Top 12 Best Adult Game Apps For Android And iOS

Who doesn’t like games? I believe nobody is there. From kids to adults all of us love to play games. Games aren’t only for youths, today there are games for each generation. So if you’re an adult and want to play games that will entertain you and then this article is for you where you’re going to get adult game apps for your smartphone.

In this article, I have listed the top 12 best adult games that won’t only offer you fun but also you’re a complete group can play these games. There are games for each theme such as drinking parties, couples in addition to you can play some of them alone. So let’s have a look at the top 12 adult games.

Top 12 Best Adult Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. iPassion

    iPassionWant to know more about your partner? If yes, then passion is the best way to do this. With this game, users can know their partners even better. As it’s a quiz game and couple game app, both the couple can use it and get closer to one another by discovering such things for better understanding of one another.

    You can use this great app to improve communication and increase the intimacy between you and your partner. As the levels up you’ll have to face more intimate questions which are quite interesting. Moreover, everything will be utterly hidden from others, so you don’t need to worry about your privacy.

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  2. Never Have I Ever

    Never Have I EverYou must have played this adult game apps before with your close friends but here there’s a twist. As compared to the classic game “Never Have I Ever” this application makes it more interesting let me tell you how? So firstly, this game is a package of over 100 questions, these questions are divided into three categories: party, fun, and dirty. So you can choose any category as per your environment.

    You can choose fun, for casual use at your college party, it’s a better option if you’re at drinking parties. On the other hand, the dirty category will make your fantasy mode on. So this app will be the most suitable choice for any occasion.

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  3. Truth or Dare

    Truth or DareWant an adult twist into the old truth or dare? Well, this app is designed to make your party time more interesting and thrilling. Here there are 9 different modes available so you can select either the classic one otherwise you can opt for the adult one. It can even be used as truth or dare apps to start the reality and dare game o your smartphone.

    So you can play it with your friends or with your partner. The dares will go a bit tougher to make your party crazier. So add a little bit of naughtiness to your parties with this game and make your night out crazy.

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  4. Evil Minds

    Evil MindsMake your parties never forgettable with this incredible adult party game. This app is essentially for groups of friends who are chilling at the weekend.

    The evil minds are the game where the players must solve the clues to guess the secret “Evil Word”.

    There are two modes to select from, it gives you 2000 plus evil words. And the better part is you can add your own words to challenge the opponent team. You don’t need to carry so much stuff in your bag to play this game just open the app and here you go!

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  5. Most Likely to Drinking Game

    Most Likely ToMake your drinking party epic with this game, it promises to transform your boring night out parties into crazy ones. This drinking game app not only gets you drunk but also makes your conversations unforgettable.

    It allows you to select from a broad range of questions and topics that are unforeseen for you, together with incredible game features.

    This is the most suitable choice if you’re searching for a crazy start to your party. If you want to play it with your partner then select the love and sexy cards or if you want it with your buddies then select the evil decks. Even you can create your custom cards to bring out your creativity.

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  6. Choices

    ChoicesOne game and plenty of stories to select from. Horror, drama, Romance everything available on one platform. Your choices matter here. Just download this app and play different stories.

    Variety of Stories to select from its roster and start your thrilling journey. You can expect a memorable adventure in this adult game apps. Currently, there are stories including fantasy quests, supernatural stories, and highschool romance. It can even be used as games like episode where you can choose any story and get a moment to experience your fantasy.

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  7. Chapters

    ChaptersHere you can choose your path in this game, and you can even write a story on your own. It is an adult mobile game with an addition of fun that will be slot in your everyday mood.

    Here you can select from a wide collection of stories such as fantasy, romance, drama, young adult, and even comedy. Also, chapters let you make your own decisions with its unique storyline feature. If you want to make your own love story then you can use love story game apps on your smartphone.
    Keep in mind that the ending of this game depends on your decisions and choices so think before making any decisions.

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  8. Moe! Ninja Girls

    Moe! Ninja GirlsThis is a full-scale love game that’s distinctive from other anime, manga, or Japanese romance dramas. Not only is it unique but also this game is quite pleasurable.

    You will get a virtual school life environment to get closer to your selected girl or boy. You can make your choices in this android based game. Here you’ll face a strange twist of destiny which will take you to the “Ninja Seeking Club” that’s organized in your school. Unmask your true rogue ninja identity here.

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  9. Secrets

    SecretsThis adult game for android device lets the player choose his narrative stories with his partner to experience thrilling dramatic stories, fantasies and reveal their most intimate romantic side.

    Here you are allowed to make your own decisions and alter the whole gameplay. This simulation game will make your journey memorable through its features. You can flirt with a brilliant hot lecturer, meet up with a vampire prince and even hang around with adolescent friends of your grade school. Customize your appearance by choosing your wardrobe in this secret dating app.

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  10. Love Island

    Love IslandIn this game, you’re going to take part in a reality tv show and become a part of the love island game. You can select from a broad range of interactive stories as per your mood and the way you want to play this party game app. You can customise and create your character in this game.

    Moreover, there’s an thrilling twist in that there are female characters in this game. In this fictional season, you can choose any girl character to make your summer vacation more romantic. Here you can control the entire drama and make your love story creative. So what are you waiting for? Bring a little bit of romance in your summer holidays with insane love.

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  11. Recolor

    RecolorRecolor is another great adult game apps for android and iOS. It is a perfect adult coloring apps developed by Sumoing Ltd where you’re going to get an option to color to overcome stress. It has listed more than 5000 unique adult coloring pages. You can simply choose any of them according to your interest and begin coloring for free.

    One of the best features of this app is to provide an option to choose a page created by your favourite artist or simply upload it from your gallery to start coloring. All coloring pages in this app are listed in several categories. You can simply choose them and begin coloring on your smartphone for free.

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  12. Kink Match

    Kink MatchKink Match is a perfect adult puzzle game app for android and iOS users where you’re going to get sexy quiz games. It is q naughty quiz game for couples developed by Matching Quiz Games LLC which can be used for free. Whether you are in a new relationship or have been married for years, it can be used by anyone. You can easily understand how kinky you are with your partner.

    Using this app you’ll have the ability to spend more time with your partner and play fun games for free. One of the best features of this app is to provide an option to take a love quiz or an attractive survey. This a is available with both free in addition to app to buy option. You can simply choose any of them and begin playing adult games.

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