Top 10 Secure Messaging Apps For Android And iOS

Secure Messaging Apps for Android and iOS are the most useful tools for making sure complete security over your messages and calls. You have the option of making all your calls and messages private. You can even share files or data with others and sync the app with other devices.

I used some of the apps myself and found them to be beneficial. Some of the apps don’t require my phone number to log in. Furthermore, each app has its distinct feature that ensures your privacy is at all times protected.

Messaging apps help you to easily connect and begin to talk with new friends all over the world. There is a new way to start private and secure messaging with an encryption option. To use this feature you must must use perfect secure messaging apps on your android or iOS device. With the help of these secure messaging apps, you’re going to get end-to-end encryption for more security.

You can, however, form diverse groupings of friends and business partners. So you may quickly and safely share your files with your relevant groups. It will, however, provide you with many modes to keep the talks entertaining, in addition to end-to-end encryption.

Top 10 Secure Messaging Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Messenger


    Messenger is the best app that will secure your message in one place. You can use it for diverse purposes such as video or voice calls, text to anyone, and simply can access it anywhere you want. It also lets you connect to the friend who is on your Instagram. It has another unique mode that vanishes all messages after being seen by the two parties.

    Moreover, you can set the privacy on your messenger in this case particular person will reach you whom you want to talk to. It has different chat themes that make the chats adoring, also use emojis to make the chat more interesting. Although you can make the various chat rooms of many groups and can watch videos or photos together.

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  2. Secret Messenger

    Secret Messenger

    Secret messenger is a superb secure messaging app as it provides you the security of your all messages. It is quite simple to use to start safe chats with anyone. Although it is going to be end-to-end encrypted that provide privacy to your all message and no third party allow to see them.

    You can send messages to anyone and can easily place video or voice calls to anyone doesn’t matter how far it’s, you can call them. Along with text, voice and video call you can even transfer the files and videos to anyone. It is a safe and secure app where you can easily make new friends all around and do chats with them for free.

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  3. WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp Messenger

    Whatsapp messenger is a famous app as it’s end-to-end encrypted and no third party can view your messages. Even WhatsApp can’t see your messages. As here you can talk to or keep in touch with your family and friends. It doesn’t matter how far they’re from you. For better use of this app, you must have an online or wifi connection so that you can easily contact anyone.

    You just need to get the number and your login name then you can contact anyone all all over the world. Also, you can make the video or voice calls in prime quality. It also lets you make groups of your friends and relatives to start a group chat. Along with these, you can share your location with your friends or relatives so that they can easily reach you.

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  4. Element Messenger

    Element Messenger

    Element messenger is among the astonishing apps that will secure your all messages and you can even make a group or team communicate with one another on the same chat. It is an online app that provides an option to start communication with other users. It is a safe and secure app where you can chat with anyone. This app also provides an option to share your files with others and the receiver can securely receive them. It is an open network that anyone can send messages.

    It would let you maintain your data and any files according to your wish. As you can open your account and it will let you log in freely. You can easily share your screen, send or receive messages to anyone, do video or voice calls. Moreover, you can organize your all chats history in this app and it would secure and encrypted.

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  5. Wire

    Wire • Secure Messenger

    Wire is astounding secure messaging apps that will help you to start a secure chat with new friends for free. It also provides an option to send your files, calls, and message securely and make them private at all times. It will try to keep your all data and files privatized. You can make separate groups for doing voice or conference calls privetly with your friends. Along with these you’ll also have the ability to easily share your information and files with other parties or can send them in groups without any issue.

    You can set the time of the meeting so by just one click you’ll enter to your meeting and it is going to be starting on time. Also, you can invite your friends or partners to your conference call or on scheduling meetings. Although you can even increase privacy by adding fingerprint on your device so that it’ll secure your app more.

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  6. Silent Phone

    Silent Phone

    It is a shocking secure messaging app developed by Silent Circle, LLC that’s used for business purposes. This app is trusted by all the big business and government departments as well. You can make endless calls or send messages to the person whom you want to talk to all over the world. It is secure and provides a data encryption feature so you can easily share your data with anyone all over the world.

    Using this app you can make video calls in HD quality. Along with these, you’ll also get options to send every type of files such as in jpeg, pdf, Docx, or others for free. However, you can update the level of the app to increase the privacy of your information. You can even use dirty emoji apps to start sending funny and love emojis to your chat partner.

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  7. Telegram Messenger

    Telegram Messenger

    Telegram is the utmost perplexing app as it is really easy, easy, and quick that will secure your all chats, information and you can easily sync the app into other apps as well. By syncing to all the devices you can keep your data at all times safe and secure. Also, you can send or transfer limitless data or files to anyone or other devices.

    It also contains clouds where you can store your data safely and it can be accessed anytime anywhere on any device. This app is ideal for a private chat where you can create different groups for a better chat. All of your activities in this app are utterly safe and secure. It provides end-to-end encryption so that message can only be read by its intended recipient.

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  8. Teamwire

    Teamwire - Business Messenger

    Teamwire is among the great apps that is especially used for communicating with people through chats and calls. Using this app, you’ll fully secure all your messages and calls. You can even access it for other business things. Your all messages will be secure when you send the message in real-time. It is simple to use business messaging app with awesome usability. You can easily send or receive messages to anyone safely.

    Also, you can share your files and data without facing risk in the future. Although you can sync your app to other devices such as desktops or laptops so that you can access your data using any device. It secures all the information information in Germany with German cloud, private cloud, and on-premises solution options.

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  9. Session

    Session - Private Messenger

    Session is popular securing messaging apps that will at all times prefer you with proper security and privacy. It didn’t store your details so all details are perfectly secure and it will private at all times. You can easily log in to the app and begin messaging people or friends all over the world. It can even be used as cougar dating apps to start a date with your new friend.

    As here it doesn’t require any number to log in to the app, you can use the app without making any account. It won’t ever track your activities or your location so you can use the app without any stress. Also, you can make a group of many people and can start group chatting for free.

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  10. Signal

    Signal - Private Messenger

    Signal is another popular app for securing your all chats and calls in a really perfect manner. Always it updates the new features which you access it according to your convenience. Although it will make your message private and it doesn’t count privacy as an option. It is the fastest app that will send your message quickly even if your data is slow.

    Also, it doesn’t require any adverts or never traces your activities so you can freely access the app to communicate with the people around you. All videos and voices are of prime quality that never disrupt your communication. You can even customise the app at your convenience to make the best use of it such as disabling the noise and alerting you for the contact that’s newly added to the app.

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