Top 10 Plant Identifier Apps For Android And iOS

Plant identifier apps for Android and iOS are the most useful apps for identifying diverse types of plants and species. You can order your items online as well. As you can even take advice or tips from diverse scientists that will guide you on how you can make your plants healthy.

You can find out about the names and other information about plants that you didn’t know before. I used most of the apps, and after using some of the apps, I learned more about plants, nature, and other species.

You can, however, use any of the apps to make your garden adoring and exquisite. Also, you can order the items online and they’ll deliver to your doorstep. You can share your recommendations with others and seek advice from other app users. All information is correct, and you can even set a reminder for the tasks you need to complete during the day.

Top 10 Plant Identifier Apps For Android And iOS

  1. PlantNet Plant Identification

    PlantNet Plant Identification

    Plantnet is the best application where you can recognize the plant’s name just by doing photographing. It is the easiest for you when you haven’t botanist at that time and this app also plays a crucial role in diverse science projects. Collect the various photos of the plants the scientist will analyze them and you get to know about the evolution of the plant biodiversity and get tips on how you can preserve it.

    It will let you recognize the plants that are available in our nature. Plant net in fact makes a possibility that it’ll recognize the various species. It has the ability to recognize the various species and their genus. You can even reidentify the same observations that may be shared by you or by the other user. Also, you can select your preference flora so that you can access the app more quickly. Moreover, you can map your own observations and link them to many other factsheets.

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  2. Flora Incognita

    Flora Incognita - automated plant identification

    Flora incognita lets you identify the various plants and floras very easily, precisely, and quickly. The process of this app is so initiative. You just need to turn on the camera and click on the photos. After a few seconds, it will identify the plant that you truly don’t know.

    Even just not its name you can get further information about the plants such as its traits, other information, and how you’ll you can protect the species. It will automatically identify the species that are available mainly in Europe wild flora. You can create a list of the species, their observations and can export their functions as well.

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  3. iNaturalist


    iNaturalist is the most famous nature app that will aid you to identify the various plants and animals that are all around you. You can connect with a community of scientists and another naturalist who will help you to get to know about nature. This app is joined by the California academy of sciences and national geographic society. You can record or can share your observation and make quality data that can use by scientists.

    With this plant identifier app, the scientist would understand better and can find an idea of how they can protect nature. You can discover species that are new for you, as it does no matter it’s far or near. You can even record your observations and can share them with the community. You can take suggestions from the other users about the species you have seen.

    Also can help others to make them understand the species. However, follow the various projects that belong to smaller communities. Also, you can follow any other scientist who has a higher interest in nature and had already known about the various species.

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  4. Nursery live


    Having plants at your office or home looks very good but at the same time it makes your mood happier, you get fresh air as all toxins will be absorbed by the plants. In today’s world, we live far away from charming nature and there are limited parks near our apartments.

    So nursery life is a fantastic app where you can purchase different plants or flower plants. It will give the better shape of your gardening, as it includes different products and all are available online. You get the all requirements related to pots, plants, and other tools.

    As if you’re a beginner as a plant parent so this app will help you to give accurate knowledge about how you can look after and protect your plants. This app will guide you properly, you just need to follow all the steps.

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  5. Plant Story

    Plant Story

    Plant story is probably the greatest assistant plant identifier apps as it becomes your personal assistant. It will help you to identify the plants by clicking photos. As it will guide how you can grow your plants, how many times you must give water to your plants. You can take recommendations from highly experienced gardeners. Also, you can share your stories of growing plants with your friends.

    Put diverse alarms so that it’ll remind you to give water, repot, and what’s time to fertilize it. You can take the tips from the app as to care of your baby plant and get to know what are the necessities of your plants such as water or sunlight. You can even diagnose if your plants looking like unhealthy or suffer from any disease.

    Through advanced AI technology, it will recognize thousands of plants, flowers, or species. Anytime you can check the history, it has a really easy and easy interface. Although you can go for its subscription to access moreover beneficial features.

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  6. Groww

    Groww - the gardening app

    Grow is another beneficial plant identifier app for people who are deeply loved in nature and at all times want greenery in their environment. So here groww will assist how you can take care of your plants and provide them the best care. You must at all times follow the steps that make the plants healthier. You can even explore different plants, ornamentals, or vegetables.

    This app will plan all work that you must do in your day for taking care of your plants. Also, it would advise how you can fulfill your plant’s needs. When you are done with your task you must put tick and go for one more work.

    There are many activities that you must do to make the plants healthy such as trim, cutting, watering, or harvesting. If you have any doubt you can directly contact them it will definitely solve your issues. You can download the app for free, but if you need to add some features such as reminding you or assigning you a task you need to go for a subscription.

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  7. Merge Gardens

    Merge Gardens

    Merge garden is fabulous plant identifier apps where you can fulfill your fantasize of making the stunning garden of your preferred choice. You just must select fruits, plants, and other objects that make your garden adoring. It consists of some puzzles which you must solve in return, you’ll get rewards which you can use to make a design or decorate your garden.

    This game is so addictive and is perfectly free so you can download and can start accessing it from today. You can collect different items from all around the countries and make your garden attractive. You can give any type of design and can easily drag objects and place them in a right place. It consists full of fun challenges and puzzles which you must must play it once. Using this app you can even customise the garden things of your preferences and make it unique. It has listed every kind of things, objects, you just must locate it in a perfect place.

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  8. Gourmet Garden

    Gourmet Garden

    Explore and buy from the wide range of certified organic, zero contaminations vegetables, plants, fruits, and green leaf from this latest app named gourmet garden. As here very conveniently you can buy fresh produce and it will assure you that all the items that are shifted are freshly harvested.

    It also profers other delighted items such as high aroma spices, a collection of dry fruits, and lots of more. Although it will deliver all the items to your doorstep for free. You can even place reorder if you’re pleased with past orders. As you can select the items of your choice. It will transfer all the transactions perfectly safe and in a secured manner. By doing the shopping you can earn points every day. Also, go for referrals so that it’ll give credit for that.

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  9. Planta

    Planta - Care for your plants

    Planta is the best app if you’re exploring and making a fantastic garden. As here you get impressive and exquisite types of things that make your garden charming. You can mark the reminders such as watering the plants and lots of like that. It will guide you the type of plant you must keep as in sunlight or a room.

    This app will provide you with the full information as to how you can take care of your plants and make them healthy. Step by step it will guide and supply you with correct information. Although it includes a light meter so that you can give lights to the plant and no corner will be left. As if you don’t know much about the type of plants that are in your house so don’t worry planta will help you. With the help of planta app, you can scan your all plants and it will find its name. Here you get every kind of information so there isn’t any need to worry, contact any time and ask your queries.

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  10. Plant Diseases and Treatment

    Plant Diseases and Treatment

    Plant disease and treatment is among the useful apps that help you to find the problem about your plants that they’re suffering from it may be minor or major diseases. Basically, plants diseases occur because of viruses, bacteria, nematodes, and diverse other harmful diseases. It will provide you with terrific tips so that you can easily identify the disease that occurs in plants.

    Directly from the device, you can identify diverse diseases such as a shot hole, black knot, rust, and lots of more. Although you can easily access the app offline as well. Just download it from the shop and begin accessing it on your smartphone. However, you can contact them through e-mail if you facing some problems. It will definitely resolve your problem quickly.

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