Top 12 Racing Game Apps For Android And iOS

If we speak about mobile gaming then racing games are amongst all other games. People who like extreme competitive things love to play racing games. It comes with tons of options and customizations. Along with that racing games provides you with real-life experience by utilizing the accelerometer of your phone as a steering wheel. If you love racing and wants to start racing on your smartphone then you can use racing game apps on your smartphone.

Along with that it comes with other control methods, however, tilting the phone is among the classical methods of mobile racing. What’s more? Racing games come with a superb selection so that you can choose free to play option or go for premium ones.

So, if you’re looking for the best mobile racing games in 2021 then you must read this post. I have listed the top 12 racing games that are available on android and iOS.

Top 12 Racing Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Asphalt 9

    Asphalt 9Gameloft recently launched this new racing game, Asphalt 9 also stands in the latest most popular asphalt franchise. With this strategy game, you can experience solid mechanics, excellent graphics, and a ton of wonderful content to play on your phone.

    Asphalt 9 offers over 800 events, monthly and weekly events in addition to online PVP action. You can select from 50 cars together with diverse upgrades and plenty of more features. However, it has a little extra aggressive freemium strategy as compared to other racing games.

    Overall if you’re trying to find a racing game with the best graphics and a good arcade racing title then you must try this one.

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  2. Traffic rider

    Traffic RiderAre you a fan of arcade-style motorbike riding? If yes then Traffic Rider is just for you. This game is probably the most popular first-person motorbike games. However, Traffic Rider is a bit old game, but it was probably the greatest games of 2016 on the app store list.

    The gameplay is just similar to the name of the game. Here you’ll ride through congested traffic as a bike rider. You must make high scores by riding through the heavy traffic without any accidents. As a reward you’ll get points, you can use them to buy new bikes or unlock other equipment.

    With this game, you can participate in fun missions in addition to diverse game modes. The existing career mode of this game is worth playing.

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  3. Mario kart tour

    MarioBefore the success of Call of Duty, this game held a large record of popularity amongst the youngsters. The Mario Kart tour offers many features rather than other racing games. In this racing game you can compete in numerous races, select from a number of racers, together with that there are numerous game modes available

    What’s more? It also supports multiplayer mode, which was recently updated in mid of 2020. You can collect karts, drivers, badges and much more. Earn grand stars by taking part in racing. To receive extra karts and drivers you must fire off the pipe.

    Along with that, there’s an option to display your badges that you have earned by completing certain challenges just next to your name.

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  4. Race the sun

    Race The SunAnother best bike racing game, race the sun is made for people who would like to challenge the sun. You must control the solar-powered glider in this game. You will face challenges daily as the name describes. In this family game app, the sun will be your death timer and you must survive as a solar-powered craft.

    What’s more? You can upgrade your craft by winning the challenges, you must learn to adopt new techniques as the world changes daily. There are global and native leaderboards where you can compete with your friends and other players.

    There will be 25 levels you must complete objectives so that you can unlock the upgrades and new levels.

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  5. Bike Race

    Bike RaceAn awesome option to get rid of boredom even without the internet. The bike race is an Android game and you can download it for free. You can participate in thrilling bike racing with millions of other racing fans.

    Moreover, the gameplay of this racing app is addictive, it offers many features that involve you in this no wifi game. There are new game modes and tournaments available. You can switch for the multiplayer mode to race against millions of racers. You can even use single player mode to train yourself and improve your bike racing skills

    Along with that, the bike race game allows the users to experience cool stunts, select from tons of bikes and high-quality graphics also worth mentioning.

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  6. Hovercraft

    HovercraftOne more great bike racing game that offers a crossroad stuffed with colourful and blocky hovercraft. The Hovercraft game offers you a classic racing experience, but the game’s crafting aspects make it more fun and interesting.

    The smartest thing about this racing game is, it lets you design your vehicle, you can add weapons to it and customise it to fit your driving style. Hovercraft has many attractive features, there’s a multiplayer survival mode that enables you to play with your friends online.

    Along with that, you can equid at least 6 weapons at the same time, otherwise you can select from thousands of combinations to load it.

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  7. Gear.Club

    Gear.ClubGear. club is probably the greatest racing games for mobile. It is developed by Eden Games, a known game studio and introduced many popular games like PCs and test drive unlimited on consoles. However, if we speak about the game design, it has an attractive look that’s barely available on any other iOS app.

    The gameplay of this racing app is quite interesting, it offers a simulation-style approach to the players. I like its free to play model. In this two player game, you’ll compete with a roster, they will be probably the greatest racing cars. And they look the same as they look in the real world.

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  8. Need for speed

    Need for SpeedDo you Like street racing? If yes, then need for speed worth playing. The developer of real racing 3 has introduced this as another great racing game. So you don’t need to worry about the design and gameplay at all.

    What’s more attractive is, here you can build your dream ride with a broad range of customizations and popular cars. You must win races to get points and unlock cars so that you can kick into more races in this logic game app.

    Moreover, there are in-app purchases available so that you can unlock new cars and features. You can select from a broad range of real-world cars, together with that you can customise them as per your needs.

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  9. Horizon chase

    Horizon ChaseLooking for something more retro style? If you had played arcade racing games in your childhood days like outrun, then horizon chase will offer you a flashback experience. It offers 16-bit style graphics together with great touchscreen controls. To keep you engaged in the game it offers fresh gameplay.

    Do you know? Horizon Chase was probably the most popular racing apps of 2015. It has great retro-inspired graphics, also it offers dozens of tracks, a number of cars and much more.

    The smartest thing about this app is, it has android tv support. Also, you can play it with most game controllers, it has an online multiplayer mode for a more thrilling experience.

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  10. Torque drift

    Torque DriftAnother thrilling racing game apps that offers drift cars and drifts real formula to all the car racing fans. Torque drift lets you build your car, earn sponsors, customise the paint job and compete with other players across the world through multiplayer mode.

    You must win races and battles to become a drift king in this game. It also offers twitch integration. Along with that, there are special features available you can access them by logging in from the main menu.

    Torque drift offers features such as limited-time events, viewer rewards, you can receive subscriber rewards, freestyle events to reduce the lag spike.

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  11. Bike Stunt Racing

    Moto Bike RacingWant to play bike simulator games on your mobile for free? Well, bike stunt racing is just for you. It offers incredible stunt bike games that are world-famous.

    In this racing game, you’ll perform thrilling stunts and tricky tracks with your motorbike. The developer adventure Jima apps have presented impossible bike stunt racing and the tricky racing rider game before. This brain game app is specifically made for simulator category fans.

    Bike stunt racing lets you perform insane extreme motorbike stunts over impossible tracks. You can collect coins by performing cool stunts. The game offers challenging and thrilling stunts every day.

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  12. Racing Xtreme

    Racing XtremeDo you like to watch extreme races? Racing Xtreme is probably the greatest racing games that enables you to experience extreme races on your mobile. This racing game apps lets you drive monster trucks, you can even ride them over huge jumps.

    The gameplay is also extreme, here you must compete with your rivals in fire breathing monster truck races. It offers a monster truck racing simulator which gives you a more thrilling experience. The smartest thing is, you can select from over 30 extremely powerful monster trucks.

    Along with that racing, Xtreme supports 3D visuals so that you can enjoy the monster truck stunts and thrill. You can even use it as mudding game apps to start racing on mud with your friends.

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