Top 15 Gender Swap Apps For Android And iOS

Everyone is interested by change their face on photo. Most of us interested by to change our gender and want to understand how we look if are in numerous gender. If you also want to do this then you must must try gender swap apps on your smartphone. Gender swap app help you to easily change live gender swap. Visit this article and explore best 15 gender swap app on your android and iOS device.

Nowadays, clicking funny selfies and sharing with your friends is a new way to have fun. Also, it helps you to be more popular amongst your social media platforms. So what are you waiting for? Find the best face swap app and edit your funny face and body on the go.

With gender swap apps you can change your appearance with another person or a thing in your photos. It will give your hilarious results but only if the app is right for you.

So in this post, I have listed the top 15 best gender swap apps that are available for iOS and Android. All of them have great features and lets you click realistic and funny photos.

Top 15 Gender Swap Apps For Android And iOS

  1. FaceLab

    FaceLabOne of the most famous apps that offer you gender-swapping free. You can even use it as an age changer app. It has many old face filters and you can use them easily. It has incredible face ageing effects that can make you older or younger in only a few seconds. If you want to see your future look then faceLab will definitely help you.

    Moreover, it has a broad range of face swap categories, it has added a zombify photos filter which will provide you with a zombie look.

    Along with that, there’s a gender changer option so that you can swap your gender into the opposite sex. You can click photos within the app and share them on other social media platforms.

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  2. Jiggy

    JiggyDo you want to create some funny GIFs? With this app, you can immediately create dancing GIFs by just converting photos. Jiggy app lets you covert dancing GIFs of anyone. So that now you can make your parents, friends or even your grandma dance.

    It offers you to create deep fake videos and photo of realistic bodies with just a click. The better part is there isn’t any need for any manual editing which means you’re going to get instant results. You can use this app to prank your close ones.

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  3. Banuba

    BanubaA multi-task platform that offers you a selfies editor, video maker, makeup retouch, gender emoji and face-swapping. Banuba is an incredible selfie app, it has a handpicked collection of more than 1000 plus face filters in addition to the latest AR games. Any age group can use this app and alter their voice, make funny videos and edit photos.

    By using this facemask app you can become a Hollywood actress otherwise you can be a famous sportsman. With its easy design, you can swap your face into your favorite film star. It lets you switch your selfies into a perfect Renaissance picture.

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  4. Instagram‬

    InstagramOne of the most popular social media apps, which is now allowing the users to swap the gender by offering dozens of masks. You can search for any type of filters and masks from the story section. Either search by the developer name of the mask or simply enter an identical word, you’re going to get lots of options.

    You can use any mask and take selfies or make reels with it. After recording the video with the mask you can share it within the app on your story. Also, you can make funny faces with masks and share them with your followers and friends.

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  5. Make Me Girl

    Make Me GirlAnother best app that makes it easier to change the look with just a click. Make Me Girl is a look changer app that offers incredible face masks and funny face decorations. With this app, you can make your face funny or ugly.

    For the best experience, there are numerous features available. Here you can pick from more than 50 plus realistic face props that contain cap, beard, glasses, masks, moustaches and lots of more. Easy editing with two gestures. Save your photos and videos with just one click.

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  6. Face Story

    Face StoryAn amazing app that makes it possible to know what you would look like. With this app, you can have lots of fun like what if you look like a cat or a monster.

    To create an image with a face story you need to upload your photo in this app. Then pick from diverse options to make it unique. If you want to swap the gender just select the same category. It will turn a girl into a boy or a boy into a girl. The better part is this app is quite smooth for this sort of editing.

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  7. Reface

    REFACEReface app is a perfect app if you’re trying to find gif and memes editors on your smartphone. With this faceapp alternative app, you can swap your face immediately with your favourite celeb.

    This is a top-rated app with 50 million downloads. It was selected as the best app for fun in 2020. It offers daily updates and a broad range of photos, gifs and videos. You can swap your face with any popular TV actor, celebrity or pop star. It has advanced technology so that you can click realistic photos on the go.

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  8. TikTok‪k‬

    TikTokkThere is no doubt that tiktok deserves to be here. an incredible app for gender swinging masks with a wide category. Some people use this app simply because of their unique gender swiping masks. With the tiktok app, you can swipe your gender from male to female and vice versa.

    Tiktok app is straightforward and fun to use. After applying any mask you can record a video and share it with your friends through this app. Along with that, you can post the video on TikTok. So pick from thousands of masks and have fun with this app.

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  9. AI Face

    AI FaceChange your facial appearance in just a second with this AI face app. You can record videos or take selfies with this app. The only downside is this app has a little collection of images. But all of them are funny and make you laugh.

    You can pick from 33 images to create a funny selfie or video. The collection includes makeup, people, masks and emotions. To make your pictures more perfect it will automatically change the frame and adjust your character.

    There are some advanced filters available, to use them you must change your facial expressions.

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  10. Gender Bender

    Gender BenderIf you are an iOS user then gender bender can be your perfect option. This app offers a practical gender converter which is hardly available in other gender swap apps. So if you want to see how you’ll look if you’re a girl or boy then give it a try to this app.

    With this app, you and your friends have fun for long hours. Moreover, this app is developed by scopic software. The better part is this app supports family sharing set up. With this feature, up to six people can use this app.

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  11. Face Swap Booth

    Face Swap BoothIf you are trying to find capturing some modern and interesting photos then give this app a shot. Face swap booth lets you create original and weird pictures otherwise you can stick stickers also.

    You can use any mask from this sticker maker app and alter your face into a celebrity or any friend. Also, you can browse any image and use it as a mask through this app. This app will change your face live from your camera which is quite interesting.

    Moreover, you can superimpose any object in your selfie or superimpose your face on any pic of your gallery.

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  12. FaceApp

    FaceAppThe next one is the face app, probably the most recommended gender swap app. Here you can edit your selfies into thousands of filters and frames. Along with changing your gender, you can change your eyeball color, hair color and skin tone also by using filters.

    More than this faceApp allows the user to replace the image background, try different hairstyles and play with blurring. It has an incredible artificial intelligence app feature that suggests designs that are appropriate for your pictures and selfies. You can take a selfie by clicking on the bottom button.

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  13. Face Swap Seamless

    Face Swap SeamlessOne more great app that acts as a facial changing app. Face swap seamless is a little fun app. You can manually change your face by using this app which makes it distinctive from Snapchat and other selfie apps.

    Also, you can paste your photo into other pictures by using the cut face tool. What’s more? It has a face exchange mode which is quite interesting. You and your friends can automatically change your look by just facing the camera.

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  14. Perfect me

    Perfect meGet a perfect body even without spending lots of time in the gym and a strict diet. Perfect me is an incredible app that retouch and tunes your body. You will get long legs, a perfect figure line, a thin face and a slim body in every picture.

    This app is free and lets you edit your body and face. With this app, you can reshape your body curves and get a slimmer body. Along with that you can make your nose taller, bigger your eyes and simmer your face. You can use this app as an insta beauty app.

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  15. Snapchat‪

    SnapchatSnapchat is the most common selfie app today. Any age group can use this app and create funny faces or videos. People can send their snaps to anyone across the world. With this app, you can take selfies, and add filters and masks, swap genders, add accessories and lots of more things.

    As with another social media app, Snapchat lets you follow other people and you can even get followers. I appreciate the unlimited cloud storage feather of this app which lets you save any number of snaps. Along with that, you can swap genders even without losing your real facial features.

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