This app is so incredible that gives you fashionable filters that you never get on other apps. It makes your face different that you can’t even recognize yourself. As it has terrific tools where you can make your photos more lovely by adding frames, photo filters, and animated effects.

    Although this app gives you around 50 presets styles that make your photos unique. All effects are so realistic that make your photo more real and you’ll get the best experience. Using this app you can easily swap your photo with any other photo.

    There have many filters that you can use to make photos admiring. The app is so easy with a user-friendly interface so you can learn quickly how to edit your photos.

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