Top 10 Gardening Apps For Android And iOS

The best and most precious apps for gardeners who continually want to see their gardens attractive and their plants thriving are those dedicated to gardening. Therefore, these applications assist you in managing and supply suggestions for the tasks you must from time to time complete to keep your garden attractive.

There are many various gardening apps available to help gardeners with their plantings. Some of these apps are designed to help with specific tasks, such as watering or fertilizing, while others provide general information about gardening. No matter what type of gardener you are, there is certain to be an app that can help you out.

Some of the most popular gardening apps include Gardening assistants, which helps gardeners keep track of their watering and fertilizing schedules; Plant identification apps, which helps gardeners identify plants; and Garden design apps, which helps gardeners plan and design their gardens. There are also a number of specialised gardening apps available, such as those that help with indoor gardening or hydroponic gardening.

By utilizing these apps, you receive premium perks. I’ve picked the top-notch apps that you should utilize. You receive complete details about the different plants. It will identify any plant for you even if you don’t know its name. Additionally, you can quickly monitor the health of every of your plants. You may collect numerous plants, their images, and knowledge in one app.

Best 10 Gardening Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Moon & Garden

    Moon & Garden

    Moon and garden is an incredible app for your garden that only uses biodynamics. If you are an organic addict, a good gardener, or in case, you haven’t excellent knowledge about the garden. So don’t worry, the moon and garden is the best app to teach everything about gardening. It has a lunar gardening calendar with a collection of millennium experiences correctly related to biodynamics.

    Plants are mainly dependent on lunar phases. Therefore it includes many activities such as transplanting, repotting, sowing, and harvesting. Use this app to see the phases of the moon, and it will also show you the zodiac sign.

    You can even see the weather forecast as you must maintain the garden in a good condition. Also, set reminders to take care of your garden, which will help you schedule your tasks. This app helps you make your garden organic and become your brilliant gardening friend.

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  2. Garden Tags

    Garden Tags - Plants & gardens

    Garden Tags is probably the greatest apps for gardeners that can make your garden charming. It will encourage you for getting planting, identify the plant types, and provides your advice so that you can manage your garden easily. Here you can record all the names of the plants that you have in your garden.

    After that, it will offer you information about your plants so that you can take care of your plant easily. However, you can even go for its premium version where it will give your certain task that’s related to the plants. You can watch different videos so that it’s going to be easy for you to complete the task. Make different notes and add your task so that it’s going to remind you all the time to do the task on time.

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  3. Gardenate


    Gardenate is the ultimate app that provides you with every type of garden information where you must grow plants and vegetables on your own. Here you can record all the information about your garden and it lets you sync the app on different devices. You can create a calendar list where you can grow plant herbs monthly according to the seasons.

    Make a separate list where you’ll add the seed name you want to grow and its buying amount. Here you can add your plants, and add notes about every plant where you must add the best varieties. It has a feature in my gardening where you can track all the planting growth and predict the date of harvesting of your plant.

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  4. Plant Story

    Plant Story™

    Plant story is the most useful app as it becomes your assistant and guides you every now and then on how to do gardening. You can know about the name of the plants, find out how to grow, fertilize and share all information with your friends. It is designed for all levels of gardeners. You can learn the tips to take care of your plant babies by watering and providing the required sunlight.

    Also, you can identify the disease if your plant is not healthy. By posting your photos of the plant in the app it will offer you a list of its name. Moreover, you can check the history of your plants at any time you want. However, you can go for its premium version that will give extra benefits and features.

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  5. Gardenize

    Gardenize: Gardening & Plants

    Gardenize is an easy and initiative tool that assists in how you can grow your plant easily. It mainly helps you to give numerous advice and tips that how you can grow your plants. Also, suggest different tips to make your plant healthy. All steps are easy to follow, make different notes and post photos of your plants.

    Also, connect with the other gardener’s lovers and invite them to see your charming gardening. Here you get every type of inspiration videos and blogs that will solve your all queries about the various topics with regard to your plants. Easily you can share your photos to your social media accounts.

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  6. Greg

    Greg: Easy Plant Care

    Greg is the simplest app; you can easily identify the plant name if you don’t know. Just take the snapshot and upload it into the app. It will make the custom watering plan according to the plant species, and sizes. Greg also gives you other important details about the plants.

    Once it will tell you the amount of water you must give then you must focus on the same plan. You need to set several reminders to give water to the plants on time. For any query, you can connect to the app and it will try to solve your queries easily. Also, you can join the community so that you get to know about the new plants.

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  7. PlantSnap

    PlantSnap - identify plants

    Plant snap is an utmost beneficial app where you can find various kinds of plants, and flowers, and how to grow and take care of them. They added different advice and tips on different plant species. It provides you with all the information you need for various species of plants.

    Click the picture of the plant, and then the app will show you the all information about the plant. You can make the collection list of your plant, add different photos, and knowledge about the plants, and flowers, and access it at any time you want. Take every type of information and learn the tips on how you can take care of your plants.

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  8. Veggie Garden Planner

    Veggie Garden Planner

    Veggie garden planner is a fantastic app that provides you with proper information. So that you can create your charming garden patch. In the start, you can use the app for free and see the features they provide. You can select the vegetable that coordinates with the weather and other things as well. However, it will provide you with all information about the vegetable patch and provide important information about the planting at your fingertips.

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  9. Candide

    Candide – For plant lovers

    Candide is the most famous app, and it’s perfectly free for all plant lovers. By getting numerous tips and tricks, you get great knowledge about gardening. You can quickly identify the type of plants and can ask questions if you have any queries.

    Also, you can follow your favourite gardeners and make new friends so that you can exchange information and photos with one another. Candide lets you take information about the best plant for you to grow in your home or garden. Make a list of the plants you want in your garden.

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  10. Gardenia

    Gardenia - Plant Organizer

    Gardenia is an excellent app that gives you the best information and numerous gardening tips and divides your task into easy. All functions are helpful. You get all the databases and different gardening tips such as watering, soiling, and other important information.

    Also, make your all plans and schedule the task that will remind you every now and then. This app also monitors weather where it gives you weather information based on the location and when the weather is typical, you can begin your gardening work.

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