Top 10 Food Delivery Apps For Android & iOS

Are you a fan of food delivery services trying to find the best app in that category? This article has you covered! Today, there are hundreds and thousands of US food delivery apps for Android and iOS with different features and it’s easy to get lost in them. Some of the apps only send restaurant dishes, others provide you with food, and others may even bring you laundry.

Food delivery apps help you to easily order food and get it at your place. You can pay online in addition to offline mode while ordering food online from your smartphone. If you want to taste delicious food without cooking them at your home then you can easily order them from different restaurants. For this you must have a best app which deliver the food at your location.

Here is the list of the top food delivery apps that are worth your time. Check it!

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Uber Eats

    Uber EatsUber Comes: Local Food Delivery is a popular sipping service from a widely known company. The wonderful thing about this app is that you can use your Uber profile from within the taxi app to order – no extra registration. Like other applications in that category, the application uses your location services and offers the closest cafes and also those that aren’t nearby but can still deliver your place.

    Apart from the proven fact that the application is quite new, it already covers a lot of cities, from the biggest to rural areas. As their taxi app, Uber Eats also informs the user about the estimated delivery time. In addition, you can pay with your card or in cash and even indicate the change you need. In addition, the app provides you with pre-made collections containing the newest places, the highest-rated places, and much more. It must be said that the application also has discount codes that work in your favourite cafes.

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  2. Door Dash

    DoorDashDoorDash – Food Delivery another food delivery app that isn’t as enormous as the previous ones but still has features that may impress you. The very first thing you notice when you start using this application is that it also delivers alcohol to your home. This is not the main purpose of the application, but it’s still a pleasing surprise, right? Also, this application changes its menu depending on what time it’s now.

    In other words, in the morning it is going to be the pickup for breakfast, then it is going to be lunch, and then dinner. Also, this app does its best to let you know precisely what to expect from each restaurant they work with. To be more precise, the app has a delight mode that rates restaurants based on various factors such as people’s comments, shipping time, and the price of the fee. The moderation in this app is also quite strict, so you can be sure that you’ll not find any false comments.

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  3. Grub Hub

    GrubhubGrubhub is the best restaurant choice food delivery app. It lets you easily order your favourite dishes from the restaurants you love. You can even order take-out food to pick up at your local restaurants. No matter what kitchen you crave, Grubhub has it covered. You can even join Grubhub + and get unlimited free delivery to nearby restaurants.

    It also gives you a 10% discount on every order. A 14-day free trial is also available for Grubhub + to explore its features. Grubhub supports all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Paypal, Grubhub, gift cards, etc. Grubhub also offers exclusive offers during meals and deliveries. You can even pre-order using an online food delivery service. It is also possible to reorder your favourite dishes. Grubhub also offers real-time order tracking. This way you can stay informed about the status of the order and the estimated delivery time.

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  4. Caviar

    CaviarCaviar is probably the simplest food delivery app. The interface is intuitive and clean. It offers a seamless dining experience no matter what you want. The app offers free one-time delivery for new users. Caviar not only delivers the food but also allows the user to pick it up from the restaurant. They have one of the best lists of restaurants from which you can order. You can even track the status of your order in real-time using the app. You will also see the expected delivery time. Delivery charges for caviar delivery services rely upon the distance.

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  5. Postmates

    PostmatesPostmates is the best food delivery app. You can order food from your favourite restaurants 24/7. From sushi to pizza, you can order any favourite dish with Postmates. You can subscribe to the unlimited membership plan to get free shipping on all orders over a minimum order price. You can even look at the popular places around you with the Postmates Party feature.

    Other, try Postmates Pickup for exit orders and avoid delivery charges. Like its competitors the app also at all times you to track the order in real-time. It supports payments on all major credit and debit cards and Apple Pay. You can even use online payment apps to make payment online for your food. In addition to food, you can even use party supplies, kitchen food, and more with Postmates.

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  6. Seamless

    SeamlessSeamless is another food delivery app that’s as impressive as giants like Grubhub. It is among the best options to recommend as they’re present in multiple cities of the U.S. and U.K. However, reach isn’t the only factor that makes Seamless worth trying. They also offer a big selection of foods from national restaurants and chains, irrespective of cuisine. With Seamless, you can order food at no extra charge and have access to contactless delivery. Plus, you can even choose to have your food ready for pickup if you’re on the way. It is also quite flexible in terms of payment methods, be it cash or others. Above all, Seamless is great at customer support and updates its app based on customer feedback. If you want an application that listens to your demands, Seamless is a wonderful choice.

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  7. GoPuff

    GopuffGoPuff Delivery is more than a regular shipping app, it’s a one-stop store for all of your services. Frankly, this app lets you buy everything from ice cream to alcohol to a phone charger. Speaking of shipping costs, they’re at all times the same and are minimum compared to others which is great. It must be said that the application offers many various search criteria.

    To be more precise, you can search by the name of the product and the company to which it belongs and by the brand. In addition, you can create collections with items that you would like to buy in the future and name them whatever you want. What’s more, the app also contains a good rating system so that you can scroll through the comment sections before buying something and be sure you want to spend money on it. Another advantage of this application is that you can order something for a certain time and thus be at home to receive it fresh.

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  8. Zomato

    ZomatoZomato is a famous brand that you have possibly already heard of. Most people know it as a search platform to search for restaurants and restaurants, and their reviews. Since then, Zomato has expanded its business model to include food delivery. That’s right, Zomato is officially a food delivery app that satisfies all of your cravings. However, Zomato doesn’t just offer food delivery. It also uniquely offers something of a social networking site for foodies using the app. You can search for restaurants, view reviews, and order food in one place. With availability in additional than 25 countries, Zomato has many markets covered.

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  9. Dunzo

    DunzoUnlike any other food delivery apps, Dunzo is a 24×7 delivery app that delivers anything to your door in 45 minutes. Whether it’s grocery delivery or shopping, Dunzo is the only delivery app you’ll ever need. One can order everything from Dunzo whether it’s your medicines, groceries, or food. One can order food online from restaurants near them and Donzo makes sure that it’s delivered in 45 minutes. Apart from delivering your food Dunzo also lets you ship your products around the city. Use Dunzo to pick up and drop laundry, get forgotten keys, send food from home to the office, or even deliver documents to customers.

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  10. Skip the dishes

    SkipTheDishesUnlike other food delivering apps, the SkipTheDishes app starts delivering food as early as 6 am and as late as 2 am. There are a wide range of food choices available on Skip from Chinese to Continental, you name they will deliver it. Skip also has a reward points program where foodies. All users start at the orange status and as they order they level up to gold status which provides them enormous discounts once a good amount of points are collected. One needs to order twice a month to maintain their status. Like other apps, Skip gives free delivery with a minimum order term and lets you track your food. Skip also accepts all kinds of payment methods like debit cards and credit cards.

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