Top 12 Love Story Games For Android And iOS

Do you love to read love stories, or love to stream love story movies? Have you ever thought you create your own love story with your own characters? If yes and not able to do this because of many various reasons then don’t think it now. Now it is feasible to make your own love stories on your smartphone. By using love story games you’ll be capable to make your own love story for free. Read this article for more information.

In this busy world full of tension and headache mobile games are something that relaxes our minds for some time. So many of us love to discover and play thrilling games. And love games are something that has a special place in our hearts. No matter if you’re a teenager or a young girl we all love romantic stories.

So, now you may have guessed what this article is all about. In this post, I have listed the top 12 love story games crammed with romance, adventure, and thrill. Let’s begin this list with my all-time favourite love story game.

Top 12 Love Story Games For Android And iOS

  1. Choices

    ChoicesThis one is my all-time favourite app, love story games app allows the users to choose interactive stories as per their choice. It has an excellent design that gives you a seamless gaming experience throughout the day. This app offers a broad range of stories.

    You can pick from Romance to science fiction or legendary tales and plenty more. Keep in mind that in each story you must make wise decisions. Choices allow the user to create their favourite characters with whom they can experience romantic, breathtaking stories.

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  2. My Candy Love

    My Candy LoveWith this game, you can create your own love story as per your choices. With each decision, you’ll be one step ahead in your story. In this episode like game you’ll meet different characters like you, you can even communicate with them or try to seduce them.

    With the help of in-built dialogue, you can confess your feelings, this makes it easier to evoke your reciprocal feeling. The perfect thing about this game is you can select any character as per your liking even although there’s an option to choose your character’s zodiac sign. More than there’s an option to change the outfit of your character.

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  3. Love Choice

    Love ChoiceIf you are passionate about romantic stories then give a hit to this romantic game. Here you’ll find an excellent collection of varied interactive episodes in one place. All the episodes are someplace connected with your life.

    This game is all about finding real love by making your own decisions. Just select any interactive story, create your storyline crammed with drama, thrill, romance, and begin chat with strangers. You can even develop intense relationships with popular characters. Keep your romance on and discover the best ending.

    Also, you can change outfits and customise your avatar in this game. Love choice is a combination of affection, romance, thriller, and adventure.

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  4. Moments

    MomentsIn this game, you would be a part of thrilling stories. You must make your decisions wisely because the situations are going to be very tough. Even you can’t judge the intentions of your partner and friends. If you are thinking about writing your own story or novel then the moments game will be an appropriate option for you.

    You can create your own stories with any character you like in this fun app. Just play this game and you’ll become the creator of your novel. With this game, you can test your story writing skills by forming unique stories.

    With this game, you can meet the characters of popular novels. You can share the best moments of this game with your friends.

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  5. Mystic Messenger

    Mystic MessengerThis game was launched in the year of 2016 as a Korean mobile romance game.

    Here you’ll be going to play the role of the main character. The other players will interact with you with a group named RFA. All the players can interact with your character through texts, chats, and phone calls. The phone calls are recorded in a Korean voice.

    Along with that the chat rooms, in addition to the phone calls, will work on the standard time in Korea.

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  6. Romance Fate

    Romance FateIn this game, you’ll be going to decide everything, make your own story, find your love, and experience romance with this game. Romance destiny is crammed with romantic stories, thrilling adventures, and lingering romance. You can even use it as body chat apps and begin a romance with your new friends.

    Just choose any interactive story from the collection and begin your love journey. You can fall in love with anyone, it can be a vampire or a playboy billionaire, or possibly a sea’s lost daughter. You can customise your character in your favourite style.

    Your choices will directly impact your path so choose wisely and make your ending as you want.

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  7. Teenage Crush

    Teenage CrushAttention to all the teenage girls! If you love to read love stories then you must try the teenage crush game. In this game, you won’t only read a love story but also you can be a part of it. In this girl game app, you’ll experience highschool love and plenty of more things.

    Moreover, This game is specifically designed for teenagers who love to read adventure stories. Along with that, you can pick from a broad range of storylines to create your own story. All the characters in this game are attractive. You can choose anyone and create your own adventurous love story. It has excellent visuals and tricky choices that make this game more interesting.

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  8. Eldarya

    EldaryaIf you are searching for an anime-style love story game then Eldarya deserves to be your choice. It is an thrilling, intriguing, and top-ranked love story app. Moreover, this game lets you plot the characters and provide them diverse tasks as you want.

    To play this adult game app, Just connect your character with the other character to observe the relationship. You will get surprises in every part of the game so, be ready to face all. Keep in mind that the ending of this game depends on your decisions. Also, the controls of this game are quite simple to understand.

    So if you like to experience life around magical creatures otherwise you like otome games then do try the Eldarya game now.

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  9. Love 365

    Love 365Looking for some romance? Love 365 is a place where you’ll get the heart-pounding original love stories. You can pick from 300 attractive men to date and Romance in this game. You can choose a new guy daily or stick with one is up to you.

    It offers more than 5000 episodes and stories with interesting situations which is impressive. With this couple game app, you can experience first kisses that will melt your heart. bring a new joy to your life with this thrilling game.

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  10. Neighbour Love Story

    Neighbor Love StoryHave you ever fall in in love with your neighbour? Let’s enjoy the love between two neighbours with this excellent app. Neighbour love story you can make your own stories, your romance and your life. You can even use it as cheating dating apps to start dating your neighbours.

    Your choice will influence your love story in addition to affect the journey of your character. This game will take you into a world of romance. Along with that, there are numerous interactive games for teenage girls. You will play this game as a young girl, finding love in this world.

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  11. Episode

    EpisodeAnther best love story game is crammed with lots of entertainment. You can play this love story games for long hours even without becoming bored. Each episode has its excitement, it will keep you stuck with the game throughout the day.

    You can play this game as a girl character or fall in love with an excellent magician. It has Some stories are more than simply cute love stories, in which you’ll fall in love with a gangster. The better part is you can create your own story and share it with your friends.

    Episode offers an excellent platform to share interactive stories. So that you can read or write your own favourite stories here.

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  12. Tabou Stories

    Tabou StoriesTabou stories is a game that’s filled with lots of drama, passion, and romance. Create your own story with this great no wifi game. You can play the main character whom you have watched on tv shows. You need to make the right choices, dress up in your favourite outfit, and begin your story.

    There is an excellent collection of thrilling stories so that you can enjoy your dream. together with that, there’s a tremendous collection of thrilling chapters. You can pick from a broad range of stories including drama, romance, and even LGBT-friendly stories.

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Final words

I hope this post helped you to find the perfect love story game for you. Choose. Your favourite love story game and Don’t just read romantic novels and stories become a part of them.

All of the above-mentioned games are available for iOS and android both.