Top 10 Pregnancy Apps For Android And iOS

Becoming a mom for the first time can really be full of excitement and questions about the baby. These apps not only answer every query and help us to keep a track of baby’s growth but also guides for fertile days if someone is planning for the baby. We can track our periods, ovulation cycles, health and plenty of more on pregnancy apps.

Here are some of the top-rated pregnancy apps available for both Android and iOS users. To make it easier for you to get these apps immediately, download links are provided at the end of every description. Do visit these links to find out more about the apps shown in this list.

Top 10 Pregnancy Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

    Pregnancy & Baby TrackerWith a rating of 4.8 out of 5, this pregnancy app with fantastic features to guide women during their pregnancy and after secures the first position in our list. Billions of ladies from different parts of the world have chosen this app to get updates with regard to their baby’s development day-by-day.

    There are thousands of videos to see the progress of baby’s limbs, articles to help women know more about pregnancy and tips to keep you and your baby healthy. We also get advice after the birth of a baby for the 1st year. Other features include contraction timer to record time, length and frequency of contraction (Labor pain). What to expect, helps women to monitor every action of their baby inside the womb. Keep an eye on baby’s growth day-by-day with this easy and straightforward app.

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  2. Flo

    FloSecond, on our list, we have another astonishing pregnancy apps that not only promises to help us throughout the pregnancy but also alerts us of our approaching periods, ovulation cycles, fertility days and safe days. We get tools like ovulation calculator to check fertile days to conceive baby, periods tracker which tracks our periods (regular or irregular), pregnancy tracker, to track the development of baby week-by-week.

    It has over 130 million users all over the world. We get graphs to examine our periods, flow intensity, length, ovulation, etc. This app also works as a fitness apps to track our health. Flu comes with lots of tips and articles to you and your baby safe. Women who wish to avoid pregnancy can use it to find their safe days. Download this multi-purpose app using the link shown below.

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  3. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

    Ovia Pregnancy TrackerOn number 3, we have Ovia pregnancy tracker with several features to help us track each and each movement of our baby inside. We can mark the pregnancy calendar for all the important dates, visits and all. This app provides us with graphs of the baby’s development. You can even take a look at breastfeeding apps to check breastfeeding tips. There are many articles (updated weekly) and videos available to guide women in these sweet days of pregnancy.

    Other features include kick counter, My Baby Names- where we came across thousands of names proposed for our baby, due date calculator, etc. There are filters for gender and letter available to take a look at nicknames for your baby. This app also helps us to track our blood pressure, sleep and other activities. Click the link below to find out more about this app.

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  4. Glow Nurture

    Glow NurtureGoing to become a mom, then you must be searching for an app which can guide you through this lovely phase. Glow, number 4 on our list is famous for helping out new moms with their confusions. This app includes 1500+ informative articles from experts. It has a separate section to track doctors, visits and other important things.

    It also incorporates hundreds of tips, advice, videos, etc. We can track our periods and calculate for save days to avoid pregnancy. Want to know the progress of your baby’s size? Download this app to get all of your answers for baby.

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  5. Hello Belly

    Hello BellyHello Belly is the next app on our list with features that enables us to track over the changes inside our body. Apart from tracking our baby inside, this app also helps us to keep an eye on our periods, ovulation and other important days. We can log in here our baby’s due date to get pregnancy tips and advice to keep baby healthy. The app also features due date calculate for baby to keep a countdown using countdown apps. Visit this app to look for other features using the link provided.

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  6. Baby +

    Baby +On number 5, we have Baby+ with an exquisite rating on Google Play Store and App Store. This app provides women with information with regard to their development of the baby week-by-week. It also provides tips to become a good parent. Apart from being a baby growth tracker, this pregnancy app also used as a health tracker to track one’s blood pressure, breathing rate, weight, calories intake, etc.

    You can check weight loss apps to lose your weight and track weight daily. We can calculate the baby’s due date with the calculator provided. Get everything you need to nurture your baby inside.

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  7. The Bump

    The BumpWhat to except baby bumps? Here on this app that comes seventh on our list, we get some new features that make it more interesting to track our baby’s progress. The pregnancy app provides a 3D visualization to check the baby’s growth. We are supplied with daily editorial articles, videos and other kinds of stuff related to pregnancy.

    We also get answers to our questions in no time. There are diet plans available for ladies to keep themselves healthy. It comes with perfect artificial intelligence app option which helps you during pregnancy period. Check out the link below to get this free app with no adverts at all.

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  8. Sprout Pregnancy

    Sprout PregnancyWant to save precious memories with your baby inside? This pregnancy apps, number 8 on our list, provides its users with opportunities to click photos using 3D camera apps and store this excellent phase of their life. There are charts provided to compare your baby’s size for hand and foot. Articles and videos help a lot to get through the queries of pregnancy. We can track changes in our body and count the kicks and heartbeats of the baby using the different features on this app.

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  9. Mind The Bump

    Mind the BumpThis is the 9th app on our list that works in a way to prepare us physically in addition to mentally to become parents. Newly-wed couples who are going to become parents for the first time can download this app. There is a range of exercises provided from the first day of pregnancy to train our mind and body fully to have a baby. We know that together with physical health, we need to train our mind in the direction to nurture baby with utmost care. It is easily available and free to download. Click the link shared below to find out this diet app.

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  10. Pregnancy Tracker – BabyCentre

    Pregnancy Tracker - BabyCenterThis is the last Pregnancy apps on our list which is developed by BabyCentre, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on both Play Store in addition to iOS Store. This app includes the features like Pregnancy tips, Fetal Development, different stages of pregnancy, an everyday pregnancy news feed, nutrition ideas, weekly checklists and plenty of more other things which are essential for the healthy growth of a pre-matured baby.

    It also includes a calendar of baby development which tracks the health and feeding of the baby from its mother. You can even use it as health coach apps to track your health. To get this strong and intuitive app, click on the link given below.

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