Top 12 Sticker Maker Apps For Android And iOS

Sticker is probably the most popular and modern ways to start to talk with your family and friends. Using popular stickers, you can easily express your feelings. Sometimes we not be capable to find the best sticker which we want in that case we all want to make our own sticker. Now it can be a big challenge how to make it? Keeping these problems in our mind our teamwork on it and filtered out the best 12 sticker maker apps for android and iOS users. You can simply read this article and pick one from them to start making the best stickers on your smartphone for free.

Nowadays, Sending stickers while chatting is a new way of making textual conversation more fun and interesting. What if I say, now you can add a personal touch to your stickers? Or you can make your customized avatar in only a few steps?

Well guys, today I’m sharing the top 12 sticker maker apps that offer you great features and a large collection of stickers, memes and GIFs. You can create personalised animated stickers and memes to share on your social media platforms and well-known messenger apps.

Let’s begin this list with the most popular and great sticker maker apps for android and iOS users.

Top 12 Sticker Maker Apps For Android And iOS


    Sticker lyLet’s begin with probably the most popular sticker maker apps. You can use this app to create uncommon stickers for numerous messengers.

    When you download this app, you’ll see several stickers that are already made by users across the world. However, if you want to make your stickers or emojis you can even create them and post them on this platform. The smartest thing is you can earn points every time a user downloads your sticker. You can use these points for unlocking more corrections.

    What’s more? allows users to create stickers with different fonts. You can even add letters to your emojis with this app.

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  2. LINE Creators

    LINE CreatorsNext up is line creators studio, this app lets you produce your emoticons and then sync them with any well-known messenger app.

    To make it easier for everybody, this app functions easy. So that anyone can create stickers and write dialogues easily. You need to follow a straightforward method to create stickers. Just add the image on this app, then mark whatever you like to be on your emoticon and this app will automatically erase the extra part.

    Also, you can sell the artistic stickers that you have produced with this app.

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  3. PicsArt

    PicsArtPicsArt is a platform where you can edit your photos and create a collage with lots of devices. Now you can create your emoticons with this app.

    Primarily this app is not built for making stickers. But now it offers lots of great features and tutorials to build stickers. One more remarkable thing is it enables the users to create stickers with hundreds of free templates. Plus, it lets you replace the background of your shoot and you can replace it with any other pic.

    Overall, if you want to create stickers and emoticons with great features and free templates you can go for this app.

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  4. Mirror

    MirrorAn amazing face emoji meme generator is now available on your Android and IOS devices. Mirror app helps you to create animated stickers and bitmoji for your WhatsApp.

    With this app now you can add new stickers to your standard keyboard stickers. This app lets you use smart emojis in your chatting otherwise you can share it on your social media through stories and messengers. You can customise avatars for your android phones such as google pixel, Samsung, Huawei and more.

    I like its facial recognition feature. You just need to click one picture and this app will easily create a big avatar.

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  5. Sticker Maker

    Sticker MakerThis one is the first sticker maker app built for WhatsApp. This app is developed by Vico & co. You can download this app from the google play platform. Sticker maker is a compatible app with all devices so that it works wonders on all of your devices. You can create your stickers pack by using your photos or numerous cut-outs.

    Sticker maker allows the user to create stickers from WhatsApp, and you can send them to your friends, family and other contacts. Just follow 4 easy steps to create yours. First, select a name for your pack, add stickers, cut the extra part if you wish to, now publish the pack. And that’s how it works!

    However, it’s essential to use the updated version of WhatsApp, so that you can enjoy the features of this sticker maker app.

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  6. StickersApp

    StickersAppThere is no need for an introduction to this app, its title is enough for showing its purpose. StickersApp lets you create, share your stickers and memes with your family and friends.

    Firstly, this application enables the users to build emoticons with numerous features and share them on well-known messengers. Moreover, the stickers app offers a broad range of emoticons, just tap on it and upload to any messenger app you like. You can even create stickers by using your pics.

    What I like the most about this app is, all of your stickers will be assembled in one place. You can organize them in sets if you want. Along with that, you can draw something on this app and it will transform it into emoticons.

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  7. DoComi‪x‬

    DoComixAre you interested in rage comics? Want to make your personalised rage faces? If yes then Docomix is just for you. It lets you create rage memes, comics and trolls. You can create any sticker with your funny ideas. This app offers many features so you can create anything with ease.

    This app offers free packages, text bubbles, background, different text sizes and fonts and lots of more. You can even edit the text color or add custom text in images. It lets you use your phone camera to take selfies for editing.

    Along with that, you can share your comics, memes, stickers with your friends and shut ones on numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and the docomix website.

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  8.  Pixchange Studio

    Pixchange StudioAnother great app that alters and creates emoticons for well-known messengers. Pixchange Studio enables the users to remodel their shots into unique emoticons. These emoticons can be mailed in your everyday texts.

    This app offers numerous ways to create emoticons. To start, first, select a shot of your favorite shot, then mark a spot where you want to be on the sticker. Now tap on a magic wand that’s it. Also, you can mark something by yourself, you can blur the borders also.

    Ultimately, if you’re looking for an app to create your personalised emojis to e-mail on your messengers, then stickery is the right choice for you.

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  9. Aviator

    AivatarAnother app that allows the user to create stickers and emojis with their selfies. Aviator lets you share stickers on your messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. Just custom the emoji keyboard and send your favorite stickers with just a tap

    Moreover, with the aviator app, you can make your emoticons and stickers in any camera app. What you need to do is, just take a selfie and customise your appearance. Now select from numerous stickers from your collection and send them in any messenger app.

    With the search option, you can easily find reactions, situations and emotions.

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  10. GIF Stickers

    GIF StickersAn amazing app that offers cute, fun and animated stickers. You can use the GIF stickers app to create and share astonishing stickers every day on your Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. With this chatting app, you can easily and quickly send stickers from more than 150000 cute and funny stickers.

    However, you can create your stickers by following 3 easy steps. Also, you can use a smart search option and find your perfect stickers. There is a large sticker library that lets you browse from 150000 animated stickers.

    In addition to that, there’s a sticker studio that enables you to customise your GiF stickers.

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  11. GIPHY

    GIPHYWant to discover a new variety of stickers, memes and GIFs? Giphy app has a large library of free stickers, you can create your stickers also.

    What’s more? It has the world’s largest library of stickers, memes and everything is free. You can even use it as search engine apps to quickly search for any stickers or GiFs and share them with your friends on any social media app like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

    There is a GIF camera that lets you record your personalised GIF otherwise you can upload any video, picture or GIf from your mobile gallery. So bring new fun in your textual conversations with this great sticker maker app.

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  12. Sticker Babai

    Sticker BabaiLooking for some Telugu stickers? Here you go with this great sticker Babai app. This sticker app is probably the most downloaded apps for unique Telugu stickers. With more than 3500 stickers and enormous categories such as movies, social media memes, trolls, heroes, festivals, daily wishes and plenty more.

    Sticker Babai is a small app with only 5 MB of storage it requires. It offers daily updates on many trending topics. Recently the developers added a new feature called sticker book. With this feature, you can collect all of your favorite stickers in one place. Add any sticker with just a long press.

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