Top 10 Duolingo Alternatives For Android & iOS

If you love to learn foreign languages you must have heard about Duolingo before. If not, then let me tell you Duolingo is probably the greatest language learning apps that offers a number of major languages like French, Spanish, Italian and so on. However, it allows the user to learn from a text-based program. If you used duolingo and looking for best duolingo alternatives for your smartphone then visit this article.

Some people prefer visually oriented learning rather than text-based learning. If you are amongst these people then you have landed on the right place.

In this post, I will discuss the top 10 best Duolingo alternatives. You can pick any of them to give a kickstart to your learning journey.

Top 10 Duolingo Alternatives For Android & iOS

  1. Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta StoneRosetta stone is a quite respectable application in its domain with a well-rated image. It allows users to learn from 20+ languages. A fresher or semi-experienced person Anyone can be a part of this app because of its easy design.

    You can download this app on both devices, some of the popular languages of this app include Spanish, English, french, german, English, Japanese, Korean and much more.

    However, this app offers custom learning plans that are based on your goals. I personally like its offline mode feature, which allows the user to never miss any lesson even without the internet. You can use this mode to download any unit to complete them later on.

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  2. Memrise

    MemriseThis all was launched in the 2013 year, this is also the best alternative of Duolingo app. You can get the first session for free and you can download this app on iOS and Android on both devices. It lets you get the learning lessons from the locals, and use a premium version of this app to learn your desired international languages.

    There is a premium version which offers you more thrilling features like you can continue learning if you have lost your internet connection. However, you can select from 100 different languages. I believe this is a worthwhile option.

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  3. Learn 33

    Learn 33Another best Duolingo alternatives that offers 22 languages to learn. These languages include French, Spanish, Italian, German and plenty of more. With some extensive features, this app stands as one of the popular learning apps.

    You can easily find the conjugated verbs with this app. This feature is beneficial for making conversation in numerous languages. This will let you learn new words faster than a dictionary. In terms of cost, monthly is quite cheaper than Duolingo. So give a shot to monthly if you want a cheaper replacement for Duolingo.

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  4. Babbel

    BabbelGet a comprehensive learning experience with Babbel. It has a really layered program for making your learning easier. It’s Android and iOS apps consist of 14 languages, so we can say that it’s also the best Duolingo alternative.

    There is an absence of languages as compared to Duolingo which offers 35 languages but still, I like this app because it presents content. The program is made with a structured manner and the content is split into 10 to 15 min lessons. Which allows the users to understand and learn the matter more easily.

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  5. Lingvist

    LingvistAnother app with more technique, lingvist is made with a more structural based method. The main focus of this app is to improve vocabulary and usual. Along with making use of artificial intelligence and flashcards.

    Downside? Well, this app is built to teach only 5 languages that include french, german, Spanish, Russian and English.

    You will get the matter in the form of flashcards, which will attract the user’s mind. However, there is simply just one loss, which is less than the number of languages. So, this will be your perfect suit if you find your desired language here.

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  6. Clozemaster

    ClozemasterIt has a wide range of languages to select from. Clozemaster offers 100 languages to learn. Its description says”Learn a language through mass exposure to vocabulary in context.” It is a perfect education app for student so you can even use it as student app for your android or iOS device.

    It means you must fill the missing term in numerous sentences to learn new things. So, you can learn with fun at clozemaster with its game-based program. It offers more than 100 languages to learn which gives a tough fight Duolingo.

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  7. Drops

    DropsUnlike other apps here you’ll get an opportunity to select from many ways to learn. Drofferfers games, audio lessons recorded by voice actors create illustrations by connecting words and plenty of other options. Not enough yet! After the end of every, the day you can find out your progress report. This feature is much better than Duolingo’s weekly report.

    So if you’re trying to find an everyday progress based app then Drops will be the right choice for you. Here you can even get a 5-minute teaching guide, so you can learn a new language in a brief time.

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  8. HelloTalk

    HelloTalkIf you’re a casual learner or looking for a neater way to jump into a new language learning business then download this app without wasting a second. You can even use it as speech to text app with more fun options.

    You will get native speakers here, chat-based learning method. This method provides the most interactive environment. You will learn with real people, live and not with the same pre-existing system. Another best feature of Hello k is video chatting. So you can trust this app for quality learning

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  9. Busuu

    BusuuHere you’ll complete a beginner to the advanced journey. Busuu Combine 12 languages to guide this app is quite effective and popular. You can use it on both Android and iOS platforms. It is more fun app with lots of fun to use it as duolingo alternatives.

    The only downside of this app is here you just have 12 languages to select from and there’s a lack of major languages. So take a look at its list of languages. If it includes your desired language then it’s all yours. And experience learning a new language with a professional approach.

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  10. LingoDeer

    LingoDeerEnding my list with an awesome app LingoDeer. It shoulders the task of giving in-depth and wholesome exposure to its users. It also provides grammar and the chosen language’s rules to the users. I believe that a sign of a responsible app. The thing I love the most in this app is it begins your journey with foundation, such as alphabets, sentences, word, grammar and phrases.

    In short, if you’re into your academics otherwise you are trying to find learning from the roots then this will be the best pick for you. So download it and begin learning any language from its roots.

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