Top 10 Strategy Games For Android And iOS

Strategy is an old game app type in human history. Nowadays, there are different strategy games which you can play on your cell phone which will enable you to utilize your mind in an effective manner and supply you a tremendous game-play experience. In this article I will cover ten of the best strategy games available today based on my own experience and interactions with other players. There is great collection of strategy game apps available for android and iOS users. You can easily pick your favourite one from this list and begin playing.

Strategy game is a best way to check your thinking ability. Whether it’s chess, any card game, board game or other strategy game. We are playing them on our computer device. Now in these days those games are also available for smartphone. You can simply find it and get it on your smartphone. Strategy game is an amazing way to test yourself and simply get how creative you are. Till now you know strategy games are available for android and iOS device. Now it can be hard to find a perfect one. So in this article we are listing best 10 strategy games for both android and iOS users.

Top 10 Strategy Games for Android and iOS

  1. ROME- Total War

    ROMEROME: Total War is a fantastic strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly. The main campaign of the game occurs from the year 270 BCE to 14 CE. It depicts the last centuries of the Republican period. You will one of three Roman families and conquer the historical world. As you progress, non-Roman factions will be unlocked. It has about 19 playable factions including North Africa, Egypt and the Greek cities. You can command your army and also manage the economic and religious affairs.

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  2. Grow Empire- Rome

    Grow EmpireGrow Empire- Rome is a popular strategy game with role playing elements developed by Game Station. You will play as a leader of the Roman republic known as Caesar. Your task is to conquer the civilizations in historical Europe. You will have access to army of Roman soldiers, heroes with special abilities, barbarian mercenaries and siege weapons. It has over more than 1500 waves to survive and over 120 cities to conquer. You need to defend your tower, upgrade your armies and unlock more than 18 skills as you progress.

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  3. Age of Ottoman

    Age of OttomanThis is a real time battle strategy game. You will enjoy the experience of controlling and commanding the Byzantine or the Turkish army. It has two different modes – single player mode and the local-area network PvP mode. As you win battles, you’ll earn income and also manage your income using money management apps. You need to upgrade your soldiers. By advancing in the battles, you keep on earning special powers.

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  4. Dominations

    DomiNationsDomiNations is an amazing multiplayer strategy game developed by Big Huge Games in the year 2015. The players can decide playing as one amongst the eight nations such as Chinese, French and any other. They need to undergo ages ranging from the Stone Age to the Space Age. You are required to expand the base. This game also provides single player campaign. Use your strategy and utilize full force of your army on this family game apps. It also allows you to form an alliance and have interaction in 50 versus 50 alliance warfare.

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  5. War Commander

    War CommanderWar Commander is a popular online multiplayer strategy game developed by Kixeye. It will deliver you a fully 3D battlefield experience. You need to lead your warships, tanks and launch strategic strikes against your enemies. The PvP multiplayer open world challenges make the game even more interesting. You will get access to heavy gunners, riflemen and rhino tanks in real time. With every progress you made, you get access to more powerful units.

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  6. Dawn of Titans

    Dawn of TitansHave the experience of commanding Gods and Armies in this online multiplayer role playing strategy game. It contains different Gods such as Zeus, Otis and Thor. Advance in the game and collect all of them. You need to conquer and rule the territories of your enemy and develop your empire. Win battles, equip more army and upgrade them. The 3D warfare makes the gameplay even more interesting to play. You can even connect with alliances and take part on daily events.

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  7. MechCom 3- 3D RTS

    MechCom 3MechCom 3- 3D RTS is another great game with attractive 3D graphics. The controls are very simple and intuitive. The game depicts the battle between two multination firms who went on a space exploration. They battle with one another to return to earth with resources. You will play the role of a military commander and join one of the two teams. It allows you to design your mechs to defeat the enemy. The game has got about 16 unique combinations of mechs.

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  8. Iron Marines

    Iron MarinesIron Marines is developed and launched by Ironhide Game Studio on 15th May, 2019. It is a real time and dynamic strategy game which will take you to unknown planets. The gameplay is immersive and interesting with some eye appealing art. You will command your soldiers, mechas and aliens with powerful abilities. You can easily change the strategy in between of a combat. This logic game app features gigantic monsters, special weapons, armies of robots and lots of others. The bomb strikes, mines and brave assaults make the game even more interesting.

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  9. Plague Inc.

    Plague IncPlague Inc. is a tremendous real-time strategy simulation game developed and published by Ndemic Creations. The player will create and spread a pathogen with the motive to destroy humans with a harmful plague. The HD graphics with fantastic interface makes the gameplay engaging. It has about 12 types of diseases and more than 50 countries to infect. You need to spread the disease before humanity finds the cure to it. This game is unique in its approach itself. It is largely the battle between you and the world which can even use as two player game apps.

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  10. Badland Brawl

    Badland BrawlThis game is interesting and straightforward to play with some epic actions. Create your team, select your tactics and brawl for victory. You must sling your clones onto the battlefield. You can brilliantly combine dozens of clones and take your opponent down. This party game app allows you to battle with friends and other players globally. In the journey, you’ll be collecting Badland eggs and upgrading all the characters of the game.

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So, these are some of the best strategy games available for you in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. You can try any of them that suit you.