Top 12 Facemask Apps For Android & iOS

In the past taking pictures is not so common, we must tell others to take our picture. But now everything has changed totally. Today with a selfie camera we can take thousands of pictures without any help. And day by day it’s getting interesting with innovations. People love to use other apps to improve their selfie and make it more creative. You can easily use facemask apps on your android or iOS device and get funny photo editing option.

Not just a fantastic picture but also there are apps to make your selfies funnier or prettier. There are apps available to offer you special masks. So this post is all about finding the best face mask apps for your Android and iOS device.

If you know that Instagram recently introduced live effects for your photos, which can be used anytime to create lovely or unique selfies. If you don’t want to use this feature, or if you want something more than this then take a look at these 12 best face mask apps for Android and iOS.

Top 12 Facemask Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Snapchat

    SnapchatFirst and my favourite facemask apps on this list is Snapchat. Here you can find numerous masks, you can chat with other users, create pictures with interesting and straightforward features and share them with your friends.

    Some of the filters can make your face funnier or cuter by changing the features of the face. You can choose any filter or mask as per your requirements. With snapchat, you can’t only chat with strangers or your friends but also you can video call them.

    You can add features of animals on your face through this app to make your selfie more funnier. Also you can make your face prettier by using lovely effects. There are filters like eyeglasses, dog face and games available. After making selfie you can share your pic with your friends within snapchat app.

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  2. Avatoon

    AvatoonFind Which cartoon character looks like you with this avatoon facemask apps. This snapchat filter app has recently become popular because of its interesting cartoon creating features. It will show a 3D emoji or some other character who precisely looks like you.

    This app lets you easily create a cartoon avatar that makes your easy pictures at peace. So have fun and make your photos more interesting rather than boring selfies.

    After creating an avatar, you can change its background, pose, facial expressions and plenty of more. Edit your picture until you get certified with it. It also lets you change your eye or hair color and garments.

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  3. MomentCam

    MomentCamWant to make lovely caricature without artistic skills? Here you can create cartoons with different features and without any particular skill. Now you don’t need to ask any professional to create any cartoon.

    With this app, you can change the appearance, add something in your picture, otherwise you can express your emotions with emoticons. You can even use it as cartoon yourself apps to create cartoon face for free.

    However, one thing is worth noting. There are paid elements in some of the editing categories. You must buy a subscription to use them. But the essential features are enough to create your unique caricature.

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  4. Face Swap

    Face SwapChange your face look with someone else in no time! Become a zombie or an astronaut or some cartoon character with the Face Swap app.

    This app is totally automatic, which means it directly sets your face into another without the need of placing your face into a frame or highlighting any areas of your face. Just one portrait and face Swap will change it in an uncommon image.

    How does it work? Face Swap uses a classy face recognition app algorithm which will automatically detect your face. Then paste it into a form of image or mask which you have chosen. However, this process is quite timely; you can’t try masks in a row.

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  5. Face Blender

    Face BlenderAnother best app for creating selfies, with the face Blender app you can swap your face into any other picture. The better part about this app is it doesn’t require too many controls and time to create pictures.

    You can simply create an image by just selecting a picture, then choose any template for blending the image on that. Face Blender offers a broad range of templates from an astronaut to a cartoon character.

    More than this you can add any picture from your 3d camera apps roll if you don’t want the existing templates. You download this app for free on play store.

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    MRRMRRDo you think it’s a typo? Well, no, it’s the actual name. This face mask app offers you numerous cool filters. Powered by deep, this facemask app offers numerous real-time masks and filters.

    You can pick from 4 categories that include masks, filters, emoji and effects. With this app, you can be Donald Trump, animated emoji or Kanye West. This is feasible because of the algorithm of real-time face tracking.

    MRRMRR can even be use as emoji app to captures every facial movement then creates a distinctive emoji. The masks in this app are in a broad range such as sunburn, rainbow drool, goth, cat ears and soda cap etc.

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  7. Real Rage

    Real RageInitially, Rage comics are among the best comics to laugh. They have made internet users laugh through lots of interesting characters. These characters have hilarious facial expressions which makes everybody laugh.

    Real rage offers sellers death like other face mask applications. However, there are numerous versions of real rage and this one is free and it contains advertising. If you don’t want an advertisement in the middle then you can purchase a paid subscription.

    In this sticker maker apps you can get stickers of popular characters, they’re more than 150. However, there are variations with hair colors because this app doesn’t detect your hair color automatically.

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  8. LOL Movie

    LOL MovieNext is lol movie app, the name already gives you an insight about this facemask apps. This fun app offers you features to create hilarious looking videos. You can make pranks with your friends with this prank app otherwise you can experiment with many various looks.

    Moreover, you can use different effects and alter your face. As well as you can change your voice in the video. Create a distinctive atmosphere in your video by adding music and effects. Overall it can be used as a funny video editor.

    After creating funny videos you can instantly share it with your friends in this app. Or you can upload on your social media platforms to make others laugh.

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  9. Banuba

    BanubaTransform the social network stories into video selfies. Banuba app lets you make your pictures totally different. You can see a new change in every video beyond your recognition.

    What about selfies? Yes, you can take pictures on this face mask apps. Here you also get options for free and paid filters and masks. You can use a trial subscription to use premium filters.

    From huge cute eyes to touching masks like Nut everything is here. In your selfie videos, you can change your voice to make it fun and make your friends laugh. Banuba lets you change the background of your image into another country or funny picture.

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  10. Cupace

    CupaceAnother fun app which offers you a brilliant facemask apps. Unlike e Snapchat app, it lets you extract faces from any image manually and then paste them into any other picture.

    In just three steps you can totally change your face. That is cut a face then choose any image and paste that face at the image. We can even use this app as a face cutting tool. It has a magnified view so that you’re going to don’t miss any part of your face.

    After completing you can share your work with your friends through social media. Everything is okay but lack of auto face detection is the downside of this photoshop alternative app.

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  11. Faceover

    FaceoverChange your face looks in just a blink! Faceover will make you surprised by its fast effect. Just choose the mask or affect and it will change it accordingly in just a second.

    The transformation will make your face totally changed even if your friends take time to recognize it’s you.

    Interestingly it also offers you a moustache mask which makes your face funnier if you’re a girl. Once you click the image you can save it on your phone simply. You can share this on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and so on.

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  12. YouCam Fun

    YouCam FunLaugh with your friends on funny pictures. Create your funny images with your Fun app. Take pictures with a snapshot application then add many various effects by using YouCam Fun.

    This fun app lets you change the background of your picture or video, add text, transform your face and use a mask in addition to effects. The better part is here you’ll get a broad range of masks and effects.

    With YouCam fun you can add live stickers and other characters otherwise you can even change the small details. Some masks will change your whole appearance beyond recognition.

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